Juxbox Ekspres

Groove to the music videos by local and regional talents in Juxbox Ekspres.


Pinggan Tak Retak, Nasi Tak Dingin

Yuhanis is left by her fiancee, Nizam a day before their wedding. To hold the family honor, her brother-in-law, Mizan marries her but with a condition. As they are beginning to fall in love, his ex-wife Suraya comes back to win him back. What will happen to Yuhanis?


Pencuri Cinta Kelas Satu

Hanisa has fallen for Firzal during their work trip. Firzal feels the same way but remains silent as he does not want to expose his marriage status. Aira begins to suspect Firzal of having an affair.


BoBoiBoy Galaxy

With the TAPOPS spaceship fixed, the team members are now on the way to the TAPOPS Headquarters, along with a stowaway.


Resepi Memikat Suami 3

Popular Malaysian comedian and host, Jihan Musa will host this cooking show that feature popular celebrities who will cook for their husbands to break fast. Featuring special guest Elyana and her husband.


Pujaan Hati Kanda

Danny and Tiara fall in love. Both of them bump into Pali while on a date. An angry Pali starts spreading rumours about Danny to her family which causes her mother to worry about her.



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The half hour program analyses and dissect issues of concern to the Malay-Muslim Singaporeans - be it at the community level, national, regional or global. Apart from raising awareness, each DETIK episode hopes to set viewers thinking and make informed decisions on matters that can impact their lives.


Puan-Puan, Masuk Baris

More than 100 participants attended the women's boot camp in September. Meet four of the ladies: Michelle and Azzalia are mothers with young sons who want to find out more about army life, while 25-year-old Rachael and 13-year-old Ginger are game for an adventure. What exciting activities await them on Day 1 of the camp?


Baru Nak Up

Cafe Pedas is launched with a chilli challenge and a new handsome Chef Taufiq is hired. His culinary school background, creates tension with Pak Ali, the older Chef there. Rudy's office website is hacked and Danish has shifted the blame to Rudy. Nora receives a call regarding her Credit Card bills. Amelia finds out that Haikal, who she is dating, is a married man.


Aduh...Bibikku! 2

Neng is worried sick when Imah threatens to call the police to report her lost belongings. Neng decides to investigate herself. Haikal comes to Wiwik's rescue from loansharks' harassment. Rosie thinks Monica is up to something and wants to send her home.



Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.

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