Juxbox Ekspres

Groove to the music videos by local and regional talents in Juxbox Ekspres.


Rumi & Jawi (HD)

Jawi is uncomfortable when Rumi keeps stalking her while she is shopping for some clothes. Mardiana likes Jawi and allows her to stay in their house.


Sri Bella (HD)

Hjh Maimon prepares Sri Bella for an upcoming event recommended by Hj Ali. Rosnah feels jealous when she sees Irsyad paying more attention to Aisyah. Tengku Badariah gets to know of Sri Bella's performance and scrambles to look for avenues to crash Maimon's dreams.


Didi & Friends (HD)

Join Didi & Friends as we learn and sing-along to popular nursery rhymes and children songs!


Makan Angin (HD)

Did you know that there turtles can be found in Penang? Or that a Singaporean-made film was shot in Penang? Have you ever heard of a dish called Pasembur? Join Najip Ali and Chef Wan as they bring you around the colourful streets of Penang to uncover the unique trails and dishes that will delight your palate.


My Coffee Prince (HD)

Raikal has a strained relationship with his father. When his grandmother Puan Sri Kalsom's days are numbered due to cancer, she wants Raikal to get married before he can inherit all her wealth. Pressured, Raikal tries to find someone who can fit in into his life.


Berita (HD)

Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.


Nadi Serantau (HD)

50% of ASEAN population belongs to the age group of those below 30 years old. The first episode of Nadi Serantau showcases the vibrancy of youths in the region - seizing the opportunities in the new economy while contributing back to the society at large. Featured are youths from the cities of Jogya and Jakarta in Indonesia, Malaysia's Terengganu Sate, youths in Pattani District, South Thailand and Singapore's own Malay/Muslim youths.


Tak Ada Cinta Sepertimu (HD)

Hazran immediately come to Athea's house after he heard she is moving out. Athea's father becomes very mad after he comes back and Ani is not at home. They argue about money. Azam's arrogant attitude makes Athea doubt to continue their relationship.


Firasat (HD)

Syawal and Erlina are captured by Kasimir Bazan. In a sadistic game of cat and mouse, Kasimir challenges Firman to find Syawal and Erlina before they die in exactly 2 hours. For the first time ever, Firman and Jimmy are on their own, with no paintings and no clues. Will they be able to save Syawal and Erlina? Who will die?


Berita (HD)

Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.

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