Abang Ah Beng (HD) - EP 1

Programme is not available for live streaming. Abang Ah Beng tells the story of materialistic Billy Wang Jian Long (Healthy Dragon), a senior technician with an aircon company who has been having problems with his junior technicians. They go on medical leave when there's plenty of work and after public holidays, they do not service client's aircon system properly resulting in complaints, they lack initiative and take 'smoke breaks' frequently when counselled and simply quit without giving prior notice. So, he equates poor work etiquette with Malays.


Aduh...Bibikku! 2 (HD) - EP 8

Shah becomes bolder at home when Rosie leaves for Hong Kong. Wiwik is increasingly uncomfortable when Haikal gives her the cold shoulder and instructs her through writing. Tina is worried about Tipez's popularity in social media. Nuha constantly finds fault with Tipez.


Kisah Kita 2 (HD) - EP 6

While Tasha's parents and Abang Sham are looking for Tasha, Mira finds her hiding and crying in the washroom. Mira tries to console her daughter. Johan and Mira create excuses to bring Tasha home. At home, Mira scolded Tasha for leaving the competition. Mira explains to Johan that she is afraid. When she learns of Kalisha's disqualification because she left the competition halfway, Tasha regrets. Meanwhile, Tasha's parents and Abang Sham learn of Tasha's problem and tries to help her.


Air Tangan Bonda (HD) - EP 10

Hosted by Rozita Che Wan, this unique food show features your favourite celebrities cooking with their mothers. This week features Sherry Ibrahim.


Titian Cinta (HD) - EP 24

Overwhelmed with rumours, Aisy and Harris start to doubt each other. Meanwhile, Tan Sri receives shocking news regarding his past.


Berita (HD) - EP 54

Daily evening news programme featuring highlights and coverage of both local and international news.


Jalan Makan Tido (HD) - EP 7

Colombo is the gateway to Sri Lanka for most travelers. Join Michael Ang and his guest artiste, Kamal Adli as they grab this opportunity to explore the stunning scenery all around them. Together, they explore the best places to eat in Colombo including delicious street foods, top rated food places and local restaurants.


Gotong Royong (HD) - EP 7

Tampines unites to collect Hari Raya apparel for those in need. Fauzie zips through Tampines on his Vespa with other local bike riders, barging into shops, and persuading others to part with goods for the less fortunate. The spirit of Hari Raya also comes early for one Tampines family, as Fauzie gives them a surprise.


Ikhlas (HD) - EP 4

Nasir, a father of 5 kids, refuses to get any assistance in raising his children. Rosli, his neighbour, encourages Nasir to get help from the zakat department after knowing that Nasirs wife had spent the night sleeping outside their unit. Their houses electricity supply has been cut off. Meanwhile, at work, Khai has to face and deal with her stalker. Kassim gets busy on updating his social media account. He wonders on the halal status of a shop.


Cerita Dari Sahabat (HD) - EP 1

Cerita Dari Sahabat introduces inspirational stories from the pioneers in various regions across Indonesia which has shown some results for a better life. With Siti Hediati Soeharto as the host, this programme is sure to inspire and engage audience. This week features a story in Ngentak at Yogyakarta.


AsSalam Saudara Dari Timur (HD) - EP 2

This week, take a look at the development of the Muslim community in Seoul, Korea and visit the Korean Muslim Association. Get to meet a religious teacher in a mosque and also a man who owns a Muslim bookshop.


Berita (HD) - EP 54

Daily evening news programme featuring highlights and coverage of both local and international news.

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