切尔诺贝利 Chernobyl S1 03: Open Wide, O Earth

Lyudmilla ignores warnings about her firefighter husband's contamination; Legasov lays out a decontamination plan, complete with human risks. 莉优蜜拉不顾身为消防队员的丈夫可能受到核辐射感染的警告;勒加索夫展开清除污染的计划,却以人民安危为代价。

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切尔诺贝利 Chernobyl S1 04: The Happpiness Of All Mankind

Legasov and Shcherbina consider using lunar rovers to remove radioactive debris, while Khomyuk faces government hurdles in determining the truth about the cause of the explosion. 勒加索夫与薛尔宾纳考虑使用月球车移除放射性废物;此时库米约克在调查车诺比核电厂爆炸事件的真相时,面临来自政府的阻碍。


女王与知己 Victoria & Abdul

The extraordinary true story of an unexpected friendship between Queen Victoria and a young clerk who travels from India to participate in the Queen's Golden Jubilee. 本片描写维多利亚女王与从印度前来参加女王即位五十周年庆典的年轻办事员之间出人意料却真实发生的非凡友谊。


亲密风暴 Normal

Jessica Lange stars as the wife coming to terms with her husband's sex change operation. 每对爱侣都有他们必须面对的难题,然而所谓的爱,是建筑在人的外表还是灵魂上呢?这部震撼人心、不落俗套的HBO自制电影,是由洁西卡兰芝与汤姆威金森主演


阴谋 Conspiracy

This is the historical recreation of the 1942 Wannsee Conference, in which Nazi and SS leaders gathered to discuss the "Final Solution to the Jewish Question". 希特勒策动了一桩现已家喻户晓的阴谋─将欧洲的犹太人铲除的计划是如何产生的?这部HBO自制电影是根据残存的“万塞会议议定书”所拍摄,叙述当年纳粹党和德军在会议中商讨该如何解决犹太人问题...本片揭开了这段不为人知的历史事件。


血型拼图 Blood Work

Retired FBI director and heart transplant survivor Terry McCaleb found himself pitting his wits against a serial killer. 做过换心手术的FBI退休警探泰瑞麦克雷必须再次出马与连续杀人犯斗智。


真实电影 Cinema Verite

Witness the birth of reality TV in the early 1970s with the Loud family in this ground-breaking HBO Original Movie. 在实境节目还没大行其道以前的70年代早期,劳德一家人因电视而崛起成为家喻户晓的明星。


墨西哥风暴 And Starring Pancho Villa As Himself

Antonio Banderas is the legendary Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa in this Golden Globe® nominated HBO Original Movie. 安东尼奥班德拉斯在这部HBO自制电影中饰演墨西哥革命领袖, 本片改编自真实故事,精彩动人!


彼得·塞勒斯的生与死 The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers

An HBO Original Movie about the man who created the Pink Panther and Inspector Clouseau, a man of many faces whose on-screen persona took over his personal life. HBO自制电影, 杰弗里罗许、莎莉赛隆主演。本片在2004年度为HBO得奖名单上的大赢家,总计荣获9项艾美奖,也是该年度获奖最多的电视节目,描述喜剧演员彼得谢勒传奇的一生


明亮之星 Bright Lights

This HBO documentary takes a candid look at the interconnected lives of two late movie icons - Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds. 这出HBO纪录片直击好莱坞两大影坛巨星-嘉丽费雪及其母亲黛比雷诺紧密的生活。


杜鲁门 Truman

Gary Sinise stars in this award-winning biographical HBO Original Movie about one of America's greatest presidents. 一个密苏里的潦倒农夫兼杂货店主是如何入主白宫的?这部激励人心的传记电影捕捉到杜鲁门的领袖神采,他是最受争议、也最令人怀念的领袖之一。


魂归伤膝谷 Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

An HBO Original film which explores the impact after the US government wages a campaign to exterminate American Indians. 本片为HBO自制电影,荣获6项艾美奖,并夺得最佳电视电影的殊荣,描述十九世纪美洲印地安人在面临新移民西进扩张的局面下,所遭受的困境。


震撼真相 Shock And Awe

In 2003, the White House administration made a case for the invasion of Iraq. The facts didn’t add up, and only one team of journalists got the story right. 2003年白宫政府欲合理化入侵伊拉克的事实。但各方信息却无法完全支持政府的解释,唯有一组记者做出公正的报导…


监狱疑云 O.g.

O.G. follows Louis (Wright), a maximum-security prison inmate on the cusp of release from a sentence he’s served for the last 24 years. 这出由荣获艾美奖肯定的导演玛德琳萨克勒所执导的电影,描述在戒备森严的监狱坐了24牢的刘易斯在出狱前所发生的故事。


继承之战 Succession S2 06: Argestes

Logan’s deal with the Pierces is threatened; Kendall, Shiv and Roman differ on damage control strategies; Tom worries about ATN’s new slogan. HBO原创戏剧影集《继承之战》回归带来第二季的精彩内容。

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