1. What is Toggle Red Button service?

The service enables Mediacorp viewers to:

Enjoy on-demand access to programmes across all Mediacorp channels – Ch 5, Ch 8, Suria, Vasantham, Channel NewsAsia, Ch U and okto
Stay updated on upcoming programmes over the next 7 days with the on-screen TV guides
Watch more than 12,000 hours of Mediacorp Library and Toggle Originals programmes

2. Do I have to pay for Toggle Red Button service?

The Toggle Red Button service is free of charge.

3. What do I need to access Toggle Red Button service?

  1. Check if your home is within the Digital TV broadcast coverage at www.mediacorp.sg/digitaltv

  2. Purchase a Toggle Red Button-registered HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) set. The Toggle Red Button service is available on the following registered TV models with the Toggle Red Button label:

    LG Models ▼

    • 49LJ550T-TA
    • 43LJ550T-TA
    • 32LJ550D-TA
    • OLED77W7T-T
    • OLED65W7T-T
    • OLED77G7T-T
    • OLED65G7T-T
    • OLED65E7T-T
    • OLED55E7T-T
    • OLED65C7T-T
    • OLED55C7T-T
    • OLED65B7T-T
    • OLED55B7T-T
    • 86SJ957T-TA
    • 75SJ955T-TA
    • 65SJ950T-TA
    • 55SJ950T-TA
    • 65SJ850T-TA
    • 55SJ850T-TA
    • 65SJ800T-TA
    • 55SJ800T-TA
    • 49SJ800T-TA
    • 65UJ750T-TA
    • 55UJ750T-TA
    • 49UJ750T-TA
    • 43UJ750T-TA
    • 75UJ657T-TA
    • 65UJ652T-TB
    • 55UJ652T-TB
    • 49UJ652T-TB
    • 43UJ652T-TB
    • 65UJ632T -TA
    • 55UJ632T-TA
    • 49UJ632T-TA
    • 43UJ632T-TA
    • 65UJ620T-TA
    • 55UJ620T-TA
    • 49UJ620T-TA
    • 43UJ620T-TA
    • 49LH570T-TD
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 43LH570T-TD
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 32LH570D-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 32LH600T-TB
    • 43LH600T-TB
    • 49LH600T-TB
    • 55LH600T-TB
    • OLED77G6T-T
    • OLED65G6T-T
    • 65UH770T-TA
    • 60UH770T-TA
    • 55UH770T-TA
    • 49UH770T-TA
    • OLED65B6T-T
    • OLED55B6T-T
    • 43UH610T-TB
    • 49UH610T-TB
    • 55UH615T-TB
    • 60UH615T-TB
    • 65UH615T-TB
    • 43UH650T-TB
    • 49UH650T-TB
    • 55UH650T-TB
    • 60UH650T-TB
    • 65UH650T-TB
    • 75UH656T-TC
    • OLED65E6T-T
    • OLED55E6T-T
    • OLED65C6T-T
    • OLED55C6T-T
    • 86UH955T-TA
    • 79UH953T-TA
    • 65UH950T-TA
    • 55UH950T-TA
    • 75UH855T-TA
    • 65UH850T-TA
    • 60UH850T-TA
    • 55UH850T-TA
    • 49UH850T-TA
    • 55EG910T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 60LF630T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 55LF630T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 49LF630T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 43LF630T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 40LF630T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 32LF630T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 65UF950T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 55UF950T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 65EG960T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 55EG960T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 79UF950T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 65UG870T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 55UG870T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 65UF860T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 55UF860T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 65UF850T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 60UF850T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 55UF850T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 49UF850T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 79UF770T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 70UF770T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 65UF770T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 60UF770T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 55UF770T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 49UF770T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 43UF770T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 40UF770T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 49UF690T-TC
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 43UF690T-TC
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 55EG920T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 65UF680T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 55UF680T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 49UH600T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 55UH600T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 65UH600T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 65UF645T-TB
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 49UF640T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 43UF640T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 55LF595T-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 32LF595D-TA
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 49LF590T-TB
      (Software upgrade may be required)
    • 43LF590T-TB
      (Software upgrade may be required)

    Panasonic Models ▼

    • TH-65EZ950S
    • TH-55EZ950S
    • TH-65EZ1000S
    • TH-75EX750S
    • TH-65EX750S
    • TH-58EX750S
    • TH-50EX750S
    • TH-43EX600S
    • TH-49EX600S
    • TH-49EX640S
    • TH-55EX600S
    • TH-55EX640S
    • TH-65EX640S
    • TH-32DS500S
    • TH-32CS510S
    • TH-40CX600S
    • TH-40DS500S
    • TH-40DX650S
    • TH-42CS510S
    • TH-43CS630S
    • TH-43DS630S
    • TH-49CS630S
    • TH-49CX700S
    • TH-49DS630S
    • TH-49DX650S
    • TH-50CX600S
    • TH-55CX600S
    • TH-55CX700S
    • TH-55DX650S
    • TH-58DX700S
    • TH-60CX630S
    • TH-60CX700S
    • TH-65DX700S
    • TH-65DX900S

    Samsung Models ▼

    • UA82MU7000KXXS
    • UA75MU7000KXXS
    • UA75MU6100KXXS
    • UA65LS003AKXXS
    • UA65MU7000KXXS
    • UA65MU6500KXXS
    • UA65MU6300KXXS
    • UA65MU6100KXXS
    • UA55LS003AKXXS
    • UA55MU8000KXXS
    • UA55MU7000KXXS
    • UA55MU6400KXXS
    • UA55MU6300KXXS
    • UA55MU6100KXXS
    • UA55M5500AKXXS
    • UA49MU8000KXXS
    • UA49MU6300KXXS
    • UA49MU6100KXXS
    • UA43MU6100KXXS

