天师钟馗 Heavenly Ghost Catcher - EP 19

(R) Zhong Kui is a widely known legendary figure. He is a ghost catcher in China, conferred the title of "Ghost Catching General" and "Yama - King of Hell". He is authorised to manage all matters of injustice and helps to redress cases in which the victims died unjustly. (重)钟馗是中国著名的捉鬼大师,被阎王授权管尽天下不平事。本剧以钟馗为主,带出这些关于鬼狐妖魅的离奇故事。《天师钟馗》的5个单元,杨贵妃、三会包青天,一捧雪、江山美人、六月雪。


好好说 慢慢讲2 (HD) Say It! Sr 2 (HD) - EP 7

(R) In this episode, Gurmit Singh and En Lai help out at the durian stall! How are they going to deal with troublesome customers such as those who want to eat durian but are afraid of bad breath? Also, get to gain durian-related knowledge and have a peek at the durian mooncake production process! (重)这一集,葛米星和恩来成了榴梿摊的助手!面对爱讨价还价的顾客、讲究味道和口感的顾客、想要了解榴梿营养价值的孕妇、要吃榴梿又怕上火口臭的帅哥,他们如何是好?与此同时,他们也会教大家怎么选好吃的榴梿、榴梿的重量有何玄机等知识。大家还可以一窥榴梿月饼的制作过程!《好好说 慢慢讲》榴梿专辑绝对让你"榴梿忘返"!


娘家 A Place Called Home - EP 0452 & 0453

(R) Retired principal, Lin Shishi, marries off his three daughters one by one. But even as his daughters venture into their brand new lives, Lin and his wife continue to give them their non-wavering support whenever they encounter obstacles in their marriages. (PG)(重)退休校长林石狮的三名女儿相继出嫁。尽管如此,石狮从来没有把出嫁的女儿当成泼出去的水。相反的,当女儿们面临不同的婚姻危机及困难时,娘家永远都是她们最可靠的后盾。


银色嘉年华 (HD) Silver Carnival (HD) - EP 24

(R) An info-educational programme for the elderly. (重)《银色嘉年华》是专为乐龄人士炮制的资讯节目。


前线追踪 Frontline - EP 24

(R) Last week, the government accepted the recommendations of Active Mobility Advisory Panel, which includes bringing down the speed limit of personal mobility devices (PMDs) and bicycles on footpaths to 10km/h from early next year. What do cyclists, PMD users and pedestrians think about the new measures? How can we ensure the safety of all users on footpaths? (重)上个星期,政府接受活跃通勤咨询小组的建议,从明年初起,电动代步工具和脚踏车在人行道上的最高时速降低至每小时10公里,骑士和行人怎么看?如何才能确保骑士和路人在走道上的安全?《前线》在上个周末举办的20周年庆祝活动上就讨论了这个课题,嘉宾交通部高级政务次长马炎庆和新传媒艺人杨志龙也到场分享意见。


狮城有约精华版 (HD) Hello Singapore Highlights (HD) - EP 123

Deliver social features that matter to you. 总结一天大小事,关心属于你我的家园。


229明天见 (HD) 29th February (HD) - EP 12

(Some Disturbing Scenes)

(R) Zhi Xin continues to make use of the repeating days to court Shuang Ying, in hopes of leaving a good impression on her. However, Kelvin, another suitor of Shuang Ying, notices Zhi Xin's intentions and openly challenges him to a game of bowling. Zhi Xin is no match for him and suffers a crushing defeat. However, this turns out to be a blessing in disguise as it instead left a good impression on Shuang Ying. (PG-部分画面令人不安)(重)知新利用日子重复的优势向霜影展开追求,希望霜影能对他产生好感。不料同时看上霜影的Kelvin却视知新为眼中钉,甚至向他下战书,与知新比试保龄球。知新技不如人,惨败收场。但却因祸得福,获得霜影的好感。


晨光第一线 (HD) Morning Express (HD) - EP 123

(Live) A daily brand new News belt, from Monday to Friday, 9am - 9.30am. (现场直播)全新新闻时段,每逢星期一至五,早上九点,准时送上。


不平凡的平凡 (HD) Reach For The Skies (HD) - EP 121

(R) Mali decides to divorce Qianbei. She decides not to follow everyone to their holiday at a Bintan resort to avoid any awkwardness with Qianbei. Baihui persuades Mali to go so as to create good memories. Mali finally agrees as she does not want to let her daughter down. Everyone is excited when they arrive at the resort but is surprised to see Fiona also at the resort. (PG)(重)玛丽决定离婚,所以打算不跟大家去度假屋,免得尴尬。百惠劝玛丽跟大家一起出游,当着给她一次美丽的回忆。玛丽为了不让百惠失望,只好答应。众人抵达度假屋,不料Fiona忽然出现。众人顿感错愕,连Fiona自己也感到意外。


