凡间新仙人 Happily Ever After - EP 18

(R) For 2000 years, Cowherd and the Weaving Maiden would meet on the 7th day in the 7th month of the lunar calendar. One day, they got caught for eloping to Earth and were banished to Earth as human beings. Will they be able to live happily ever after? (重)至两千年以来,织女和牛郎每年的农历七月七日都会见面。有一天,他们私奔逃下人间时被抓到,被贬成凡人送下凡间。转世为天琴和天鹰的两人,每逢七月七日仍然见面。虽然两人相爱,但思想观念颇为悬殊,出生背景也不同,常出现磨擦。他们这段恋情最后会有怎样的结局呢?


笑笑没烦恼 (HD) Laughing Out Loud (HD) - EP 6

(R) This long-running series will feature prevailing societal issues in Singapore via tongue-in-cheek enactments by more than 30 interesting characters played by Alaric Tay, Yeo Yann Yann, Dennis Chew, Chua En Lai, Lina Ng, Quan Yi Fong, Kym Ng, Vivian Lai, Lee Teng, Ben Yeo, Jeremy Chan, Jin Yin Ji, Sora Ma and many more. (重)郑良雄、杨雁雁、周崇庆、权怡凤、钟琴、李腾、赖怡伶、杨志龙、蔡恩来、金银姬、黄嫊芳、田铭耀等将通过有趣的扮演片段探讨衣食住行的民生课题。


娘家 A Place Called Home - EP 0326 & 0327

(R) Retired principal, Lin Shishi, marries off his three daughters one by one. But even as his daughters venture into their brand new lives, Lin and his wife continue to give them their non-wavering support whenever they encounter obstacles in their marriages. (PG)(重)退休校长林石狮的三名女儿相继出嫁。尽管如此,石狮从来没有把出嫁的女儿当成泼出去的水。相反的,当女儿们面临不同的婚姻危机及困难时,娘家永远都是她们最可靠的后盾。


经典名曲歌唱大赛2017 (HD) Classic Golden Melody 2017 (HD) - EP 6

(R) The Classic Golden Melody is an annual singing competition organised for contestants aged 45 years and above. Root for your favourite contestant as we bring you this exciting contest! (重)《经典名曲歌唱大赛》是大马电视史上最高规格及收视率的中文歌唱比赛,为45岁以上的歌唱好手提供实现舞台梦想的平台。我国也派出参赛者到彼邦挑战,竞争激烈。


狮城有约精华版 (HD) Hello Singapore Highlights (HD) - EP 60

Deliver social features that matter to you. 总结一天大小事,关心属于你我的家园。


五零高手 (HD) Fifty & Fabulous (HD) - EP 12

(R) Ke Qing falls ill, Mei Mei has no choice but to help take care of Mary. However, Mary causes Mei Mei to not be able to sleep all night, while Ke Long sleeps like a log. The next day, Ke Long asks Mei Mei why she looks so drained. Mei Mei laments that Mary had kept her up all night. She then tries to push the responsibility of taking care of Mary to Ke Long. He cooks up an excuse to refuse. (PG)(重)可晴生病,美美只好代为照顾Mary,谁知Mary却搞到美美一夜不得好睡,而可隆却睡得像死猪。第二天,可隆见美美一脸憔悴。美美投诉她整晚被Mary纠缠,并想把Mary丢给可隆照顾,可隆却找借口推却。


晨光第一线 (HD) Morning Express (HD) - EP 60

(Live) A daily brand new News belt, from Monday to Friday, 9am - 9.30am. (现场直播)全新新闻时段,每逢星期一至五,早上九点,准时送上。


不平凡的平凡 (HD) Reach For The Skies (HD) - EP 59

(R) Jingchu unwittingly finds out that her father has deceived Duo Duo and refuses to let him go abroad with her. She defies her father and runs to find Duo Duo. To bring back his daughter, Mark rushes down to "Tian Tian Lai". He then reveals the real reason why he refuses to let Duo Duo go overseas with Jingchu is because Hong Biao keeps extorting money from him. The atmosphere is rife with anger. (PG)(重)婧初无意间发现父亲欺骗多多,不让他跟自己出国,情急之下不理父亲跑去找多多。Mark赶到天天来要带回女儿,还透露因不堪洪标屡次勒索,才决定要婧初与多多分手,众人闻言气愤。


