Juxbox Ekspres

Groove to the music videos by local and regional talents in Juxbox Ekspres.


Bibik-Bibikku - EP 7

Liza comes back to Sara after she is almost sold to a gang. Huda decides to sell scarves. Tim confronted Huda after she finds out that Huda is selling the same scarves materials like her.


Rapuh - EP 3

Mariam admits a secret that she hid from Salleh to keep her family's good reputation.


Oh My Family - EP 1

In this first episode, Aziz and Azad's family were given a mission to buy fresh produce at a wet market. The kids decide the food they want and will prepare the dishes under their parent's supervision. Will they be able rise to take up the challenge?


Top 5 Makan - EP 8

This easy-watching show will list out top places to eat in Klang Valley - from Burgers and Seafood to Western and Nasi Lemak. Hosted by Dayana Roza, this show will showcase how many great versions of a dish there can be. Celebrate the best of its kind and see how your favourite dishes are given a unique twist.


Makmum Yang Paling Aku Cinta - EP 21

Tengku Kursiah is still unable to accept the death of her only daughter Tengku Kirana. She is determined to find out who the real killer is. She asks her daughter's PA, Mel, if she knows anyone who would kill her daughter. Mel suspects Amru to be the killer.


Berita - EP 326

Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.


Detik - EP 39

The half hour program analyse and dissect issues of concern to the Malay-Muslim Singaporeans - be it at the community level, national, regional or global. Apart from raising awareness, each DETIK episode hopes to set viewers thinking and make informed decisions on matters that can impact their lives.


Alah Abang, Amboi Kakak - EP 2

Zaitun visits her friend's dad who is hospitalised because of diabetes. She uses the opportunity to find out about this alarming health concern while Mokhtar takes his fitness journey to the next level by finding ways to exercise in the office. Back home, the plan to eat out sparks a debate in the family. What should they eat, hawker or hipster food?


Hilang Kasih Di Sarajevo - EP 7

Rahimah is broken-hearted when she sees Zack happily dating Camille. Hannah grows suspicious of Camille after almost losing out their rental unit to another prospect tenant. Rahman has made efforts to make up with Ramona and Ramona is very pleased but this lasted only for a short while.


Bingit - EP 7

When Sally discovers her husband, Amir, is schizophrenic, she becomes more determined than ever to help him out of misery and pressure that he has been under since he was a child. With the help of a psychiatrist, Amir manages to adjust, ease himself back into the family and his work environment and he no longer sees Adam, a friend whom is only visible in his eyes.


Berita - EP 326

Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.

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