Sports Mania Annual Pass - $15.92/mth (w/GST)

Terms & Conditions

  • On the 13-mth onwards, recurring regular monthly subscription rate of $24.90/mth or, prevailing rates applies.

  • No termination allowed. Any termination before the 12-mth service commitment ends will incur a penalty fee. Please refer to the penalty fee below.

    Early Termination Charges for 12-month Sports Mania Annual Pass for the following months:
    1st mth 2nd mth 3rd mth 4th mth 5th mth 6th mth
    $175.12 $159.20 $143.28 $127.36 $111.44 $95.52
    7th mth 8th mth 9th mth 10th mth 11th mth 12th mth
    $79.60 $63.68 $47.76 $31.84 $15.92 $0.00

  • Access to all ESN channels is only available via the following;

    1. Toggle apps on iOS and Andriod Smartphones and Tablets
    2. Web access on iOS and Android Smartphones, Tablets, Desktops and laptops
    3. TVs via Chromecast device
    4. TVs with Google Cast™ in-built
    5. Apple TV Generation 4
    6. Selected Smart LG and Samsung Smart TVs (refer to for more details)
    7. Toggle Red Button registered TV models (refer to for more details)

  • No refund or cancellation for any change in schedule or delayed match streaming.

  • All prices quoted are inclusive of GST.

For full terms & conditions, please refer to

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