焦点 Focus - EP 12

(R) In this episode of Focus: "1MDB Scandal - Will Jho Low Turn Himself In?" and "Big Change In North Korea After The Trump-Kim Summit?" (重)据媒体报道,马国总检察署本周开始探讨反贪会对一马公司的调查报告。而关键人物刘特佐也在上周透过律师表示愿意在迪拜协助马国当局的调查,但马哈迪首相不接受他豁免被控的请求。刘特佐究竟何许人,在一马公司案件扮演什么角色?他会不会现身?特金会让朝鲜打破被国际孤立的局面,各界开始关注朝鲜接下来会不会走向改革开放。事实上,本地一个非政府组织“朝鲜交流”(Choson Exchange)早在2009年就到朝鲜为当地人提供培训,协助他们了解市场经济的运作。《焦点》向该组织了解它如何跟朝鲜交流,同时探讨朝鲜发展市场经济的潜能。


伦文叙传奇 The Legend Of Lun Wenxu

The story about Lun Wenxu who studies hard and became the Emperor's favourite advisor. The Emperor intends to marry him to his daughter but he rejects it because he made a promise to his fiancee. (粤语剧)该剧讲述了“卖菜仔”出身的伦文叙自幼家贫,却发奋读书,小有才名。高中状元后,皇上欲招其为驸马,却因为与阿秀曾有婚约而愿意放弃状元和驸马的地位,感动了皇上。


歌台星力量 兴-旺-发 (HD) GeTai Challenge 2018 (HD) - EP 10

The Season 1 contestants are back again! This time round, it is a battle between them and the Season 2 contestants. Those who fail to outshine the seniors, may face elimination. 第一系列10强再次回归!这次,他们将担任"PK魔王"的角色,与第二系列的学弟学妹进行PK对垒赛!如果学弟妹的表现不敌学长学姐,他们将面临被淘汰的危机!


JML Home Shopping (Infomercial)

Channel 8 brings you the most exciting shopping tips and the best deals in town! 8频道带给您最精彩的生活购物资讯!


一点新闻 (HD) News 8 At One (HD) - EP 60

Weekday afternoon updates on local and world news headlines. 《一点新闻》为您提供更新的本地与全球新闻头条。


富贵平安 (HD) Peace & Prosperity (HD) - EP 157

(R) A patient disdains Da Tong for his age and insists he has to be attended to by Ping An. The same goes for the purchase of herbs. He only wants Ying Xiong to help him and this angers Da Tong. When Ying Xiong approaches Da Tong to explain himself, he overhears a conversation between Da Tong and Yuan Hao, in which Yuan Hao speaks ill of him. (PG)(重)有病人嫌弃大同年纪大了,坚持要让平安看诊,且买药也坚持询问英雄,令大同非常不悦。再加上一些误会,使大同对英雄更是不满,气愤离去。英雄想解释,却无意中听见元浩对大同说自己的坏话。


小宋当家 Cookie Master - EP 0021 & 0022

(R) Xiao Song is a diligent child who is skillful in making cookies. Apart from being a great help to his aunt, the morally upright Xiao Song also renders help to his fellow villagers when they are in trouble. (重)小宋是个爱学习的孩子,对制作饼干有天份,是姑姑的好帮手。小宋也有强烈的正义感,时常帮助村民解决问题,是大家心目中的好孩子。


想握你的手 (HD) Your Hand In Mine (HD) - EP 30

(R) Using the local society issues as a backbone, this drama depicts the lives of families of different background residing in the same neighbourhood, from the cold and self-centered to the understanding of the true meaning of love. The story reflects the meaning of how blood is thicker than water and the neighbourhood spirit of helping and watching out for each other. (重)以本地的社会时事为骨架,描述同一个邻里几个不同背景的家庭,如何由冷漠自我,到最终了解何谓"爱"。故事反映了血浓于水、守望相助、远亲不如近邻的可贵精神。新传媒艺人黄文永在此剧中饰演父亲,是一家咖啡店的老板,为人节俭,有三个女儿,分别由林湘萍、李心钰和蔡佩璇饰演,而陈丽萍则饰演文永的妻子。


黄金年华之斗歌竞艺 (HD) Golden Age Talentime (HD) - EP 12

A popular singing competition which provides the elderly with a platform to showcase their singing talent. 这个深受乐龄人士欢迎的歌唱比赛为爱唱歌的乐龄朋友提供了演出的平台。


娘家 A Place Called Home - EP 841

Retired principal, Lin Shishi, marries off his three daughters one by one. But even as his daughters venture into their brand new lives, Lin and his wife continue to give them their non-wavering support whenever they encounter obstacles in their marriages. (PG)退休校长林石狮的三名女儿相继出嫁。尽管如此,石狮从来没有把出嫁的女儿当成泼出去的水。相反的,当女儿们面临不同的婚姻危机及困难时,娘家永远都是她们最可靠的后盾。


