Kosmopolitan (HD) - EP 10

Programme is not available for live streaming. Riz discloses something to Jannah which shocks her. Hazwan becomes more jealous of Riz, making Jannah more frustrated. Hazwan shares his woes with Liana. Myra feels suffocated with James' change after marriage. Baharudin tries to warn Riz to beware of Hadi but Riz misinterprets it as ill-intention on Baharudin's part. Riz finds it easier to listen to Hafizah. Alfie tries to win Jasmin's heart while Rima wants to spend more time with Alfie.


Ole Ole Temasya 2 (HD) - EP 3

Recognised as the largest Viking festival in Europe, the annual festival is a city-wide celebration of York's Viking heritage. Rooting back 1000 years ago, the festival heralded the coming of spring and the end of winter hardships.


Anak Mak Samseng (HD) - EP 7

Programme is not available for live streaming. 'Anak Mak Samseng' centres on the relationship between mother and son, Rosnah and Matin. It delves into heavy social issues such as money lending, parent-child relationship and friendship. The light-hearted series satires the materialistic way of life that seems to be the norm today. Many are involved in financial embroilments and finds credit as short term solutions. However, one thousand and one tactics and reasons used by debtors to default payments and buy time as well as the cat and mouse chase between them and the creditors will tickle audience's funny bone.


Si Kolot Suamiku (HD) - EP 16

Though Kudin is separated from his wife Rina, Lisa refuses to give up on Kudin and still loves him very much. She pleads with Kudin to marry her.


RE:TV 2 (HD) - EP 8

Programme is not available for live streaming. In this episode, we celebrate Singaporeans who have made great achievements for themselves and for our country. RETV hosts aim to find new stories, activities and places that makes Singapore.


Tersuka Tanpa Sengaja (HD) - EP 14

Farhah's fears comes true when Helmi, hired by Katrina, knocks her down while crossing the road. Katrina admits her involvement and did it because Farhah refuses to leave Syed. To make Farhah suffer more, Katrina wants Helmi to maim her permanently.


Zaman Sekolah 2 (HD) - EP 8

From types of school bags like Sonia Rykiel to Kaimara to US Masters or Paichi shoes, to ways to tie and style hair. Guest artistes share some styles that are not approved by their discipline master and getting into trouble for wearing different uniform styles. Featuring guests artistes Shahril Wahid (Montfort), Nick Mikhail (Monfort), Danial Ashriq (Siglap) and Sharon Ismail (Fuchun).


Meh Sandar Pada Aku (HD) - EP 1

This drama tells the story of Afnan Ttasneem, a cheerful, sincere and straight lady. Afnan is undergoing practical training at a research centre where she meets with her supervisor, Dr Syed Nadzhan, whom she feels is arrogant, superstitious and a male chauvinist. This could be attributed to him living by himself ever since his parents' death. The fact that he has never had a female student hints at a possible complicated relationship with Afnan.


3 Dud(a) (HD) - EP 7

Programme is not available for live streaming. Ash finally wins Melora back and he jumps at the first opportunity to move back with her. Is Melora really sincere about this? Basyir is finally in good terms with Ustazah Rabiah but bumps into his ex-girlfriend that causes Ustazah Rabiah to doubt him in every single matter. Will he be able to convince Ustazah Rabiah that he has changed?


Tahu Nahu (HD) - EP 5

Programme is not available for live streaming. As with every lesson, Dol, Melur and Sulong are eager to start the class with Cikgu Bedah. Never failing to keep her students' curiosity, she introduces them the theme of technology. Evidently getting better in their grasp of Malay language, the three students breeze through every game segment, each enthusiastically competing against one another. Well-known Suria artiste Nurul adds glamour to the episode with her appearance in game Kata Sifat. Cikgu Bedah ends the class feeling proud with her students' improvements and achievements.

On Now

Manja 3 (HD) - EP 27

Manja walks down the memory lane with a Seleb who loves vintage fashion. Also follow Lydia as she explores wholegrain meals in a hawker centre in Makan Tiub. As Fadli gets to explore Bukit Timah in Go Lokal, Farhana gets a blast from the past looking into the fashion trend of yesteryears.


Diary Laudia Cynthia Bella (HD) - EP 11

Laudya Cynthia Bella visited Spice Bazaar that sells a variety of kitchenware. After shopping and eating Turkish delights, she boarded the ship to head to the Bosporus Strait. Her final destination is the Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest markets in the world.


Romantika 8 (HD) - EP 7

It was love at first sight for Juliana Evans and Tengku Shariffudin Shah when they first met at an event in Kuala Lumpur. Let them share their love story as they travel to Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina for their honeymoon.


Berita (HD) - EP 260

Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.


Lagenda (HD) - EP 3

Lagenda is an in-conversation program that revives several respectable and evergreen icons in the Malay entertainment scene. Catch highly esteemed icons in up-close and exclusive interviews as we recollect their milestones and capture their true personalities. Veteran and pioneer legends from Malaysia like Sheila Majid, Amy Search, Yusof Haslam and Khadijah Ibrahim, and celebs alike from Singapore such as Ramli Sarip, Rahimah Rahim and Osman Zailani, will reminisce their journeys, capturing the highlights of the art scene in the golden eras.


Dekatkan Jarak Kita (HD) - EP 11

Zainab tries to console Alysa. They work together to find ways to save Khadijah from the evil plan of Kamil and Kiah. Kamil raped Riena that night and warned her from telling her mother. Kamil acts was found out one night after Riena shouts for help.


Resipi Rahsia (HD) - EP 12

Have you ever wondered how some traditional dishes are made the authentic way? Resipi Rahsia which translates to Secret Recipe brings viewers to see the authentic way of making traditional and also to learn some real traditional tips when creating these wonderful dishes. This week, Aina Suzaily brings you to Johor to prepare Laksa Johor and Putri Ayu.


Bersamamu (HD) - EP 5

Bersamamu highlights the common issues faced by the elderly and the problems encountered in elderly care. Avenues of help available will be provided for the elderly and their caregivers to alleviate some of their problems.


Berita (HD) - EP 260

Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.

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