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Juara Memasak Milenia

36 contestants have to go through the Mass-Cookout challenge held at Singapore Flyer. From 36, only 20 contestants were selected to move on to the first round in the kitchen. They have to prepare a youth hangout food - finger food with chicken as the main star.


Luar Biasa

Inspired by true events, Luar Biasa is based on the story of Paralympic gold medalist, Mohamad Ridzuan, or better known as Dek Wan, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. He was diagnosed with his illness weeks after he was born. This however has caused him to lose all his strength to talk, balance to walk and a drastic change to his physical body as compare to other kids. Due to his inabilities, Dek Wan has only his brother Saiful to depend on as a sibling and good friend. No matter what happens.


Tahu Nahu 2

Tahu Nahu is a scripted pseudo-competition set in a hyper-reality classroom world, played by 3 hyperactive resident contestants. The competition is hosted by Cikgu Bedah, the resident teacher, who appears real time on the plasma, while the game is played by 3 unique characters who are her pupils.


Kerjayaan Wanita: 8 Wanita Singapura 2014

8 episodes that illustrate the success of 8 women who gained success in their own discipline or choice of career.


Jenayah Tersembunyi

Secrets, lies, traps. Welcome to a world of crime that thrives behind closed doors. Men trapped by a sleek lady who traps them for money. And ladies trapped into bogus online dating chat.


Aku Seniman #1

This documentary literally paints a picture of Indonesia that takes you away from earthquakes, tsunamis and floods. It's art by the common man about the small people.



Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.


Sepahtu Reunion Live 2

Both Sa'ad and his brother So'od have a crush on their schoolmate Aishah. But they were disappointed when Aishah is not keen to befriend them and prefer Rahim instead. Angry, they bumble along as they try to unsuccessfully keep Aishah from Rahim. Featuring guest artistes Ning Baizura, Afifah Nasir & Ramli Sarip.


Setia Menunggumu

Pak Husin is worried when his son Adi tells him that Ramlan is going to marry Aida. He knows about Ramlan's dark secret and is concerned about Aida's future if she does marry him. As much as he wants Adi to marry Aida, he realizes that they are poor as compared to Ramlan.


Extreme Roadtrip

A travelogue adventure series of three friends, Sherry Alhadad, Elfira Loy and Ardell Aryana exploring exciting places in peninsular Malaysia.



The half hour program analyse and dissect issues of concern to the Malay-Muslim Singaporeans - be it at the community level, national, regional or global. Apart from raising awareness, each DETIK episode hopes to set viewers thinking and make informed decisions on matters that can impact their lives.



Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.

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