    Sony Models ▼

    • KD-49X7000D
    • KD-55X7000D
    • KD-65X7500D
    • KD-43X8000D
    • KD-49X8000D
    • KD-43X7000E
    • KD-49X7000E
    • KD-55X7000E
    • KD-65X7000E
    • KD-43X8000E
    • KD-49X8000E
    • KD-55X8000E
    • KD-55X8500E
    • KD-65X8500E
    • KD-75X8500E
    • KD-49X9000E
    • KD-55X9000E
    • KD-65X9000E
    • KD-75X9000E
    • KD-55X9300E
    • KD-65X9300E
    • KD-75X9400E
    • KD-55A1
    • KD-65A1
    • KD-65Z9D
    • KD-75Z9D
    • KD-100Z9D
    • KDL-32W600D
    • KDL-40W650D
    • KDL-48W650D
    • KDL-43W750D
    • KDL-49W750D
    • KDL-32W610E
    • KDL-40W660E
    • KDL-49W660E
    • KDL-43W750E
    • KDL-49W750E
  3. Purchase a Digital TV antenna. Follow these steps to set up the Digital TV antenna:
    • Connect the Digital TV antenna to the antenna input on the Toggle Red Button-registered HbbTV set.
    • Connect the TV set to an internet connection.
    • Enable the Toggle Red Button capability on the TV set. If the Toggle Red Button capability on the TV set was not enabled at the point of purchase, please refer to question 9 below for instructions.
  4. Switch to ”Live TV” mode via the “Source” button on your TV set’s remote control. (Note: Toggle Red Button service is not available on broadcast TV channels access on Singtel & StarHub set-top boxes.)
  5. Next, press the red coloured button on your TV set’s remote control to start enjoying Toggle Red Button service.

4. I stay in a Landed home and I already have a digital TV antenna at the rooftop. Do I still need a separate digital TV antenna connected to a Toggle Red Button-registered TV?

If your landed property is already equipped with Digital TV rooftop antenna for UHF reception signal over the air, then you may use this same antenna source to connect to a Toggle Red Button-registered TV. You may refer to Digital TV FAQ for more information.

5. Can I watch Toggle Prime and Toggle Sports content on my Toggle Red Button-registered TV?

Toggle Sports content is available on the Toggle Red Button service. For Toggle Prime, we are working towards having the service on board in due course.

6. If I have problems scanning for digital signals, who can I call?

You can refer to the Mediacorp Digital TV website for more information.

7. There seems to be a lag and intermittent service disruption. What can I do?

  • Check the LAN cables between your TV and home internet router. RJ45 connectors, CAT5e or CAT6 cables tend to provide a more stable experience.
  • When using WiFi connection for your TV, check that your TV model and your WiFi router support 802.11n/ac or compatible standards.
  • Use of 3G (HSDPA) or 4G (LTE) mobile broadband service for connecting TV to internet is not recommended, due to varying network latency conditions that can affect your experience, and mobile data plan usage limits/caps.

8. I still cannot access Toggle Red Button service. What do I need to check?

Please check that you have the right equipment and set-up:

  • Your TV is a Toggle Red Button-registered HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) set.
  • The TV is connected to an indoor antenna and not the StarHub or HDB cable point.
  • You are tuning to Mediacorp digital channel receiving via the TV tuner.

9. Can I enjoy Toggle Red Button service with my existing Digital TV™ set-top box(es)?

No, the service is not available via existing Digital TV™ set-top box.

10. I have a HbbTV, but am unable to access Toggle Red Button service.

Toggle Red Button service was officially launched on 31 May 2016, and only available on HbbTVs with the Toggle Red Button label .

Please ensure that the Toggle Red Button capability on the HbbTV set is enabled:

For LG TVs, please follow these steps:
Push the “Home” button on the remote control > Select “Setting” > Select ”Programme” > Set “HbbTV” to ON

For information on your LG TV model, please refer to the following:
Product catalog: http://www.lg.com/sg/tvs
Customer-care email: lgesg@lge.com
Customer-care hotline: (+65) 6512 0555

For Panasonic TVs, please follow these steps:
Push the Menu Button on the remote control > Select ‘Setup’ > Select ‘Data Service Application’ > Change ‘Service’ Setting to ‘Auto Start On’.

For information on your Panasonic model, please refer to the following:
Product catalog: http://www.panasonic.com/sg/consumer/television.html
Customer-care email: service@sg.panasonic.com
Customer-care hotline: (+65) 6222 7222

For Samsung TVs, please follow these steps:
Push the “Home” button on the remote control > Select “Setting” > Select ”Broadcasting” > Select “Expert Settings” > Select “HbbTV Settings” > Set “HbbTV” to ON

For information on your Samsung TV model, please refer to the following:
Product catalog: www.samsung.com/sg/tvs
Customer-care email: Samsung E-mail General Support
Customer-care hotline: 1800 SAMSUNG (7267864)

For Sony TVs, please follow these steps:
Push the “Home” button on the remote control > Select “Settings” > System Settings > Channel Set-up > Digital Set-up > Interactive Applications Set-up > Set “Interactive Application” to ON

For information on your Sony TV model, please refer to the following:
Product catalog: www.sony.com.sg/bravia
Customer-care email: sg.cicenquiry@ap.sony.com
Customer-care hotline: (+65) 6544 8600

For further assistance on the Toggle Red Button service, you may also contact our customer care team:

  • Hotline: 6388 3888 (9am – 10pm, daily)
  • Email enquiry@toggle.sg with your name and contact information. We will get back to you within 3 working days.
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