周六影院: 拍得不错 Saturday Cinema: Good Take

(Disturbing Scenes)

Five new-generation Hong Kong filmmakers - Wong Ching Po (Revenge: A Love Story), Derek Tsang (Lacuna), Henri Wong (Hardcore Comedy), Wong Chun and Vernie Yeung - offer their own wildly different Macau-set stories in Good Take. (PG13-部分画面令人不安)由五位香港新导演拍成五个短篇单元组成95分钟的电影,包括《水泥》、《囍宴》、《Good Take》、《不一定》、《吓鬼》,当中尽是离奇遭遇及故事。


国记交意所 It's A Small World - EP 11

(R) "It's A Small World" is a show in a classroom setting where the participants are Mandarin speaking foreigners who act as students. They exchange their opinions and experiences that they had in different countries. They discuss on topics such as fashion, art and music, geography, policies, traditional practices, social phenomenons and such to the best of their Mandarin knowledge. Often the participants mispronounce Mandarin words, to the joy and laughter of others! (重)主持人李国煌担任"讲师",带领各国"学生"趣谈新加坡独特语言与文化。他们也会研究各国人民如何看待某些课题。


诡探 Detective Psycho - EP 20

(Disturbing Scenes)

(R) Fang Yi shows Zhiquan a photo of Qin in the hospital and reminds Zhiquan that his real son is waiting for him in the hospital. Zhiquan finally agrees to leave the boundary. (PG13-部分画面令人不安)(重)方怡拿着勤仔昏迷在病床的照片给至全看,提醒他真正的勤仔还在医院等他,成功把至全拉出结界。


锦绣未央 The Princess Weiyoung - EP 9

(R) Weiyang knows that Tuoba Jun is dealing with the disaster without rest. In order to help Tuoba Jun, she draws up the Disaster Relief Plan. Ziyan steals the incomplete plan and gives it to Changle. (PG)(重)承德告诉未央,拓跋浚为了救灾不眠不休。未央感到愧疚,根据皇祖母让她背的宋人救灾的书,写下了尚不完善救灾之策。紫烟趁未央外出,抄录救灾五则献给长乐。


锦绣未央 The Princess Weiyoung - EP 10

(Some Violence)

(R) Tuoba Jun urges His Majesty to halt the Disaster Relief plan. Li Minfeng secretly continues it and makes a grave mistake. Both Minfeng and Changle presents Weiyangs solution as their own and even frames her for deceiving His Majesty. (PG-些许暴力画面)(重)拓跋浚奏请皇帝暂停实施救灾五策,可是李敏峰悄悄推行救灾五策,结果出了乱子。未央面圣当日,李敏峰与李长乐也一同求见圣上,并献出了同样的解决办法还告知圣上未央犯下欺君之罪。


客人来咯! Please Be My Guest! - EP 7

(R) Led by two hosts, two families will pit against each other as they compete to see who can come up with the most practical and creative ways to revamp their homes. A special celebrity will turn up at the doorstep of the winner's home! (重)《客人来咯!》每集将邀请两个家庭比赛,分享他们的家面对什么疑难杂症,并在参考设计师提供的建议后,为房子进行改造,改善家居问题。主持人李国煌和田铭耀将各自带领一个家庭,监督他们在特定的预算和时间内购买家具和摆设品,重新为房子整装。


荷兰村 Holland V - EP 109

(R) We never knew that the best of nasi lemak and the quirkiest folks could be found in Holland V... Recapture the aroma with the encore telecast. (重)新传媒首部超过百集的电视剧,也是去年红星大奖大赢家,囊括最佳男女主角、男女配角和最高收视率电视剧。故事围绕在荷兰村卖椰浆饭的莫家、开洗衣店的林家、饮食集团恶霸杨家。他们在荷兰村成长、做生意、谈恋爱。碰到各种各样的问题,有开心、有失意、有阻难,但在亲情的力量中,一切都引刃而解。


荷兰村 Holland V - EP 110

(R) We never knew that the best of nasi lemak and the quirkiest folks could be found in Holland V... Recapture the aroma with the encore telecast. (重)新传媒首部超过百集的电视剧,也是去年红星大奖大赢家,囊括最佳男女主角、男女配角和最高收视率电视剧。故事围绕在荷兰村卖椰浆饭的莫家、开洗衣店的林家、饮食集团恶霸杨家。他们在荷兰村成长、做生意、谈恋爱。碰到各种各样的问题,有开心、有失意、有阻难,但在亲情的力量中,一切都引刃而解。


摩尔庄园 Mole's World - EP 0039 & 0040

(R) This is the story of ordinary little Moer - Mo Lele who uses his super power to transform into LeLe Knight to fight against the evil witch Kula and protect the manor. (重)摩尔庄园动画片讲述了一个普通的小摩尔——摩乐乐利用自己的超能力变身乐乐侠,对抗邪恶巫师库拉,保护庄园的故事。


哆啦A梦 New Doraemon - EP 199

This animation series centres on a robotic cat from the future, Doraemon. With its various magical gadgets, Doraemon helps its master solve all kinds of problems. 在这系列卡通动画里,小朋友们将看到哆啦A梦 - 这只来自未来世界的机器猫,如何应用它的法宝,协助其主人大雄解决生活上的各种难题。


