前线追踪 Frontline - EP 19

(R) It's the month of Hungry Ghost Festival again where getai can be found island-wide. In view of the economic outlook and tensions internationally, how are getai affected? How has the use of digital technology helped to expand getai's reach? How have getais opened new avenues for young artistes like Cola Lau? (重)农历七月,全岛各处都有歌台开锣。面对经济不景、国际局势紧张,歌台是否受到影响?歌台走向数码化,是否能吸引更多观众?年轻艺人又如何通过歌台拓展演艺事业?


武神赵子龙 Chinese Hero Zhao Zilong - EP 0047 & 0048

(R) Lu Su is deeply worried when Zhuge Liang promises to provide Zhou Yu with 100,000 spears in three days in preparation for the war with Cao Cao. But, to Lu's disbelief, Liang accomplishes this seemingly impossible task with ease, as the story unfolds. (PG-些许暴力画面)(重)诸葛亮答应在三天之内,为周瑜取得十万支箭,以备和曹军大战之用。鲁肃很为诸葛亮担心,以为他必栽跟头。然而事出意料,轻轻松松地,诸葛亮完成了这项几乎是不可能的任务。


双子星 The Ultimatum - EP 0003 & 0004

(R) Zheng Wen Yu was pregnant when she was taken advantage of by her boss Ye Song Nian, the CEO of Phoenix Corporation. Both Wen Yu and Song Nian's wife gave birth to daughters in the same hospital. As fate will have it, the hospital made a mistake and swapped the babies. Because Wen Yu's daughter was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, she kept silent about the mistake so that her daughter can receive the best medical care with Song Nian's wealth. (重)三十多年前,凤凰集团老板叶松年强暴了原已怀孕的郑文玉,满心怨恨的文玉遂故意让自己和对方二姨太同时出世的女儿-叶予晨、方宋乔身份对调。宋乔在文玉泄恨打骂之下,度过悲苦的童年;予晨长大后则在凤凰集团身居要职。


那年花开月正圆 Nothing Gold Can Stay - EP 0059 & 0060

(Some Violence)

(R) Zhou Ying, who is supposed to be released from prison after giving up all her shares in Shanxi Textile Bureau to Zhang Chang Qing, is re-arrested on the order of Prince Yi. Meantime, Wu Yi confesses to Zhao Bai Shi of her involvement in the conspiracy to frame and incriminate Zhou Ying. (PG-些许暴力画面)(重)周莹在交出张长清所要的陕西织布局的所有股份后,原本已获得释放。没想到人还未走出刑部,即遭郡王爷的手下拘拿还押。与此同时,深受良心责备的吴漪,终于鼓起勇气,向赵白石坦诚栽赃陷害周莹的事。


玩家万岁 Home Makeover - EP 8

(R) In this hilarious and entertaining home renovation program, join Mark Lee, Kym Ng, and Ben Yeo as they aspire to give a makeover to homes, and bring joy to the homeowners' faces. (重)《玩家万岁》由李国煌、钟琴和杨志龙主持,每集到访不同的家庭,为他们重新打造理想的住家。过程中也会分享许多室内设计与装潢的贴士及好去处。


星期二特写: 动物情缘 Tuesday Report: My Furry BFF - EP 3

(R) (重)国家经济越繁华富裕,生活安定,关怀动物与饲养动物的人也似乎越来越多,有些人为了调剂生活,有些人为了兴趣嗜好,有些人顺应潮流,有些人却以宠物作为心灵或精神上的寄托。关怀与爱护动物的人怀着各种不同的心态,这个系列探讨了动物与国人之间的微妙关系以及他们背后的故事。


狮城有约精华版 Hello Singapore Highlights - EP 101

Deliver social features that matter to you. 总结一天大小事,关心属于你我的家园。


我的万里挑一 My One In A Million - EP 20

(R) To help Shu Yu breaks the curse of living a lonely life, Ding Yi decides to confess to Xiang Ting on the show. Xiang Ting finds out that everything Ding Yi did was for Shu Yu, and suspects that he likes Shu Yu. Violet wants to ruin Ding Yi's plan to confess, as she does not want Kent to go to China with Shu Yu, but Kent stops her. Kent appeases Violet by reminding her that he is only making use of Shu Yu. Xiang Ting is shocked when she overheard their conversation. (PG)(重)为了帮书彧终结孤独终老的命运,定一决定在节目中向湘婷告白。湘婷得知定一所做一切都是为了书彧,怀疑他喜欢的人是书彧。Violet为了不让Kent和书彧去中国,欲破坏定一的告白计划,被Kent阻止。Kent安抚Violet,重申他只是在利用书彧,被湘婷听见,大感震惊。


