我爱钟无艳 My Fair Lady - EP 27

(R) According to the legend, during the Period of the Warring States, there was a woman gifted with immense abilities. Her name is Zhong Wu Yan. Among the many talented individuals of that era, she stands out from the crowd, due in no small part to her knowledge of warfare, weapons and magic. Her gifts bring her to the attention of Emperor Qi, who takes her as his bride in order to help him manage the kingdom. (重)该剧讲述了钟无艳在成为齐国的王后之后,大胆改革、倡导女性独立自主并辅佐齐宣王的喜剧故事。


爆料黑玫瑰2 (HD) Black Rose 2 (HD) - EP 1

(R) Sit back as we dish out juicy entertainment news and gossip in this comedy talkshow with role-plays of entertainment personalities! The topic today centres around a popular alien character from a recent drama, which has thrown the entertainment industry into a frenzy. (重)娱乐圈的黑玫瑰回来了!由多位名嘴扮演知名的圈中红人,每星期讨论娱乐圈的八卦和内幕!这星期的话题是近来红遍各地的"外星人"角色,看看"名人"们有什么话要说!


金色珊顿道 Golden Shenton Way - EP 0018 & 0019

(R) Wanlong is excited when Shiliu agrees to marry him. To get into Shiliu's mother's good books, he buys a posh house for her. One day, he specially takes Shiliu, her mother and Zhongyuan to the house to have a look. (重)

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娘家 A Place Called Home - EP 0284 & 0285

(R) Retired principal, Lin Shishi, marries off his three daughters one by one. But even as his daughters venture into their brand new lives, Lin and his wife continue to give them their non-wavering support whenever they encounter obstacles in their marriages. (PG)(重)退休校长林石狮的三名女儿相继出嫁。尽管如此,石狮从来没有把出嫁的女儿当成泼出去的水。相反的,当女儿们面临不同的婚姻危机及困难时,娘家永远都是她们最可靠的后盾。


黄金年华之斗歌竞艺 (HD) Golden Age Talentime (HD) - EP 7

(R) A popular singing competition which provides the elderly with a platform to showcase their singing talent. (重)这个深受乐龄人士欢迎的歌唱比赛为爱唱歌的乐龄朋友提供了演出的平台。


七步成食 Easy Cooking - EP 12

(R) The common excuse used for not stepping into the kitchen is "I do not have the time". This cooking program will change the entire concept of cooking. It will no longer be a time-consuming and tedious process as dishes will be prepared within 7 simple steps! Hosted by: Kym Ng, Ng Hui. (重)忙碌的都市生活让人没时间下厨?繁琐的烹调过程让人宁可出外用餐?烹饪节目《七步成食》,好笑之余还能让你轻松学习,从此入得厨房,出得厅堂!主持人:钟琴,黄慧。


狮城有约精华版 (HD) Hello Singapore Highlights (HD) - EP 39

Deliver social features that matter to you. 总结一天大小事,关心属于你我的家园。


晨光第一线 (HD) Morning Express (HD) - EP 39

(Live) A daily brand new News belt, from Monday to Friday, 9am - 9.30am. (现场直播)全新新闻时段,每逢星期一至五,早上九点,准时送上。


不平凡的平凡 (HD) Reach For The Skies (HD) - EP 38

(R) During Derek's death anniversary, Fiona witnesses Zhong Ling's grief at the crime scene. She decides to let go of her hard feelings towards Zhong Ling and apologises to her. Zixin discovers Shouyi is now working at "Tian Tian Lai". Shocked by his emergence, Zixin could not help but recall their ugly past. (PG)(重)Derek的忌日,Fiona亲眼目睹钟灵在案发现场缅怀Derek时真情流露,为他的死伤心难过。Fiona认为自己误会了钟灵,放下心结,向钟灵道歉。自新发现守义在"天天来"打工,感到震惊。守义的出现,不禁让自新回想起两人决裂的过去。


