台湾1001个故事 3 Taiwan's 1001 Stories 3 - EP 14

(R) Hosted by Bai Xinyi, this food programme introduces Taiwan's traditional cuisines and their ingredients and spices. It also discloses touching stories behind the cuisines. (重)介绍台湾在地食材的故事,也是台湾最深刻的人生故事。故事的主角们,有的为着有机农业奋斗打拼,为这片土地奉献青春与血汗。 有的则是经过千百次的调味与尝试,只为了成就一道美味料理。对比着经营者与料理人的故事,他们或是为生活中年转业、或是离乡背井追寻梦想,人生路上各自遭逢百转千折的冲突与适应,才能在逆境中成功蜕变。


我身后的陶斯 My Secret, Terrius - EP 1

(R) Ailin is the mother of a pair of twins. She is normally busy taking care of her mischievous son and daughter. One day, her mischievous daughter accidentally knocks into her mysterious neighbour, Jin Ben, and they start to interact. Jin Ben grows curious about the mother who oddly knows much about his life and he keeps bumping into her whenever he goes out... (PG)(重)(双声道-中/韩)爱麟是双胞胎妈妈,平日为了照顾一对淘气的儿女而忙碌。这天,因淘气儿女捣蛋的关系,不小心撞伤了住在隔壁的神秘新邻居金本,开始打交道。金本发现这位妈妈莫名其妙地相当了解他的生活,出门时又经常碰到她,开始对这位邻居感到十分好奇。。。。。。


我身后的陶斯 My Secret, Terrius - EP 2

(R) Jin Ben goes to a wake to investigate the death of Wen Chengzhu, who was the head of the National Security Department. He gets discovered by the NIS deputy director Quan Yingshi. Quan Yingshi recognises Jin Ben as the ex-agent code named "Terrius" and orders his men to hunt down Jin Ben. Jin Ben quickly shakes them off. While handling her husband's funeral arrangements, Ailin receives a call from her neighbour informing her that her twins have disappeared. She is in panics. (PG)(重)(双声道-中/韩)金本到灵堂去调查国家保安室室长文成洙的死因时,不慎被国家情报院次长权英实发现了踪迹。权英实认出来金本就是代号为“陶斯”的前特工后命人,即刻加以追捕。金本遭到追踪,迅速逃跑。正当爱麟在办老公的后事时,接到邻居来电告知双胞胎失踪的消息,不禁陷入了恐慌之中。


好货驾到 Deals for Joy

Eating healthy goes a long way, watch on to find out how to incorporate this green diet smoothie into your meals. 想补充养分、膳食纤维同时维持身段?不妨喝蔬果饮料当代餐吧!


好货驾到 Deals for Joy

Do you want a solution to your household troubles? Find out how a good mop can do more with less effort. 好的拖把能让家务事半功倍!你也想要一支解决你拖地的烦恼吧


好货驾到 Deals for Joy

Discover how you can wake up every morning glowing and refreshed as our hosts prove how a comfortable pillow is key for a good night's sleep. 好的枕头能让你一觉醒来精神抖擞、容光焕发。来,躺躺看吧!


好货驾到 Deals for Joy

Have you ever struggled to remove stubborn stains? This multipurpose stain cleaner might help. 不想让顽固污迹害你除污太费劲?此清洁膏也许能帮到你哦。

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加油!向未来 Eureka Moment China - EP 3

(R) "Eureka Moment China" is an explosive and larger than life gameshow in which two couples go head to head testing their knowledge and coming face to face with a raft of dangerous stunts and wacky experiments. (重)《加油!向未来》是中央电视台推出的科学实验节目,由央视创造传媒有限公司制作。节目共11期,由撒贝宁、张腾岳主持,邓楚涵为解题人。每期节目明星将和观众代表一起,通过实验竞赛,为加油队和未来队赢取科学奖励,获胜队将赢得当期最终大奖(北极圈科考之旅)。


有故事的店 Shop Stories - EP 4

(R) A Japanese lady transforms old kimonos into fashion clothes and accessories. A young girl who has mediocre school results and despised by others, rewrites her life story by making cupcakes. Wife sold off their apartment to raise capital for her husband to fulfill his dream in designing porcelain. (重)日籍移民妇女以旧和服改装成时尚服饰和饰物。成绩不佳而被人看不起,年轻女生决定制作与众不同的杯子蛋糕,改写自己的人生。妻子为完成丈夫的梦想,卖房子筹资金,支持他设计具本地色彩的瓷器。