梦想程式 (HD) Dream Coder (HD) - EP 19

(R) Jun Heng changes his mind and decides to invest in the company, much to the elation of Jing cheng. Jun Heng credits his decision to the brilliance of Hong Yi. Jing Cheng is secretly upset. (PG)(重)俊亨改变主意,决定投资,精诚高兴不已。俊亨表示欣赏宏毅的专业,知道他在科技界小有名气,不但成功开发网络游戏,还经常得奖。精诚见俊亨夸奖宏毅,众人也把功劳都归功于宏毅,心里感到不平衡。


狮城有约 (HD) Hello Singapore (HD) - EP 60

(Live) Delivering the day's latest news and social features that matter to you. Every Monday to Friday, from 6.30pm to 7.30pm on Channel 8. (现场直播)总结一天大小事,关心属于你我的家园。每逢星期一至五,傍晚6.30-7.30pm,与你相约!


不平凡的平凡 (HD) Reach For The Skies (HD) - EP 60

Jingchu is determined to be with Duo Duo no matter what. Frustrated by her actions, Mark insists that she would have to learn to live independently without his financial support. Jingchu and Duo Duo rent a room and start living together. To make ends meet, they busk on the streets. The two are happy and contented. (PG)婧初坚决表示就算跟父亲闹翻,甚至离开家里,也会跟多多在一起。Mark气恼之下要婧初独立生活,不再负担她的生活费。婧初和多多在外头租房子住,开始独立生活。两人一起到街头卖唱,感到开心满足。


小毛病大问题 Body SOS 7 - EP 7

At a global level, over 300 million people are estimated to be suffering from depression! What are the signs and symptoms? How do we diagnose it? In TCM point of view, what are the causes of depression? How do psychiatrists and psychologists treat depression? Is depression a mental illness or just having a depressed mood? 全球有超过3亿名抑郁症患者,而本地约有30万人患上抑郁症!症状有哪一些?该如何诊断?中医怎样看待抑郁症?精神科医生和临床心理学家分别如何治疗抑郁症呢?


前线追踪 Frontline - EP 12

How did a 25-year-old University graduate travel to 85 countries before entering the workforce? A 34-year-old public servant chose to forgo her career while another young couple withheld plans to have children so they could lead a globetrotting life. What fuels these young Singaporeans to travel the world and how did they do so? What are some sacrifices and losses they've dealt with along the way? 25岁的大学毕业生,还没找到一份全职工作,就已经踏遍世界85个国家。34岁的女公务员放弃稳定的全职工作,就为了周游列国。年轻夫妇把生育计划暂时搁置,就为了遨游世界。这些国人年纪轻轻,足迹却遍布多个国家。他们怎么做到?他们为了什么而旅游?在欣赏沿途好景的同时,又是否牺牲和错失了什么?


五零高手 (HD) Fifty & Fabulous (HD) - EP 13

(Some Sexual References)

Qi Hua and Julie celebrate silver Valentine's Day, leaving Ruo Lin home alone. Ruo Lin wants her boyfriend to accompany her. Qi Hua becomes worried so Julie gets Yun Feng to watch over them. Shawn meets Qi Long and realises that Qi Long has the key to Yun Xi's apartment. He thinks Qi Long has a close relationship with Yun Xi and becomes jealous. He warns Qi Long to stay away from Yun Xi. Qi Long tells Yun Xi about Shawn's reaction and Yun Xi chuckles. (PG-些许性相关语)启华与朱莉庆祝银色情人节,留下若霖一人在家,她表示要找男朋友来陪她。启华不放心,朱莉遂要云峰回来监视他们。Shawn巧遇启龙,见启龙有公寓钥匙,以为他和云溪关系匪浅,顿感吃醋,提醒启龙远离云溪。启龙将Shawn的反应告诉云溪,云溪有小窃喜。


晚间新闻 (HD) News Tonight (HD)

Daily evening updates on top local news and world news. 《晚间新闻》每日为您提供最全面的本地与全球新闻报道。


走遍中国一方水土一方味 Across China - Unique Cuisine - EP 3

This documentary program brings viewers to different places of China like Hunan, Suzhou, Yunan and many more and looks into their unique cuisines in that place. 走遍中国《一方水土一方味》将带大家走进湖南、江苏省、云南等等,探寻那里的独特美食料理。


那年花开月正圆 (HD) Nothing Gold Can Stay (HD) - EP 7

Zhou Ying, who was a maid, finds it hard to adjust to her new role as Wu Pin's wife, the young mistress of a wealthy family. She wonders if it is time for her to leave since Wu Pin has recovered. (PG)本是身份低微的丫头,周莹在一夕之间,骤然变成吴聘的妻子,富贵人家的少奶奶,一时之间,着实令她无所适从。周莹思忖再三,有意就此离开吴家,因为如今吴聘也已康复。

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