晨光第一线 Morning Express - EP 101

(Live) A daily brand new News belt, from Monday to Friday, 9am - 9.30am. (现场直播)全新新闻时段,每逢星期一至五,早上九点,准时送上。


老友万岁 Old Is Gold - EP 58

(R) Sister Mi and Danny come to Old Zhou's coffee shop to cause trouble. They scare off the customers and cause Old Zhou to be fired. Old Zhou insists on not compensating for the phone, and Danny agitatedly initiates a fight. During their conflict, Old Zhou realises that the pendant Danny is wearing is familiar, but just as he is about to ask Danny, Ping Pong arrives to help him chase them away. Old Zhou is troubled, and he tells Ping Pong that he suspects that Danny is his estranged grandson. (PG)(重)咪姐和Danny故意来老周的咖啡店捣乱,吓走了顾客,害老周被解雇。老周坚决不肯赔偿手机的钱,Danny激动想打人,纠缠间老周发现Danny身上戴着的牌十分眼熟,正想追问,Ping Pong出现解围,赶走咪姐等人。老周心事重重,告知Ping Pong他怀疑Danny可能是他失散的孙子。


食尚口袋名單 Gourmet Guides - EP 11

(R) Discover sumptuous cuisine in major cities as you get on the food trail, liberally sprinkled with a new list of highly-recommended restaurants. (重)一起去搜寻食尚潮人经常打卡光顾的主题餐厅,让你在结合创意与食尚的舒适空间中尽享美食。店家除了介绍餐厅主题和招牌菜色,也会与你分享食谱.


夜市人生 Night Market Life a.k.a. Life - EP 0980 & 0981

(R) Cai Yuexia operates a stall at a night market while her husband, Qingxiang, works in the Mainland. Their family falls apart when Qingxiang sets up another family outside. Yuexia struggles to bring up her children with the help of the head of the night market - Jiang Yiguan. (PG)(重)在夜市卖药炖排骨的蔡月霞与经商的丈夫李庆祥育有一对子女。原本幸福的家庭却因庆祥在外有另一名女人而被摧毁。月霞辛苦地抚养子女,幸有夜市老大江一官在旁扶持,但月霞的女儿友慧却不支持两人的关系。


小毛病,大问题 2 Body SOS 2 - EP 1

(R) Star Awards 2013 Best Variety Programme winner makes it return with more relatable topics pertaining to health with its panel of experts and celebrity guests. Mark Lee and Lee Teng host this award winning show. (重)红星大奖2013 最佳综艺节目赢家以第二系列的姿态带给观众更贴切的健康课题。主持人李国煌与李腾将一起同专家及嘉宾艺人一起钻研探讨各种保健疑问。


一点新闻 News 8 At One - EP 101

Weekday afternoon updates on local and world news headlines. 《一点新闻》为您提供更新的本地与全球新闻头条。


118 118 - EP 224

(R) Yu Ye says that the family has come to depend more on Shun Shui after Jin Zhi's condition. She hopes that Shun Shui will not acknowledge the rich lady as his mother, and disassociate himself from the family. (PG)(重)玉叶说自从大姐出事后,家里很多事都靠顺水,她有感而发,希望顺水不要和家人划清界限,去认富婆做妈妈。她担心顺水即使因此而发达,跟家人的关系也会起变化。


我的小小美猴王 My Little Monkey King - EP 1

(R) Little Monkey King wants to become the Great Monkey King, so he went out to acquire skills. On the way, in order to avoid the puppy, he transformed himself into a doll. Dabaos father bought him home, to live with their family. (重)小小美猴王要成为真正的美猴王 ,还需要学习许许多多的本领,于是他外出学艺。在途中为了躲避小狗,他变成一个布娃娃,被大宝爸爸买回家,与他们全家人生活在一起。


芈月传 The Legend Of Miyue - EP 56

(R) Qu Li, Yi Qu's king, asks Miyue to marry him, promising to take good care of her and her son, Ying Ji. But Miyue declines his offer, saying that she has decided to lead her own life from now on instead of depending on men for protection. (PG)(重)瞿骊希望带芈月回返义渠,娶她做王后。但芈月谢绝了他的好意,因为她已下了决心要自力更生,从此不再依靠任何男人。


