Aduh...Bibikku! (HD)

Mel makes a drastic decision which her mother disapproves. Shah gets more frustrated with Tipez and Rosie becomes more suspicious of him. While Wiwik is busy with Idah's new business, Ramli gives Wiwik a surprise. Susi enforces her power in Kepindo.


Cantik Detektif 3 (HD)

Our Cantik Detektif travels to India in search of a 'flying' exercise. Acroyoga is a physical discipline that combines acrobatics with yoga! Can Huda manage to master it? Also, find out how burning your hair gives you the perfect haircut!


Step Puteri

Two very different girls from opposing cliques in school have their worlds falling apart when their parents get married, thus making them step-sisters at home. Forced to live together as a family under the same roof, the girls must keep their "sisterhood' a secret from their respective cliques and conceive a way to tear their parent's marriage apart.


Kau Aku Kita (HD)

Iman suffers a stomach ache that Aus is unaware of. However, later he understands the pain she is going through and takes care of her.


Untuk Dia (HD)

This is a reality programme about celebrity couple Syarif and Malaque on their lives, about how they met, the story at the beginning of their acquaintance and the challenges they faced during their early marriage. Then Malaque shared tips during pregnancy and recipes best for pregnant mothers.


Isteri Vs Tunang (HD)

Putri is angry that Alana has kept mum about his fiance's identity from her. Zain warns Amira to stop seeing his brother when he is about to marry Alana. Both are busy with their wedding day. Zaim presented Alana their new house.


Juara Parodi (HD)

Juara Parodi is a musical comedy, reality contest joined by popular local comedians and singers. Every week, 10 groups are tasked to sing and write new lyrics in a comedic way according to the week's theme. Only 5 contestants are selected for the final show with a chance to win the cash prize worth RM300, 000!


Demi Adriana (HD)

Demi Adriana is a love story of two individuals from different backgrounds - a high-flying journalist from a wealthy family falls in love with a doctor who is an orphan, raised by a grandfather who works as a cleaner. Adriana, a woman of steel stood by her Junior College sweetheart who later went to medical school through his hard-earned earnings. A sought-after debater, Adriana was also wooed by Syafik. Fortunately, her parents were open to accepting Dr Khairul, a man of strong character and integrity.


Primadona 5 (HD)

Shahirah interviews Dewi Liana Seriestha who promotes 'Bidayu' cultures and people. Whereas Elizad is in Kuching, Sarawak where she meets up with an ex-banker who created her own footwear brand 'Red Profile'. Shahirah meets up with Mohamad Sawal Haji Ahmad, who is handicapped but does 'Kek Lapis' business. He is the founder of 'Kek Lapis Warisan Sarawak'.


Lagenda (HD)

Lagenda is an eight-part half-hour series about legends, history and all the "forgotten" pieces in between! Raja Bersiong, who was trapped in a sarcophagus hidden deep in the Earth by Hang Tuah, was brought back to life.


#Urbanista (HD)

Spending time with your kids create a strong bond. On #Urbanista, we go through fun activities that spark their creativity and bring the family closer.


Pasport Cinta

Inspired by Yusry and Lisa's unplanned honeymoon trip, Pasport Cinta is an infotainment travelogue that takes viewers to various holiday destinations in Malaysia where they can compare prices to enjoy minimum spending at every destination.


Jom Jalan (HD)

Sabhi Saddi travels to Pahang and visits places of interest such as Taman Agroteknologi Mardi Cherating, Natural Batik Village, Galeri Tenun Pahang and Azmi Steam Tempoyak. The second day he heads to Japanese Village, Active Academy Bukit Gambang and Bukit Gambang Safari Park.


Berita (HD)

Daily evening-news programme featuring highlights and coverage of both local and international news.


Hentam Sajalah (HD)

Comedians and 'calefares' are fighting for the spotlight in this episode of Hentam Sajalah. They love to be on screen but playing sports with a wacky twist proved to be more difficult than they think. But props to them for giving their best. Game after game, they prove to be worthy of being in the Hentam Sajalah arena.


Hero Seorang Cinderella (HD)

Puan Sri Mawar is annoyed when she finds out that Medina and Khuzzam are getting closer. She asks her husband, Tan Sri Azizan to help match make Puteri instead of Medina but is dismissed by him. Puan Sri Mawar tries to find ways to make sure she gets what she wants.


Made In Indonesia (HD)

Made in Indonesia portrays the amazing stories of those entrepreneurs in compelling and inspiring documentaries. Various products with unique Indonesian taste are presented thoroughly with the hard work and creative process behind them. This week features Marketing Ideas The UNKL 347 Way.


Belaian Kasih (HD)

After suffering a miscarriage in early pregnancy, Nora and Hasan were overjoyed when they got pregnant for the second time. Unfortunately, the baby died, 5 months into the pregnancy. Having experienced a stillbirth, Nora's chances of suffering another in a future pregnancy increases twofold to tenfold.


Berita (HD)

Daily evening-news programme featuring highlights and coverage of both local and international news.

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