Kisah Tok Kadi (HD) - EP 7

Fatimah wants to remarry and she is anxious to get her daughter, Nina's approval. Nina is reluctant but agrees only on the condition that her mom allows her to plan the wedding. On that day, Nina sabotages the wedding to test Hisyam, her future stepfather. Will Hisyam lose his cool?


Cantik Detektif (HD) - EP 8

Programme is not available for live streaming. Huda heads home to Singapore to check out the latest and wildest in beauty technologies! She experiences being frozen in sub-zero temperatures; floating in a tank with as much salt as the Dead Sea; having her body hair yanked off without any wax; and finally indulging herself in lots of dark chocolate and caviar, Singapore is not short of one-of-a-kind treatments when it comes to wellness and beauty.


Balik Sekolah - EP 4

Programme is not available for live streaming. Easy-going Salih was leading a good but simple life, taking charge of his father's motor works repair company, getting ready to marry his secondary school sweetheart, and plenty of time to kick back and watch his favourite TV programmes and films as well as strum on his beloved guitar. However, all that came crashing down when his fiancee broke it all off. To make things worse, his father blurts out how disappointed he is with Salih and that sometimes he feels like kicking him out to force him to make something of his life. Determined to prove her wrong, he makes a drastic move to take up the Polytechnic opportunity that he never took all those years ago.


Sha & Shah (HD) - EP 7

Dato Mustafa wants Atilia to oversee their major project in Penang. She instead sends Sha to replace her so that she can spend time with Shah.


Sembang Teh Tarik 3 (HD) - EP 7

Sembang Teh Tarik Season 3 comes back with Dato' AC Mizal with more artistes such as Ayda Jebat, Sara Ali, Abam Bocey, Atu Zero, Sarifah Sakinah, Hazama, Sharnaaz Ahmad, Sherry Alhadad, Zulin Aziz, Yana Samsudin, Nabil Ahmad, Ajak Shiro and Neelofa.


Cinta Hati Abah (HD) - EP 13

Baizura is frustrated and leaves her father's house after Intan refuses to sell the cow to her even despite giving her a high price. Kak Pah encourages Shidah to continue her efforts to attract Marzuki. Baizura tells Zaharah to marry Lucas even though she has not completed her studies. She does not need to ask their father for permission or tell Intan about it.


Kecoh (HD) - EP 2

Programme is not available for live streaming. More than just another variety and talent competition, Kecoh has managed to draw on the creativity of the contestants as individuals and as a team as well as educating home viewers through its game segments, making it an interactive and wholesome show for everyone.


PA Encik Monster (HD)

An orphan, Bulan, lives with her mother's best friend Cik Nor. She has a dream of opening her own cupcake shop but unfortunately, she has no money to start her business. To fulfill her dream, she takes on a job as a personal assistant to Andika. Andika is hot tempered with a high ego. Life is not easy for her as she is always being bullied by him. She hates him but secretly they both have fallen for each other.


Ema Emyliana 3 (HD) - EP 14

Programme is not available for live streaming. This is it! Now everyone knows who Emyliana really is. And yet, as she runs away from the journalists and photographers, she was swooped to safety by none other than Cik Minah Sayang herself! What is going on?


Manja 2 (HD) - EP 28

Season 2 of Manja offers viewers an updated and fresh take on fashion, lifestyle and entertainment news with hosts, Shenty Feliziana and Fadhli Abdullah, sharing bite-sized and practical information. Danial Ashriq, will share interesting food places and get to know celebrity chefs in Makan Tiub.


Etalase - EP 9

Programme is not available for live streaming. Etalase is a lifestyle and leisure program that features vacation, cuisines and experiences of various people.


Primadona 5 - EP 1

Join hosts Raja Azura and Erra Fazira as well as invited celebrities who will host a segment in different locations.


Berita (HD) - EP 17

Daily evening-news programme featuring highlights and coverage of both local and international news.


Gara-Gara Nurul & Shahril (HD) - EP 2

Gara-Gara Nurul & Shahril this week invites the funniest person in the world, Harith Iskandar and local Youtube sensation Hafiz Rahman and Zuhairi Idris better known as Bonda Bedah and Mak Temah to talk about the current comedy scene with entertainment from guest singer for the episode, Waris.


Biar Aku Jadi Penunggu (HD) - EP 12

Afeef persuaded Ifaat to forgive him and give him a second chance. Ifaat's best friend Yati and Lokman advise her to maintain her marriage with Afeef.


Selera Bajet (HD) - EP 8

Appealing and appetizing. By leveraging RM20, host Fendi Balas will take you to cheap, mouth-watering places for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Malacca. Fendi will take us to places that serve inexpensive and reasonably priced food, all of which you would not be able to resist!

On Now

Percaya Lagi 2 (HD) - EP 4

Natasha's father left her family when she was young, without giving any explanation. Her mother raised her and siblings on her own. She was traumatized since then and being left without a father figure and with no closure, she began to rebel when she was in her teens.


Berita (HD) - EP 17

Daily evening-news programme featuring highlights and coverage of both local and international news.

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