Titian Cinta

Harris will do whatever it takes to not let Aisy out of his sight and into the arms of Ryan. Daniel is still infatuated with Sofea despite her evil intentions while things go south for Puan Sri Nora and her husband.


Curi Curi Cinta

Puan Asmah is concerned about Iskandar's wellbeing and wants him to marry Fazira.Intan is worried about her mother's wish as she knows that Daniel is making arrangements to get engaged to Fazira. While Daniel is preparing for his engagement, Intan finds out that she is pregnant.


Atin, Atan & Mak Cun

Mak Cun's patience pays off when a Chinese buyer is keen to buy both her products. Meanwhile Fatin and Atan continue to feel miserable living under Kuntum's care.


Siapa Master? 2

It's all about Chicken in this episode of Siapa Master? Today's dishes will be Ayam Geprek from Indonesia, a unique Stuffed Baked Chicken and Mexican style White Chilli Chicken.


Vila Ghazara

Maria is torn between Dr Ghaz and Dr Rusdi as Dr Rusdi gives her more attention than Dr Ghaz. Zarul visits Dazrin's cafe regularly in an effort to get closer to Hani, who is one of the cafe owners. Datin Zara starts to suspect her husband of having an affair with another woman.


Sabotaj 2

This week's episode is guaranteed to be packed with talent, passion and music. 5 representatives from various Dikir Barat groups in Singapore go head-to-head in the Sabotaj arena. Will they be able to make it to the finishing line in harmony or will they crumble under pressure?


Tekan Minyak 2

Aini feels insulted that Sathish hired Cynthia to help her for in the spa business, thinking that she is not capable on her own. Meanwhile Shafie feels that Nadiah keeps rejecting his invites to go out with her. Will their relationship go on a downturn after being recently married?



Firman takes on a case of a powerful telepath who has the power to amplify the fears of people around him. But when Firman is hit with visions that threatens to tear his life and that of Erlina forever, he must deduce if the visions are merely hallucinations or a true premonition of things to come.

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