Waris Kasih (HD)

After 20 years, Zamani graduates and is offered a job in Kuala Lumpur. However, Zamani feels sad when his brother does not want to attend his convocation. Meanwhile, Yati is pregnant and the siblings meet to discuss about Yati's marriage. Later, Yati's marriage is in trouble when Fadli's attitude never changes. He still takes drugs and does not work. Yati secretly leaves the house to follow her husband to Kuala Lumpur.


Duda Pujaan Dara (HD)

To please Danda, Tengku Razeen tries to find a suitable mother for her. He takes Dora out with them to see if they are compatible but unfortunately Dora disappoints him. Tengku Razeen then turns to Ainee.


BoboiBoy 3 (HD)

BoboiBoy Season 3 continues with his adventures with his friends to protect Pulau Rintis from danger. Introducing his new power, BoboiBoy Air (water), that only gets stronger when BoboiBoy feels relaxed. With more power options in his arsenal, BoboiBoy and his friends are more than ready to fight.


Cinta Kek (HD)

A customer (possibly an undercover saboteur) visit the shop, asking several pesky questions. Under several pseudonyms, he orders cakes over a period and makes nasty remarks to Raiha and her team. Red flags are raised when Raiha discovers the cake design that the customer wants is of a popular character, which they do not have the license to reproduce it in any form or likeness.Raiha get suspicious and gets Nadia with her to follow the spy. Raiha engages the Deliveryman to drive the girls around to spy on him. It turns out that the person is not a spy but a genuine customer. The customer meets up with Raiha and Raiha clarifies to the customer that he has to seek formal permission to reproduce brand identity image on their cake, otherwise they all will get into legal trouble. Once legal issues are raised, the customer becomes apologetic about his earlier actions. Raiha suggest the customer clears the intellectual property issues with the brand license holder before proceeding making th


Sesal Separuh Nyawa (HD)

Razlan returns to Amsterdam hurriedly without informing Fara. While in Amsterdam, Razlan meets Melissa and she lies to Razlan that her pregnancy is because of her being raped while she was drunk. Still hoping, Fara goes to look for Razlan only to find out that Razlan is already married to Melissa.


Berita (HD)

Daily evening news programme featuring highlights and coverage of both local and international news.


Gunting The Series (HD)

Adi's vivacious mother is in town and Taufik must spend time with her instead of his crew who has the most awesome gig in recent years. Meanwhile, Rahimah cajoles Salihin to join a class that inadvertently gets him in contact with a potential love rival in the form of Edah. A jealous Rahimah hides her anger and begins distancing herself from Salihin.


Oh Speak English Please (HD)

A hilarious drama comedy about an urban girl, Sally, who is ashamed of her mother, Salimah who does not speak English and behaves like a village bumpkin.


Perintis Kita (HD)

Perintis Kita is a docudrama which recounts and reenacts the lives of our Malay pioneers, their life journey, their achievements, their trials and tribulations. It intends to give audiences a sneak peek of the lives of these historical figures and let them have a sense of what it was like to live through that period. The series also hopes to give audiences a sense of realism through its unique treatment, so that audiences can fully appreciate these pioneers and the values they held.


Berita (HD)

Daily evening news programme featuring highlights and coverage of both local and international news.

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