舞蔬弄果 (HD) Fruit, Veggies And Me (HD) - EP 8

(R) Discover the health benefits of various fruits and vegetables, they are useful in reducing blood sugar levels, boosting calcium levels in the elderly & improving children's immunity. (重)每一集着重介绍一种蔬果,带出此蔬果最常被人忽略的营养部分,并教导观众如何创意使用/食用蔬果,重新发掘蔬果好玩又有益的部分。


夜市人生 Night Market Life a.k.a. Life - EP 0472 & 0473

(R) Cai Yuexia operates a stall at a night market while her husband, Qingxiang, works in the Mainland. Their family falls apart when Qingxiang sets up another family outside. Yuexia struggles to bring up her children with the help of the head of the night market - Jiang Yiguan. (PG)(重)在夜市卖药炖排骨的蔡月霞与经商的丈夫李庆祥育有一对子女。原本幸福的家庭却因庆祥在外有另一名女人而被摧毁。月霞辛苦地抚养子女,幸有夜市老大江一官在旁扶持,但月霞的女儿友慧却不支持两人的关系。


识货衙门 (HD) Counterfake 2 (HD) - EP 2

(R) This highly entertaining and informative variety game show is back! Bao Qing Tian (Guo Liang) continues to uphold his duty to uncover counterfeit products. Celebrities have to correctly differentiate between real and the fake products to avoid Bao's punishment! (重)识货衙门回来了!包晴天(郭亮饰演)将继续"伸张正义"识破所有假货!艺人嘉宾若无法分辨出真伪便要接受包大人的恐怖惩罚!


一点新闻 (HD) News 8 At One (HD) - EP 39

Weekday afternoon updates on local and world news headlines. 《一点新闻》为您提供更新的本地与全球新闻头条。


富贵平安 (HD) Peace & Prosperity (HD) - EP 141

(R) Zi Ting and her sisters speak up for their mum Ping An. They ask her to stand firm and not help Zi Hao. Da Tong is upset and questions Ping An. He suspects Ping An is unhappy with how he distributed his assets. Ping An is at a loss for words because she has no hidden intentions. (PG)(重)子庭等众姐妹为平安说话,大同不悦,质问平安是否在意他的财产分配,平安百口莫辩,元浩夫妇却觉得平安假仁假义。众姐妹劝平安不如引退,甚至叫她不要帮子豪,让他自生自灭。平安却说无论如何都会守住富贵堂。


少年师爷 (HD) Little Counsellor Season 5 & 6 (HD) - EP 0037 & 0038

(R) The Young Xiao Shiye is known for his strong sense of justice and integrity. He uses his wisdom and wit to solve the people's daily problems and many challenges. (重)小师爷真名施野,极富侠气和正义感。日常生活中,用自己的智慧和勇气,克服各种困难,帮周围的人解决了大大小小的麻烦,维护了正义和公理。


想握你的手 (HD) Your Hand In Mine (HD) - EP 9

(R) Using the local society issues as a backbone, this drama depicts the lives of families of different background residing in the same neighbourhood, from the cold and self-centered to the understanding of the true meaning of love. The story reflects the meaning of how blood is thicker than water and the neighbourhood spirit of helping and watching out for each other. (重)以本地的社会时事为骨架,描述同一个邻里几个不同背景的家庭,如何由冷漠自我,到最终了解何谓"爱"。故事反映了血浓于水、守望相助、远亲不如近邻的可贵精神。新传媒艺人黄文永在此剧中饰演父亲,是一家咖啡店的老板,为人节俭,有三个女儿,分别由林湘萍、李心钰和蔡佩璇饰演,而陈丽萍则饰演文永的妻子。


银色嘉年华 (HD) Silver Carnival (HD) - EP 8

An info-educational programme for the elderly. 《银色嘉年华》是专为乐龄人士炮制的资讯节目。


娘家 A Place Called Home - EP 820

Retired principal, Lin Shishi, marries off his three daughters one by one. But even as his daughters venture into their brand new lives, Lin and his wife continue to give them their non-wavering support whenever they encounter obstacles in their marriages. (PG)退休校长林石狮的三名女儿相继出嫁。尽管如此,石狮从来没有把出嫁的女儿当成泼出去的水。相反的,当女儿们面临不同的婚姻危机及困难时,娘家永远都是她们最可靠的后盾。


