蜀山战纪之剑侠传奇 The Legend Of S - EP 0013 & 0014

(R) Mt Shu is Jiang Hu's number one sect for many years. In order to protect the world from harm, Zhuge Yuwo placed the enchanted gem into Ding Yin's body to prevent it from being stolen. Later, Ding Yin went to Mt Shu to practise his sword skills, aiming to seek revenge on Lv Pao. (PG)(重)蜀山派是江湖第一名门正派,一直领导武林多年。蜀山掌门诸葛驭我为保天下,对抗企图抢夺赤魂石的绿袍尊者,把赤魂石打入天赋异秉的丁隐体内,丁隐由此拜入蜀山门下修习剑法,誓要练成蜀山绝学,替天下百姓向绿袍尊者寻仇。


一房半厅一水缸 Just In Singapore - EP 0025 & 0026

(R) Uncle Kopi and Auntie Kopi have an old large ceramic tub passed down for generations. When their daughter leaves her young son in their care, she fears that the tub might pose a hazard and asks them to dispose of it. Unable to part with the tub, they leave it in the care of Granny Ma. Thus begins the "journey" of the old tub as it gets stolen from Granny Ma and starts making its round among different families living in the same building. (重)故事发生在一座政府租赁组屋,那里生活着各种各样的人,每天都上演着一幕幕有笑有泪,温馨感人的故事。


3菜1汤III 3-Plus-1 III - EP 8

(R) The widely popular cooking variety programme 3-Plus-1 is back! Host Zeng Guo Cheng returns with celebrity chefs like Chef Eric and Chef Ho to bring you more economic and creative dishes you can manage at home. (重)由曾国城主持。


星期二特写 - 钟声响起2 Tuesday Report - When The Bell Rings 2 - EP 1

(R) Nan Hua High School, an institution with a hundred years of rich history, was originally a girls' school. She had spent several glorious decades at Mount Sophia, before moving to Clementi and becoming a coeducational school.Having gone through many difficult times, campus relocations and education changes, Nan Hua was added to the list of Special Assistance Plan (SAP) School in the year 2000. The school spirit is continuously passed down to new generations, up till today. Students still take pride in the art of dance performances as well as cherishing the school's cultural traditions inherited from their seniors. (重)去年刚庆祝创校百年的南华中学,最初是一所民办女校,曾在苏菲亚山度过风光的年代,迁入金文泰校舍后,由传统华校转型成为男女混合的政府中学,直到2000年才成为我国第十所特选中学。经历几度搬迁、教育改革,南华却始终传承着南华人引以为傲的舞蹈专长,通过各类活动振兴立校的传统文化,维系着一世纪的南华情缘。节目访问知名校友已故法医赵自成的妻子黄玉才、资深教育工作者冯焕好。


狮城有约精华版 (HD) Hello Singapore Highlights (HD) - EP 141

Deliver social features that matter to you. 总结一天大小事,关心属于你我的家园。


祖先保佑2 (HD) Blessings 2 (HD) - EP 10

(Some Violence)

(R) Xue Geng wants to be Master Tian's apprentice to learn his skills of making cakes, but Master Tian repeatedly rejects him. However, with the help of Chunxian, Xue Geng soon becomes Master Tian's mentee. Xue Geng is grateful and begins to have a good impression on Chunxian. He decides to pursue her. Da Xi is delighted that the two of them finally get together and has completed his tasks. He plans to go back to the future on the full moon night. (PG-些许暴力画面)(重)学庚一心想拜田师傅为师,做出好吃的饼,但一再遭到田师傅的拒绝。后在春仙帮忙下,终如愿以偿。学庚感激下,开始对春仙有好感,决定追求她。大喜欣慰两人终于在一起,自己已经完成任务,决定在月圆之夜回去未来。


晨光第一线 (HD) Morning Express (HD) - EP 141

(Live) A daily brand new News belt, from Monday to Friday, 9am - 9.30am. (现场直播)全新新闻时段,每逢星期一至五,早上九点,准时送上。


不平凡的平凡 (HD) Reach For The Skies (HD) - EP 139

(Some Disturbing Scenes)

(R) Mali miscarries after being beaten up by a drunk Qianbei. It was then that she found out about her pregnancy. Enraged, Baihui refuses to forgive Qianbei and demands that Mali file for a divorce. As Qianbei sobers up, he finds out he had beaten Mali up, causing her to lose her baby. He deeply regrets his actions. He collaborates with Hong Biao to lure Baihui away so that he could seek Mali's forgiveness. (PG-部分画面令人不安)(重)玛丽被千杯打到流产,才知道自己怀孕。百惠不肯原谅千杯,要玛丽跟千杯离婚。千杯酒醒后得知自己把胎儿打掉,悔恨交加。他与洪标合作,把百惠支开,要向玛丽道歉。但洪标临时变卦,让百惠回来阻止。玛丽也心有余悸,不敢靠近千杯。