别让身体不开心 Stay Healthy Stay Happy 2017 - EP 14

(R) Health info-ed talkshow that discusses one health issue or illness topic each week, featuring Taiwan celebrities and health practitioners. Hosted by famous singer Selina. (重)《别让身体不开心》带给你有趣的另类医学常识,以及打造无害的居家环境与养生方法,还要教你怎麽料理出美味的健康佳肴。

On Now

夜市人生 Night Market Life a.k.a. Life - EP 0604 & 0605

(R) Cai Yuexia operates a stall at a night market while her husband, Qingxiang, works in the Mainland. Their family falls apart when Qingxiang sets up another family outside. Yuexia struggles to bring up her children with the help of the head of the night market - Jiang Yiguan. (PG)(重)在夜市卖药炖排骨的蔡月霞与经商的丈夫李庆祥育有一对子女。原本幸福的家庭却因庆祥在外有另一名女人而被摧毁。月霞辛苦地抚养子女,幸有夜市老大江一官在旁扶持,但月霞的女儿友慧却不支持两人的关系。


一点新闻 (HD) News 8 At One (HD) - EP 123

Weekday afternoon updates on local and world news headlines. 《一点新闻》为您提供更新的本地与全球新闻头条。


118 118 - EP 40

(R) Ah Niang continues to investigate Max. He overhears him telling his wife he won't be able to return for dinner due to work, only to meet his lover Jane. Ah Niang has still yet to verify if Max is Sijia's husband, but decides to teach Max a lesson anyway. He takes pictures of the couple whilst following, only to be discovered by Max. (PG)(重)阿娘继续追查Max,亲耳听见他跟老婆说公事繁忙不回家吃饭,转个身又与情人Jane去吃晚餐兼开房。阿娘虽未证实Max是否是"大眼妹"的丈夫,却决定给这社会败类一个教训。他一路跟拍二人,却被Max发现…


哆啦A梦 New Doraemon - EP 101

(R) This animation series centres on a robotic cat from the future, Doraemon. With its various magical gadgets, Doraemon helps its master solve all kinds of problems. (重)在这系列卡通动画里,小朋友们将看到哆啦A梦 - 这只来自未来世界的机器猫,如何应用它的法宝,协助其主人大雄解决生活上的各种难题。


想握你的手 (HD) Your Hand In Mine (HD) - EP 92

(R) Using the local society issues as a backbone, this drama depicts the lives of families of different background residing in the same neighbourhood, from the cold and self-centered to the understanding of the true meaning of love. The story reflects the meaning of how blood is thicker than water and the neighbourhood spirit of helping and watching out for each other. (重)以本地的社会时事为骨架,描述同一个邻里几个不同背景的家庭,如何由冷漠自我,到最终了解何谓"爱"。故事反映了血浓于水、守望相助、远亲不如近邻的可贵精神。新传媒艺人黄文永在此剧中饰演父亲,是一家咖啡店的老板,为人节俭,有三个女儿,分别由林湘萍、李心钰和蔡佩璇饰演,而陈丽萍则饰演文永的妻子。


星闪闪 The Shining Star - EP 16

(R) A-Li is a very pretty young girl. However she was born visually handicapped and has never known how she looks like, much less her surroundings and the happenings around her. Despite this, she is an optimistic character who never blames anyone, striving instead to be as independent as possible in her daily life, sometimes even going out of her way to help others. (重)阿黎是个长得很漂亮的年轻女孩,但她天生就有视障,从来就不知道自己长得什么样子,也不知道周遭的一切是怎样的。阿黎天性乐观,从不怨天尤人。她从小被亲生父亲抛弃,跟着母亲佩佩和懒散的后父金田以及同母异父的弟弟小丰住在一起。一家人靠演福建布袋戏班为生,但布袋戏已经是夕阳行业,阿黎积极找工作,想要为同母异父的弟弟筹大学学费。


娘家 A Place Called Home - EP 903

Retired principal, Lin Shishi, marries off his three daughters one by one. But even as his daughters venture into their brand new lives, Lin and his wife continue to give them their non-wavering support whenever they encounter obstacles in their marriages. (PG)退休校长林石狮的三名女儿相继出嫁。尽管如此,石狮从来没有把出嫁的女儿当成泼出去的水。相反的,当女儿们面临不同的婚姻危机及困难时,娘家永远都是她们最可靠的后盾。


祖先保佑 (HD) Blessings (HD) - EP 12

(R) Due to much interaction, Meiren and Wending's good feelings for each other deepens. Meiren thinks that Wending is interested in her but suspects that she is just a substitute for Xiaomei, hence tries to test him out. On the other hand, Wending does not dare to confess as he is not sure if he sees Meiren as Xiaomei, and he is hesitant as he is not from the present. His hesitation caused Meiren to feel vexed. (PG)(重)美仁和文鼎因经常接触,对彼此好感加深。美仁感觉到文鼎对她有意,却又怀疑自己是小梅的替身,于是试探文鼎。文鼎一方面顾虑自己穿越的身份,一方面也不确定自己是否把美仁当成小梅,不敢向美仁告白,美仁懊恼不已。


狮城有约 (HD) Hello Singapore (HD) - EP 123

(Live) Delivering the day's latest news and social features that matter to you. Every Monday to Friday, from 6.30pm to 7.30pm on Channel 8. (现场直播)总结一天大小事,关心属于你我的家园。每逢星期一至五,傍晚6.30-7.30pm,与你相约!


