Juxbox Ekspres

Groove to the music videos by local and regional talents in Juxbox Ekspres.


Mak Cun 3

Manisah panics when all her money for the investments she collected vanishes. Meanwhile, Mak Cun goes to KL to seek funds to revive her business.



Hisham tries to persuade Dian to reconcile. Tini and Kamar meet up with Dian to think of ways so she she can meet her children without jeopardizing their safety or away from Eva's knowledge. Andy tries to splash Dian with an acid.


Misi Wira Bahasa

Vega manages to get through Maya's defense system and steals valuable information. Vega discovers Maya's mission to find the secret hidden words. Stage 2 kicks off featuring the 3 teams of WIRAs that managed to pass Stage 1.


Siapa Master?

In part one of the Fusion series, this week, Chef Syed and Danial will be making Lontong goreng using a very unique ingredient, Lemak Chilli Padi Duck Puff and Stuffed Dutch Oven Dinner Rolls.


Jangan Benci Cintaku

Husna decides to break off her engagement with Shah. Fika is back in Perth with Damia and Syazwi. She finds out she is pregnant and refuses to tell Shah as she does not want to risk Shah and Husna's wedding plans.



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Fendi is feeling anxious that he has to break a big piece of news to Makan Time staff. When he finally tells them, all of them are worried about their fate working with the company. Fendi assures them that he will protect them because he is their boss. Unknown to Fendi, more challenges await him and the staff of Makan Time.


Kekasih Elektrik

Amri, a novelist gets a surprise visit from a mysterious lady who appears suddenly in his store. Surprisingly, only he can see the girl who seemed to have lost her memory. Together, they try to find her true identity.


Cerita Dari Sahabat

Cerita Dari Sahabat introduce such inspirational stories from the pioneers in various regions across Indonesia which has shown some results for a better life. With Siti Hediati Soeharto as the cost, this programme is sure an inspiring and engaging series.



Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.

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