I'm Madam! - EP 5

(R) After the events of the previous episode, Pepper was on the verge of quitting army until she received an unexpected and encouraging message from Hulk to tell her to press on and win her best recruit award. Feeling more determined, Pepper takes Hulks advice and decides to stay. At the same time, Jian Dong invites Pepper to join him on a paintball session with Hulk and his new girlfriend, Xin Yi. Will this friendly paintball session turn into a nasty confrontation? (PG)(重)Pepper嚷嚷着不当兵了,本来真的想要辞职,但后来看到Hulk的简讯,又立刻改变了注意,说要继续当兵下去,拿Best Recruit。众人见她情绪多变,也没办法。在军营里,Sergeant Ong教导她们如何camouflage,做手势和tactical movement,但Pepper每次都乌龙百出惹出了许多笑话。


As Long As You Live S1 - EP 5

(R) Award-winning programme "As Long As You Live" takes a look at how countries face the ageing population and what measures do they take to care for them. (重)全球人口老化,「长命百岁」已经过时,活到百二岁是迟早的事。究竟是祝福,还是诅咒?本台老中青三代记者走访多个亚洲地区包括香港,台湾,日本,南韩,了解他们对人口老化的看法。


幸福方程式 The Joymakers - EP 2

(R) Polio-stricken Taiwanese Liu Ming was 25 when he was told he would only live up to 30. Instead of giving up on life, he chooses to cherish every moment. Now 60, this radio and TV host has also set up a performing group for the physically disabled to build their confidence and lift their spirits. (重)来自台湾的刘铭三岁被诊断患上小儿麻痹症,25岁时由于脊椎严重侧弯被诊断只能活到30岁。但他并没自暴自弃,反而更珍惜每一天。如今他已60岁,除了是广播和电视节目主持人,他还成立了一个特别的综艺团,在海内外表演,为身障者建立自信心及散播残而不废的正能量。


上食堂 Food Notes - EP 8

(R) The Taiwanese ba-wan is not like the meatballs you see in your beef noodles or spaghetti bolognaise. The Taiwanese love their meatball so much that they would even eat it chilled. We travel to Changhua to see how this meatball came to be and check out many interesting varieties of Taiwanese ba-wan. (重)节目让观众大快朵颐之际,也深入了解这些美食背后各个幕后英雄是如何让眼前的美食发扬光大。除了介绍各个厨师、馆子是如何使出十八般武艺烹煮美食外,节目也会将镜头转向养殖场、捕捞过程及相关行业,让观众更全面和深入的了解,这些美食的过去、现在甚至将来!


守护家族 (Dual Sound) Save The Family - EP 87

(R) Everyone at home is relieved when Zhufeng returns safely. Haocai discovers that the porcelain vases owned by Zhufeng are very valuable. He tries to steal them for himself, but is stopped by Xiuzi. (PG)(重)(双声道-中/韩)洙峰安全回家,家人们将之前的不欢抛在脑后。浩才拿着洙峰给他的瓷器去鉴定,发现瓷器价格非凡,于是想悄悄地把洙峰所有的瓷器拿去变卖。秀子觉得浩才和爱兰的动作很可疑,阻止他们把瓷器拿走。


守护家族 (Dual Sound) Save The Family - EP 88

(R) Yiyuan does not force Yuzhen to marry her when she is convinced that he does not love her anymore. In the following year, Yuzhen stays by Haixiu's side to help her, but Haixiu does not know what Yuzhen has done for her. (PG)(重)(大结局)(双声道-中/韩)艺苑感觉到宇真已经不爱她,于是没有强迫宇真跟她结婚。接下来的一年,宇真默默在海秀身边帮助她,海秀却不知情。


当你沉睡时 While You Were Sleeping - EP 19

(Some Disturbing Scenes)

(R) Lawyer Li Youfan gets anxious when he receives mysterious text messages. The lady murderer, He Zhuan threatened to expose his false accusation against Min Yishuo if he does not help fight her case. (PG-部分画面令人不安)(重)(双声道-中/韩)李侑凡收到恐吓短信,大感惊慌。女凶手何茱安知道李侑凡伪造明以硕犯罪证据,威胁他要帮她打官司。