甘味人生 Taste Of Life - EP 200

Zhao Ju Cai and his wife Li Jin Xiu have five children. Devoted all his life to developing soy sauce products, much as Zhao Ju Cai hopes that one of his kids can follow his footsteps and take over his business, but he also respects their own passions and aspirations. Because of their father's pursuit of invention, the Zhao brothers' lives are about to change. (PG)赵居财,一生致力研发酱油产品,与妻李锦琇育有五个孩子;居财虽然希望众孩子之中有人接手经營家业,但也尊重孩子们的兴趣和志向。赵家兄弟也因为父亲赵居财的「发明梦」,人生逐渐起了变化。


入侵者 Doppelganger - EP 13

(Some Sexual References)

(R) Rui Jie and Qiao En devise to expose Qiao En's identity as Rui Ming's ex-lover to Zi Jian. Zi Jian is utterly shocked and enraged, and decides to break ties with his parents. Not being able to handle the shock, Si Ting collapses. She blames "Rui Ming" for bringing harm to the family again and again. Li Wei then decides to confess his true identity, causing great surprise to Shun Tian who refuses to accept the fact. (PG-些许性相关语)(重)锐杰和乔恩设计,向子健爆出乔恩以前是锐明的情人,子健感震惊,与父母决裂。思婷不堪刺激晕倒,怪责"锐明"一再伤害家人。立威决定豁出去,向爱玲承认自己就是立威,不是锐明。顺天知道后极度震惊,无法接受事实。


狮城有约 Hello Singapore - EP 101

(Live) Delivering the day's latest news and social features that matter to you. Every Monday to Friday, from 6.30pm to 7.30pm on Channel 8. (现场直播)总结一天大小事,关心属于你我的家园。每逢星期一至五,傍晚6.30-7.30pm,与你相约!


老友万岁 Old Is Gold - EP 59

Li Sheng sees Xin Xin packing the baby products and sending it for donation. The two of them comfort each other. However, when Xin Xin asks about Centenarian Home, and particularly about how Uncle Lottery and Ping Pong are doing, Li Sheng feels that Xin Xin seems to be more concerned about Ping Pong, and becomes jealous. (PG)力生见欣欣在收拾婴儿用品,说要送给环保机构,夫妻两人关系回暖。可是,当欣欣关心地问起千岁之家,尤其是马票叔和Ping Pong的情况时,力生便感觉欣欣对Ping Pong似乎特别关心,不禁产生醋意。


老友出走记 Away With My BFF - EP 16

(R) Sheila and Han Wei travel to the world's happiest country, Bhutan. While visiting a famous giant Buddha statue, Sheila shares her personal thoughts, which gives Han Wei a deeper understanding of her as a person and friend. (重)琳宸和汉玮来到号称世界最快乐的国度——不丹。在参观大佛像时,琳宸的一番话让汉玮对好朋友有更深一层的认识。


我的万里挑一 My One In A Million - EP 21

Shu Yu asks Zi Hao how she can help Ding Yi with his problem. Zi Hao reveals to her that the person Ding Yi likes is actually her. He advises Shu Yu to be honest with herself if she also likes Ding Yi. Shu Yu recalls the interactions she had with Ding Yi, and is convinced that Ding Yi holds a special place in her heart. She begins avoiding Kent. (PG)书彧问子豪怎么帮定一解决他的问题。子豪在她不断追问下,只好说出定一喜欢的人其实是她,并劝书彧如果心里也有定一,就要诚实面对自己。书彧回想和定一所经历的事,确定自己心里是有定一的,苦恼不已,开始躲避Kent。


晚间新闻 News Tonight

Daily evening updates on top local news and world news. 《晚间新闻》每日为您提供最全面的本地与全球新闻报道。


诡探 Detective Psycho - EP 21

(Disturbing Scenes)

Within the Hong Kong Police, there is a mysterious department known as the "7th Action Team" who specialises in investigating supernatural cases that can't be explained with science. These cases have been inspired and adapted from real-life urban legends based in Hong Kong. (PG13-部分画面令人不安)香港警队存在一个神秘部门「第七行动组」,专门调查科学不能解释之神秘案件,绝不向外宣称其存在。一件一件的灵异事件发生后,不禁质疑世上是否存在一些科学解释不了的事。


烈火如歌 The Flame's Daughter - EP 7

Ruge left Flame Villa and ventured into the biscuit-making business with Yin Xue in Pingan Town. After they settled down, Yin Xue and Ruge secretly investigated the case of illegal tax collection by some sects. (PG)烈如歌离开烈火山庄和银雪在平安镇开了“雪记烧饼铺”。落脚后,银雪和如歌暗中调查私收暗税的事件。

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