Juxbox Ekspres

Groove to the music videos by local and regional talents in Juxbox Ekspres.


Biar Aku Jadi Penunggu

Biar Aku Jadi Penunggu is a sad love story between childhood friends, Iffat and Afeef. When he left, Iffat patiently waited for his return but unfortunately, he came back with a child. Then there's Rafaal who has long kept his feelings for Iffat but his hopes were shattered with the presence of Afeef.


Abang Lori Ohsem

Dani's hatred towards Luqman is seen when he reveals Luqman's true identity to his mother, Mira and Nek Wan. Their dreams are shattered when they find out that Luqman is not a pilot but instead, just a lorry driver. To add more to his misery, his girlfriend Zia decides to leave him while Datin Ira chases him out of the house.


Ejen Ali

A 12 year old boy finds himself in danger when he accidentally got involved in an espionage mission. With enemies on his back, Ali accidentally bounds an intelligent device to himself, making him a property of the agency. Left with no choice, Ali has to train himself and partake in field missions as a spy agent.


Kembara Chef Wan 3

Chef Wan returns for the third season where he will travel around the world in search of unique foods and recipes. He visits many countries including Brazil, Argentina, Switzerland and Chile. Besides cooking, Chef Wan would explore the culture, cuisine and historical locations. In this episode, Chef Wan will head to Suva, Fiji.


Isteri Untuk Diiktiraf

Tengku Wildan is furious when he finds out that Rafiq is still making moves on his wife, Safiyya. He suspects that Safiyya has been seeing him behind his back. Meanwhile, Ana Julia is trying to get Tengku Wildan to marry her so that she can inherit his wealth and help her father's failed business.



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Zaman Sekolah 3

How do we study effectively? Study hacks seem to be very popular online when students want to cramp as much as they can and not wanting to black out the moment they take their papers. Besides tuition, studying with friends or alone, there are many other ways that one can excel. What about parents' pantang and petua that they need to adhere? Featuring special guest artistes Isa Bora, Mamat Bora, Yan Bora, Biwa Mastura and Chef Amri.


Bujang Hantar

Bob and Said accidentally switch the item they were supposed to deliver. Said wants to follow his wife for a group tour and tries to come up with excuses. Bujang realizes that there was a lost boy in their van after they had finished their deliveries.


Kelab J

Halimah falls really sick and on the verge of depression, causing Haslinda to come back to her but that reunion is is short lived. Atiqa learns about Danny's first 'choice'.



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