Juxbox Ekspres

Groove to the music videos by local and regional talents in Juxbox Ekspres.


Dia Bidadariku - EP 4

Suri, a spinster, vows never to accept love from men after she was dumped by her fiance 15 years ago. She meets Ammar, who has fallen for her. Unfortunately, after many years of absence, her ex-fiance returns. He regrets his past mistake and seeks for Suri's love again. Confused, Suri is unsure who should she choose - Ammar or her ex-fiance.


Opah Dot Com - EP 2

Opah is an entrepreneur in the village who lives with her grandson, Iskandar. Everything changes when she receives news that she will be inheriting her ex-husband's wealth and company. She is appointed as the CEO for 2 years before deciding who shall helm the company.


Junction Tree 5 - EP 23

Mother Bird asks Cheery to talk to her new neighbours, the pigeons, who have been keeping them awake with their noise. Can Cheery succeed?


1,2 Bakar - EP 8

Each week Anis and Mama Om will prepare two separate pastry recipes for audience based on the given theme selected each week. An invited guest will make a surprise visit or make a special request to Anis and Mama Om.


Yes Sir... Nak Pergi Mana? - EP 7

Pressured by her father, Zirra got her friend, Aris, to act as her boyfriend. Zirra assumes that her problem is solved until her father confesses that he likes Ariz and wants him to be his son in law.


Berita - EP 23

Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.


Singapura LIVE 3.0 - EP 6

The influx of new talents in Singapore is preceding the demand of the music industry. This allow some of the talents to perform in small gigs, from underground to wedding. Rahila Rashun and Ryan Sufiyan speak on their experience performing from the big stage to the small stage. Also performance by a Singapore band, Stereohype, and new talent Izat Ibrahim.


Matahari Cerah Lagi - EP 4

To gain Suha's wealth, Saidah desperately goes to Kuala Lumpur to get herself a new lawyer. While she is away, Suha was left home alone when her brother Irsyad brought his friends to party in the house. Without his knowledge, Nazrul tries to rape Suha.


Cleoprata - EP 3

Cleo returns to the shop and things are more chaotic than ever. She tries to run things with Dino and Chin and they obviously have no clue how to do things. Cleo calls on her friends, Nurul and Meliza, to come help. They decide to bring her shopping… of a different kind!


Berita - EP 23

Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.

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