石器时代: 寻找传说中的宠物 Stoneage: The Legendary Pet S1 - EP 0041, 0042, 0043 & 0044

A passionate dreamer Woody, along with a baby pet dinosaur Moga, sets path to become the best pet trainer. Join Woody's journey as the action and comedy will keep your futuristic stone-age era a worthwhile adventure! 讲述梦想成为驯兽师的小男孩Woody与小宠物恐龙摩加(Moga)如何成为最佳宠物教练的冒险道路。


搜密.打卡.小红点 Little Red Dot Detectives - EP 11

Tampines is the third largest New Town in Singapore. Besides the fruit-themed playgrounds, there is also an organic garden that recycles food waste! Also, you can relieve nostalgic childhood memories of Longkang fishing and ride on horses at Pasir Ris! 淡滨尼是新加坡第三大的组屋区之一。这里有水果主题设计的游乐场,还有“复古电视墙” 设计的组屋,还有一个环保社区花园!两位搜密组员除了在巴西立找到一座长达170公尺长的红桥,也尝试1960年代热门的活动“水沟捞鱼”!探索淡滨尼和巴西立地区有趣的人、事、物!


星期二特写 - 我就是我 Tuesday Report - Be Myself - EP 8

(R) 33 years-old Wong Kah Chun aspired to be a musician since he was a child. To pursue his dream, he declined the admission offer from Cambridge University and chose to study in a local conservatory. With great passion and hard work, he won several major international awards and he is presently the Chief Conductor for Germany Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra. (重)33岁的黄佳俊从小立志要当音乐家,为了追逐梦想,他放弃了到英国剑桥大学念书的机会,改而在本地大学修读音乐。不过,原本一心想当小号演奏家,却因为受伤,只好倾注心力于指挥。凭着天份与努力,他的指挥造诣广受认可,并多次夺得国际指挥大奖,也在2018年担任德国纽伦堡交响乐团的首席指挥。为了回馈社会,黄佳俊极力推广音乐教育,让弱势儿童也能够接触古典音乐。


寻花探草第三季 Garden Of Treasure S3 - EP 1

(R) Buckle up as Darren takes us on the road in this programme as he discovers various herb gardens filled with treasures across Malaysia - and learn to maximize the positive effects of local herbs & choose the most beneficial ones. (重)《寻花探草》第三季继续与你分享更完整的草药保健,通过专业人士深入探究草药的药效、­­成份和正确使用方法,提升对草药的知识,让你在生活中也能自行利用草药,轻松达到保­健­效果。


团圆饭 Reunion Dinner - EP 9

(R) The reunion dinner is very significant to Chinese: it is the gathering of the family. Through the characters' insistence on and "frenzied" preparations for the Reunion Dinner, the serial brings out the importance of the family. (重)演员:陈莉萍饰阿萍;王昱清饰梁天华;陈汉玮饰刘家昌;莫小玲饰林芳芳;鐘琴饰Banana;唐育书饰胡达雄


团圆饭 Reunion Dinner - EP 10

(R) The reunion dinner is very significant to Chinese: it is the gathering of the family. Through the characters' insistence on and "frenzied" preparations for the Reunion Dinner, the serial brings out the importance of the family. (重)演员:陈莉萍饰阿萍;王昱清饰梁天华;陈汉玮饰刘家昌;莫小玲饰林芳芳;鐘琴饰Banana;唐育书饰胡达雄


小店铺 Little Shops - EP 12

(R) 60 years of history and memories in this electrical shop in Aljunied. Mdm Toh and her daughter runs the shop left behind by her husband 10 years ago. Still very much living in his shadow, they have resisted change to their workflow and to the furniture of their shop, hence the rundown state. Can Belinda sway their mindset? After all, our loved ones stay in our hearts. (重)母女情深的一集。70多岁的妈妈因对爸爸的思念,硬硬守着60多年的老店,即便老店破旧不堪,甚至已经出现安全问题的威胁了,她不让孩子在店内进行任何装修。在店里工作的中年女儿,美丽开始感觉工作越来越吃力,地板凹凸不平,货物越叠越高,身体状态已经不胜负荷。几经波折,终于说服了妈妈让小店铺为他们装修。大前提是一定要留住一个巨型的靠墙玻璃橱。


游市集 Markets In Asia - EP 1

(R) We can learn about the local culture, traditions, lifestyle and attitude of the locals through the personal encounters at the markets of different countries. The host will follow a local stall owner to prepare, purchase, setting up and selling at the market and get a taste of the stall owner's life. (重)市集,是了解在地人文风貌,生活习俗的门槛。透过亲身的体验和经历,阅览当地人的生活态度,进而了解,体会和领悟。前往不同国家与主题的市集,主持人跟随摊贩,从筹备,买货,到市集做买卖。窥探市集摊贩的苦与乐。


阿公来做饭 Ah Gong Can Cook - EP 10

(R) Kym is officially the nemesis of all male artistes as she has succeeded to take them down one by one! Will she bear to do the same to Yao Wen Long who is starring as her husband in their upcoming drama? Also, be prepared to get goosebumps as our romantic Ah Gong makes his appearance! Oh, and Ah Gong will be serving his Teochew Deep Fried Prawn Balls! (重)被封为男神杀手的鐘琴这回迎来了剧里的老公,姚玟隆,她是否会手下留情呢?这一集的阿公简直就是琼瑶笔下的人物,和阿嬷缠绵悱恻的爱情故事让主持人脸都红啦!阿公擅长料理潮州菜,这回将带来潮州虾枣,十分美味爽口哦!