暖心食谱2 Comfort Food Recipes Sr 2 - EP 1

(R) This cookery show that showcases home-cooked local classics, features a fine collection of Malaysian comfort food. (重)为您搜寻全马各地值得珍藏分享的传统暖心料理,一起找回在孩提时代满足我们的家常好滋味,并重拾古早味所蕴含的温暖回忆。


夜市人生 Night Market Life a.k.a. Life - EP 0632 & 0633

(R) Laifa decides to withdraw the partnership with Maosheng and agrees to help Youhui to take revenge on Dafeng. Zhiqiang agrees to go on a holiday with Ruyi after Hanliang tells him that it is Ruyis wish to do so. (PG)(重)来发决定退出与茂生合作,然后与友慧联手对付大风。汉良告诉志强旅行是如意的心愿,志强最终答应带她去。


小毛病大问题 Body SOS 7 - EP 10

(R) Did you experience the embarrassing moment when you are having bad breath? What are the causes of bad breath (halitosis)? How can we get rid of this problem? TCM physician will also share Chinese herbal remedies to prevent bad breath. (重)哎哟!口臭真是让人难以“启齿”!到底可能是哪些原因造成的?中医又有哪些证型?该如何治疗和预防呢?


一点新闻 (HD) News 8 At One (HD) - EP 141

Weekday afternoon updates on local and world news headlines. 《一点新闻》为您提供更新的本地与全球新闻头条。


焦点 Focus - EP 18

(R) Focus provides timely reports and analyses on international news and current affairs from Singapore's perspective. (重)《焦点》追踪国际时事,实地报道区域课题,以新加坡的视角分析时局发展的前因后果和潜在影响。


家在大树下4 (HD) Junction Tree 4 - Eng/Chinese (HD) - EP 15

Cheery is most excited because today, Beary-Big is going to read his story from his Never-ending story book. Wofie is curious - what is so special about this story book? Beary-Big come along and opens his story book. It is blank. The magic is when he starts to read the first line, pictures and graphics appear in animation. Cheery continues with the next line. Wofie tries the next line and that's how the magical story is being written.


想握你的手 (HD) Your Hand In Mine (HD) - EP 110

(R) Using the local society issues as a backbone, this drama depicts the lives of families of different background residing in the same neighbourhood, from the cold and self-centered to the understanding of the true meaning of love. The story reflects the meaning of how blood is thicker than water and the neighbourhood spirit of helping and watching out for each other. (重)以本地的社会时事为骨架,描述同一个邻里几个不同背景的家庭,如何由冷漠自我,到最终了解何谓"爱"。故事反映了血浓于水、守望相助、远亲不如近邻的可贵精神。新传媒艺人黄文永在此剧中饰演父亲,是一家咖啡店的老板,为人节俭,有三个女儿,分别由林湘萍、李心钰和蔡佩璇饰演,而陈丽萍则饰演文永的妻子。


大男人,小男人 Measure Of Man - EP 6

(R) Despite having a bright five-year-old son and a successful position at a bank, Lian Wei is hardly the man he once aspired to be. His relationship with his wife, Patricia, is breaking down due to the recent spade of major setbacks. Amidst a failing marriage and the eventual loss of his job, Lian Wei finds solace and comfort with his ex-colleague, Hazel. Soon, an affair develops and Lian Wei's marriage takes a turn for the worse when Patricia files for divorce. (重)43岁的蔡连伟和老婆Pat工作十分忙碌。蔡连伟年老多病的母亲病发入院,父亲又猝然去世,自己又被公司裁退…一连串的打击之下,夫妻关系逐渐恶化。Norman是蔡连伟的下属,两人也是可以促膝长谈的好朋友。见蔡连伟常为家事伤脑筋,导致他对婚姻望而却步。认识了Melissa后,却因单身主义者而裹足不前。究竟这两个男人的人生会有什么变化?