第一主角 (HD) The Lead (HD) - EP 28

(R) Prior to the hearing, Deping confesses his love for Ah Zhen. She is touched by his sincerity. Deping is sentenced to jail for a short term. He is devastated. (PG)(重)德平撞伤人的事东窗事发,临上庭前,他向阿真表白,说他多年来逐步实现了自己的愿望,唯一的遗憾就是没有勇气追求阿真,错过了很多跟她在一起的机会。阿真被德平的情意所触动。德平被判短期坐牢,令他大受打击。


狮城有约 (HD) Hello Singapore (HD) - EP 39

(Live) Delivering the day's latest news and social features that matter to you. Every Monday to Friday, from 6.30pm to 7.30pm on Channel 8. (现场直播)总结一天大小事,关心属于你我的家园。每逢星期一至五,傍晚6.30-7.30pm,与你相约!


不平凡的平凡 (HD) Reach For The Skies (HD) - EP 39

Dacai learns that Qianbei sold bottles of expired milk to a customer. Together with Duo Duo, they set out to find Linda. While on the search, Dacai sprains her foot. Duo Duo is worried, but Dacai gives him a cold shoulder. Duo Duo then explains that he has difficulties and will definitely tell her about it in the future. Dacai scolds Qianbei. Qianbei says that he will pull himself together only if she allows him to rebrand "Tian Tian Lai." Surprisingly, Dacai agrees. (PG)千杯把过期的牛奶卖给Linda。大彩得知,和多多紧张地去找Linda,结果扭伤脚。多多关心大彩,大彩冷淡。多多说他是有苦衷的,以后一定会把真相告诉她。大彩责骂千杯,千杯说如果大彩让他改革"天天来",那他就会振作起来,大彩答应。


超凡魔术师 (HD) The Amazing Magicians (HD) - EP 7

"The Amazing Magicians" is a China variety show in which the show contestants are chosen through "pick a million" competition system. The program includes the best behind-the-scenes players from Hollywood and the world of Magicians. 《超凡魔术师》是出自中国的综艺节目。节目采取了“万里挑一”的赛制。此外节目还邀请到了好莱坞和魔术届最强的幕后班底。


晚间新闻 (HD) News Tonight (HD)

Daily evening updates on top local news and world news. 《晚间新闻》每日为您提供最全面的本地与全球新闻报道。


焦点 Focus - EP 8

In this episode of Focus: "Is Najib's Fate Sealed?" and "Democracy In Indonesia After 20 Years". 马哈迪上任后,重新彻查一马公司案件。纳吉夫妇与家人的住宅遭马国警方搜出价值超过10亿令吉的财物,引起轰动。马国反贪会在周二传召纳吉,外界普遍预期他即将被逮捕。但纳吉坚称自己没有敛财,否认所有指控。一马公司调查案接下来将会如何发展?纳吉逃得过牢狱之灾?1998年,印尼遭遇金融风暴,引爆民怨,发生了黑色5月暴动,最终导致前总统苏哈多黯然下台。自此,印尼逐步走向民主选举制度,并在2004年第一次举行总统直选。20年过去了,保守回教势力崛起,传统政治军事精英的势力回流壮大,如何影响印尼政治接下来的发展?


武神赵子龙 (HD) Chinese Hero Zhao Zilong (HD) - EP 42

(Some Violence)

Zhuge Liang wins the respect of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei after he proved them right by defeating Cao Cao's army with a carefully planned military strategy. On another hand, Gao Ze and Geng Chun plot to assassinate Liu Bei. (PG-些许暴力画面)诸葛亮运筹帷幄,成功击溃曹军,赢得了关羽和张飞的尊敬。另一方面,高则与耿纯阴谋刺杀刘备。

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