不平凡的平凡 (HD) Reach For The Skies (HD) - EP 122

Mali insists on letting Fiona stay and even offers to share her room, making Qianbei jealous. Qianbei takes Koufu's suggestion on how to win Mali back. He gives Mali flowers, but she pretends to be disgusted. Fiona is unaware that Mali is divorcing Qianbei; she merely feels that Mali is acting a little strange. (PG)玛丽强留Fiona,还跟她同房,让千杯心里很不是滋味。千杯听了口福的建议,要追回玛丽。他浪漫送花,玛丽却装出一脸嫌恶的样子。Fiona还不知道玛丽提出离婚的事,只是觉得玛丽有点不对劲。


开门见餐 Home Dining - EP 4

Daphne Ang has spent 7 years living in Japan. From convenience store's onigiri to exquisite kaiseki, Japan has enriched her with many wonderful dining experiences. Now back in Singapore, she loves to share simple recipes with parents and encourage them to cook for their children. Her menu includes Ponzu Handama, Tamago Yaki, Vegetable Nimono, Sushi and etc. They are easy to prepare, but how? Let's find out in "Home Dining"! 曾旅居日本长达7年的洪宁新,目前是一个孩子的母亲。她非常注重"家的味道",并鼓励父母多为孩子们下厨做饭。她喜欢自己研发易做易学的食谱跟大家分享,包括今天出现在菜单里的金时草沙拉、玉子烧、莲藕香菇煮物和寿司等。你是否也有兴趣学两招?欢迎你一起来"开门见餐"!


229明天见 (HD) 29th February (HD) - EP 13

Through Zhi Xin and Zhi Hui's efforts, the two manage to make progress in developing their relationships with Shuang Ying and Wei Xiong respectively. However, as Wei Xiong and Shuang Ying would forget everything the next day, Zhi Xin and Zhi Hui's progress would have gone down the drain. The two start to feel tired of the process. One day, Zhi Xin tries to get close to Shuang Ying again but sees Shuang Ying with her foster father Lao Luo. Lao Luo even knows about Zhi Xin's situation of being trapped in 29th February. (PG)在知新和知慧的努力下,他们分别与霜影和伟雄的感情都有进展,奈何伟雄和霜影第二天便忘记前一天的事,知新和知慧又得重新来过,令两人非常疲惫。这天知新又去接近霜影,却看到霜影和养父老罗一起来,而且老罗还知道知新被困的事。


晚间新闻 (HD) News Tonight (HD)

Daily evening updates on top local news and world news. 《晚间新闻》每日为您提供最全面的本地与全球新闻报道。


老友出走记 Away With My BFF - EP 0005 & 0006

Ep5 - Desmond and Han Wei travel overseas together for the first time, arriving in Hong Kong. On the first day, they receive a pleasant surprise, coincidentally running into seniors in the entertainment industry. Ep6 - Desmond and Han Wei wander the streets together. Desmond plans a surprise for Han Wei, introducing his friend, Hong Kong artiste Wong You-Nam, to Han Wei. Little did he know Han Wei would have an unexpected reaction to his surprise? 第5集-泂江称汉玮为师父。两人第一次结伴去香港游玩,在第一天抵达就有惊喜,竟然在餐馆内巧遇演艺界的资深前辈!第6集-老友一起逛街,泂江为了给师父一个惊喜,静悄悄的把香港好友黄又南约到地点会合,结果汉玮的反应却是…


那年花开月正圆 (HD) Nothing Gold Can Stay (HD) - EP 70

(Some Violence)

Prince Yi sends Mr Wen to question Zhao Bai Shi about him helping Zhou Ying in business, and affecting His Highness' investments in Shanxi. To defend himself, Zhao Bai Shi produces evidence to prove that Du Ming Li has been siphoning off Prince Yi's earnings secretly. (PG-些许暴力画面)文先生奉郡王爷之命前来责问赵白石,指他协助周莹营商牟利,损害到郡王爷在陕西的利益。赵白石知道这是杜明礼告的状,于是就将杜明礼这些年,如何从郡王爷的利润中,抽取一部分作为自己的分红这件事,全告诉了文先生。

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