当你沉睡时 While You Were Sleeping - EP 20

(Some Violence)

(R) Zai Can realizes his colleague, Cui Tantong, is the soldier's brother who killed both his father and Hong Zhu's father. Hong Zhu is injected with a lethal drug by the lady murderer, He Zhuan, and loses consciousness. (PG-些许暴力画面)(重)(双声道-中/韩)宰璨发现好搭档崔昙桐竟是害死他与红珠父亲的士兵的哥哥。红珠被何茱安注射药剂昏迷不醒。


声音的抉择 Singing Choice - EP 7

A music variety where the singer will compose a song and find the right voice to sing it. Featuring singers such as Li Quan, Gary Chaw, Jam Hsiao, Kenji Wu, A-Niu etc. 《声音的抉择》每两期会邀请一位华语乐坛制作人化身声音委托人来到现场,阐述自己的创作理念及择声的标准,通过这个平台为自己最新创作的优质单曲寻找契合的好声音;与此同时,每期节目中声音猎人推荐六位职业歌手,他们作为金曲试唱人站上《声音的抉择》的舞台向声音委托人和观众展示其真挚的歌声,同时借助这个平台寻找契合自己声音的旋律、寻找下一首成名曲。


怪食记 Weird Food Diaries - EP 7

(Some Disturbing Scenes)

In Bali, Rozz uncovers the island's rugged, cultural beauty - and its lesser-known culinary underbelly. Here, Rozz meets and feasts on a creature of the night, takes part in its food festivals and pushes her taste buds to the limit with strange satay and bee salads. (PG-部分画面令人不安)在“怪食记”中,狂热的美食家Rosalyn Lee(也称为Rozz)正在寻找亚洲最奇异的食物。 从粘糊糊的沼泽蠕虫到生活美食,Rozz在日本,越南,柬埔寨,台湾,泰国,韩国,印度尼西亚和菲律宾各地旅行,并尝试当地街头奇异美食还是高级美食。在这一集中,她将带大家去菲律宾品尝当地的奇怪的食物。


偷天任务 Leverage - EP 15

Based on information from Hong Shiying, the only survivor of the Influenza research team, the Leverage team infiltrates Jin Nanying's book release event to stop the dangerous virus from spreading. (PG)(双声道-中/韩)来自流感研究小组唯一幸存者洪世穎的信息,团队得知有人打算要在金南英的新书发行会活动时散播病毒,决定当天活动时试图阻止危险病毒的传播。


我食。故我在 I Eat Therefore I Am - EP 1

(R) Okinawa is one of the 5 blue zone regions of longevity and the only zone located in Asia. The average life expectancy of women in Okinawa is 90 and it's 84 for men. On this island, one can find over 400 centenarians. In this episode, let's uncover Okinawa's secret of longevity. (重)世界上有5大长寿地区被统称为蓝区而日本冲绳岛是唯一身处亚洲的蓝区。冲绳岛的女性平均寿命为90,男性则是84,岛上有超过400位人瑞!这些长寿者延年益寿的原因是什么呢?这一集,一起揭开冲绳岛长寿的秘密。


晚间新闻 News Tonight

A comprehensive half-hour news programme, NEWS TONIGHT provides viewers with important local, international and financial developments for the day. U频道《晚间新闻》,在半小时里除深入报道本地与国际要闻,还有详尽的财经新闻和体坛动态。世界局势与经济动脉,让大家轻松掌握。


声音的抉择 Singing Choice - EP 7

(R) A music variety where the singer will compose a song and find the right voice to sing it. Featuring singers such as Li Quan, Gary Chaw, Jam Hsiao, Kenji Wu, A-Niu etc. (重)《声音的抉择》每两期会邀请一位华语乐坛制作人化身声音委托人来到现场,阐述自己的创作理念及择声的标准,通过这个平台为自己最新创作的优质单曲寻找契合的好声音;与此同时,每期节目中声音猎人推荐六位职业歌手,他们作为金曲试唱人站上《声音的抉择》的舞台向声音委托人和观众展示其真挚的歌声,同时借助这个平台寻找契合自己声音的旋律、寻找下一首成名曲。

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