Juxbox Ekspres

Groove to the music videos by local and regional talents in Juxbox Ekspres.


Pembancuh Kopi Mr Vampire - EP 17

CEO Alif Irsyad never thought that one day, he will fall in love with a waitress. His theory is simple - ordinary girls like Nuzul are not on his level. However, what will happen when he finds himself falling for her?


Jika Masih Ada Rindu - EP 7

Hisham suspects something is deeply amiss when he overhears Wahida's conversation with Datin Embun. After Datin Embun refuses to tell the truth, Hisham tries to seek answers from Husna but is rebuffed as she has promised their mother not to reveal anything. Johan comes to learn that Wahida is no longer married to Hisham. Will he grab this opportunity and pursue Wahida?


SuperSquad - EP 12

The SuperSquad has to race against time to stop the 10,000 year old Raja Bersiong. With their superpowers, they have to find a way to stop bickering and work together to defend their city from the various monsters emerging from portals.


Makan Story - EP 7

Programme is not available for live streaming. Food is often associated with cultures, histories, myths and legends of a country or a region. Each week, the hosts will travel to a particular destination within the region which is famous for some particular legend, folklore, folksongs and traditional dance. In this episode, the hosts will visit Jembal, Kota Bahru, Kelantan, Malaysia.


Mr Donat Karamel - EP 1

Anggun Qairah is a novelist who meets Faiq Faiqal through a minor car accident. Faiq falls in love at first sight while helping Anggun. He tries ways to get her to notice him but to no avail. Anggun returns to her village to visit her parents with her best friend, Mimin and come across a mysterious man by the river.


Berita - EP 205

Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.


SG Mania - EP 9

The second semi-finals sees the other three performers performing their best. Featuring the Singapore's first idol Taufik Batisah as icon of the week, the trio will be performing a solo number as well as a group number. With their own interpretation, the two best singers of the week will Face-Off with one of Taufik's popular songs.


Pencuri Cinta Kelas Satu - EP 3

Firzal falls in love with Aira and wants to marry her. In the midst of preparing for their wedding, Zulfa appears and seeks forgiveness from Aira. He regrets his mistakes and wants to marry her too. Aira feels confused if she should proceed with her wedding plans with Firzal or Zulfa.


Aduh...Bibikku! - EP 12

Mel makes a drastic decision which her mother disapproves. Shah gets more frustrated with Tipez and Rosie becomes more suspicious of him. While Wiwik is busy with Idah's new business, Ramli gives Wiwik a surprise. Susi enforces her power in Kepindo.


Berita - EP 205

Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.

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