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Show Malam Ini

Upcoming Malaysian actress, Nad Zainal makes her first ever TV appearance on Suria. She shares regarding her upcoming projects. Fresh from the competition, Anugerah Skrin 2016 winners drop by and share with Khai their experiences. Fauzie Laily performs his single Perwira Tidurmu.


Rezeki Tanpa Alamat

After the death of her husband, Zainab chases her stepson, Sharul, out of the house as she believes that he is the cause of her late husband's death. Instead of his part of the will, Sharul only asks for his father's songkok from his stepmother and wears it wherever he goes. He then moves to the city where he will meet Azmi, causing his life to change completely.


Mak Aku Kata 2

The four friends can't wait to begin their project. They are surprised to see Hazim pouring water in his dirty plate. Hazim has heard that pouring water will bring luck however, Farhan, Amira and Khairul do not believe him. Khairul unknowingly leaves his wallet behind and goes home to an empty house.


Ketuk Ketuk Ramadan

'Burung Puyuh' or Quail is a favourite dish during Ramadan. Join Sheila Rusly as shares the secret recipe of ' Burung Puyuh Goreng Berlada'. Her guest artiste, famous singer Black, will be preparing 'Kari Kepala Ikan Merah.'


Food Stories

Food Stories is a series that gives the fascinating story behind the development of common dishes familiar to all nations as well as food styles that have become culinary signatures for many countries. Each segment features a dish or style to show where it started, how it was developed, who was responsible and why it was inspired along with a recipe.


Salam Ramadan Italy

Islam in Italy is fairly widespread, with it being the second most practiced religion in the country - behind Roman Catholics. The country is home to nearly 2 million Muslims and 500 mosques - including the largest mosque in the European continent, The Mosque of Rome (Moschea di Roma). In this episode, we join the Muslim communities in Rome to share their Ramadan experience.



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Bocey & Friends Live

Happiness does not come easy, especially when you have two wives. For Iskandar, both his wives are always giving him trouble! To ease his headache, his driver, Razak, decides to recommend his sister to be Iskandar's third wife. With special guest artistes Zahira Macwilson, Jihan Musa, Amy Search and Sherry Al Hadad.


Andainya Takdir 2

Airil bashed Mukhsin and warned him from disturbing Fatihah after he saw him giving her a bouquet of flowers. Normah forbids Jalal from giving Kia and Limah religious lessons when Jalal informs her that he plans to start classes in the mosque. Fatihah prevented Airil from punching Nizam and warned him that she will move away if he continues stalking her.


Salam Ramadan Taiwan

As the second most populous city after Taipei, Taichung city has attracted many foreign students and workers from overseas, some of them Muslims. This soft impact of foreigners has help shaped the social landscape of Taichung, especially evident during the holy month. Let's observe Ramadan together with these newcomers and share their experience living in Taiwan.


Jangan Abaikan Mereka

Although he is visually impared, Suhaimi intends to earn his own money to provide for himself. However, he had to quit his job after he encountered a stroke. How will he cope with expenses?



Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.

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