娘家 A Place Called Home - EP 921

Retired principal, Lin Shishi, marries off his three daughters one by one. But even as his daughters venture into their brand new lives, Lin and his wife continue to give them their non-wavering support whenever they encounter obstacles in their marriages. (PG)退休校长林石狮的三名女儿相继出嫁。尽管如此,石狮从来没有把出嫁的女儿当成泼出去的水。相反的,当女儿们面临不同的婚姻危机及困难时,娘家永远都是她们最可靠的后盾。


相信我 (HD) Have A Little Faith (HD) - EP 10

(Some Disturbing Scenes)

(R) Jin Yuan sends his dementia-stricken mother, Ke Lian, to the Zhou household. Ke Lian's presence in the house gets everyone flustered. Fang Dong lets her remain at the house as he does not want to return the deposit. Xiao Xi meets with Ah Hua, the man who tried to take advantage of her when she was younger. She follows him, and pushes him down the stairs. Alas, Ming Ren witnesses the entire incident. (PG-部分画面令人不安)(重)进远让失智的母亲可莲入住周家,可莲把周家搞得鸡飞狗跳。方东发现是自己疏忽,因不甘愿赔偿违约金,只好让可莲住下。晓溪发现小时候想要非礼她的阿华,悄悄跟踪他,伺机将他推下楼梯,不料这一切却被明仁目睹。


狮城有约 (HD) Hello Singapore (HD) - EP 141

(Live) Delivering the day's latest news and social features that matter to you. Every Monday to Friday, from 6.30pm to 7.30pm on Channel 8. (现场直播)总结一天大小事,关心属于你我的家园。每逢星期一至五,傍晚6.30-7.30pm,与你相约!


不平凡的平凡 (HD) Reach For The Skies (HD) - EP 140

Koufu returns to "Tian Tian Lai", and the Hong family give him a birthday surprise. Koufu admits that he feels uncomfortable living in his new home and wants to move back. Just then, Guoli and Meiping arrive. They clarify that it was merely a misunderstanding between Gladys and Koufu. However, Koufu does not want to move back home and begs Dacai to help him. Dacai cannot bear to refuse him and tries to convince Guoli and Meiping to let Koufu stay with her. The two reluctantly agree. (PG)口福回到天天来,洪家众人给他一个生日惊喜。口福坦言在新家住得不自在,想搬回来住。这时,国立和美萍来到,澄清Gladys和口福之间只是误会。口福不想跟他们回去,求助于大彩。大彩不忍心,只好说服国立和美萍让口福留下,两人无奈答应。


SPOP听我唱!(复赛) SPOP SING! (Quarter Finals) - EP 4

Weijian (SIM), Bochun (Serangoon JC), Karena (Kaplan), Ally (SACSS), Daryl-Ann (TP) are the final batch of contestants to take the stage in the last quarter finals. Which contestant gets thumbs up from all three judges? Who ends up tearing in the back stage? 最后一场常规复赛,杨凯玲、傅伟健、王柏淳、张稙勤和莉玉将使出浑身解数,希望让三位评审刮目相看。哪位选手获得评审一致的认可?谁又在表演完毕在后台暗自落泪?


祖先保佑2 (HD) Blessings 2 (HD) - EP 11

Sai Ding found a place for "Xi Ji," and everyone starts to prepare for the new opening. Xue Geng said that without Da Xi's inspiration, there wouldn't be "Xi Ji." Da Xi did not expect that he will be one of the founders for "Xi Ji." "Xi Ji" have its grand opening on the Mid-Autumn festival and business is thriving. Da Xi leaves when everyone is celebrating the success of "Xi Ji." Chun Xian rush to the riverside to bid farewell... (PG)赛鼎找到"喜记"店面,大家紧锣密鼓地筹备。学庚感叹要不是大喜启发他做饼,大家也不会创办"喜记"。大喜根本没想过自己会是"喜记"的创办人之一。中秋节,"喜记"开张,生意一片兴旺。大喜趁着众人庆祝之际,悄悄离开,来到河边,春仙赶来送行…。


晚间新闻 (HD) News Tonight (HD)

Daily evening updates on top local news and world news. 《晚间新闻》每日为您提供最全面的本地与全球新闻报道。


非自然事件 (HD) Unnatural Season 2 (HD) - EP 12

(Some Disturbing Scenes)

(R) In this episode we look at some of the dangers and risks inherent in extreme and contact sports. The fear that drives many of us away from the risks of extreme sports maybe the same ingredient that keeps others coming back for more. Are these extreme sports worth the risks as deaths are not uncommon? (PG-部分画面令人不安)(重)每年,新加坡会有超过三千起非自然死亡案件。虽然每则案件都有他背后的故事,但它所映射出的感受都是一样的。在每个人的脑海中所反映出的是:这些可悲又悲惨的死亡案件是可以避免的。《非自然事件》希望以既感人又令人深省的方式来防止非自然死亡的悲剧发生。


三生三世十里桃花 (HD) Eternal Love (HD) - EP 14

Yehua and Susu have a simple wedding ceremony and became husband and wife. On the other hand, Lijing searches for Siyin around Mount Junji but could not find her. (PG)素素与 夜华二人对着东荒大地拜了天地,二人终于结为正式的凡人夫妻。离镜去了俊疾山,寻找司音的踪迹,可是都找不到司音。

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