回家 Home Truly - EP 7

(Some Violence)

(R) Jing En bumps into Jian Feng when she is being chased for stealing. She feels disgraceful and hurriedly runs away. Jing En tells Wei Bin that she is ashamed to see Jian Feng as she will disappoint him. She wishes Jian Feng is not her brother. Wei Bin realizes Jing En has a special regard for Jian Feng and immediately tries to talk sense into her. (PG-些许暴力画面)(重)静恩因偷东西而被追捕,逃跑时遇见剑锋,觉得没有脸见他,匆匆逃离。静恩和韦斌聊心事,说自己在最丢脸的时候又遇见了剑锋,对方一定很失望,真希望剑锋不是她的哥哥。韦斌察觉静恩对剑锋有特殊的爱慕之情,急忙加以开导。


回家 Home Truly - EP 8

(Some Sexual References)

(R) Dong Bo goes to the pub to return Ah Pao's phone on behalf of Jing En. Ah Pao thinks highly of Dong Bo and invites him to drink. Da Yu sends the drunk Dong Bo back to the fish farm. Pei Zhi sees Dong Bo in a different light when she learns he negotiated with a gang leader for a friend. Dong Bo confesses to Pei Zhi while drunk, causing her to be at a loss. (PG-些许性相关语)(重)东博代替静恩,到酒廊把偷来的手机还给阿豹。阿豹赏识东博,邀他喝酒。东博被灌醉,大宇将他送回渔场。沛芝得知东博为了朋友,跑去跟黑社会老大谈判,对他另眼相看。东博酒后吐真言,对沛芝表爱意,沛芝不知所措。


狮城6点半 Singapore Today - EP 74

(Live) Daily updates on local news headlines and stories. (现场直播)《狮城6点半》每日为您提供最全面的本地新闻头条与报道。


春花望露 Spring Flower - EP 368

Yilang insists on leaving the hospital and returns home to recuperate. Shuangrui agrees. In the meantime, Lifen begs Meihui to persuade Jiahui to stay, but the latter turns her down. (PG)一郎坚持出院回家休养,双蕊无奈答应。其间,丽芬恳请美惠留下家辉,但美惠坚持己见。


春花望露 Spring Flower - EP 369

Guizhi scolds Jincheng and Youchun when she got to know that they allocated company fund to Zhaodi to buy shares of the Chen Hospital. (PG)桂枝得知金城挪出百货公司的现金让招弟买下陈综合医院的股权,感到十分不满,大骂二人一顿。


食来运转 Good Food On Sunday - EP 1

When well known good father and good mother meet together. Who will be the master of the kitchen. Chef Siang will show you how to combine Bak Kut Teh and Abalone together to form a wonderful dish. (首播)会做饭的男人,人品好、有责任心、又懂浪漫!优秀的女人出得了厅堂、入得了厨房。男人、女人到底谁才是美食高手?六位好爸爸和好妈妈将通过三轮的比拼告诉你!看Chef Siang 如何将肉骨茶和鲍鱼完美地结合在一起。


晚间新闻 News Tonight

Daily evening updates on top local news and world news. 《晚间新闻》每日为您提供最全面的本地与全球新闻报道。


爱玩客之移动厨房 2019 IWalker - Moving Kitchen 2019 - EP 9

Follow Li Yi and Yan Yong Lie as they embark on a tour round Taiwan whipping up yummy cuisines and hearty desserts. 藏身于云林的珍贵物产,看过全台最大的马蹄蛤吗 养殖长达六年比嘴巴还要大!日本人抢着要的白鳗,在地总舖师巧手下,料理出又炸又煎又三杯的多样吃法,还可做成汉堡!?直击龙胆石斑养殖地,除了现抓现吃最新鲜,还有其他地方吃不到的珍稀吃法!


前线追踪 Frontline - EP 36

(R) The National Steps Challenge which aims towards walking 10,000 steps a day for healthy living, is in its fifth season this year. What's the significance of walking 10,000 steps and is it necessary to do so every day? Meanwhile, more people have been posting their exercise regime on social media. Are Singaporeans more enthusiastic about fitness now? What are the new trends in fitness? (重)以日行1万步为目的来达到健康生活的全国健步大挑战,今年迈入第五年。日行1万步的意义何在?走1万步是必要的吗?另一方面,国人把运动的视频上载到社交媒体的趋势渐旺,国人对运动更有热忱了吗?有什么新的运动潮流和趋势?

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