Juxbox Ekspres

Groove to the music videos by local and regional talents in Juxbox Ekspres.


Cinta Masam Manis - EP 8

Tasya has to stay in a hotel room to avoid letting her children see her with bumps and bruises all over her body. Johan feels sorry for her. Sarah starts her first day of work at Johan's office.


Matahari Cerah Lagi - EP 12

Tension between Munir and Adam becomes uncontrollable when he finds Adam and Suha together in his room. Though both Adam and Suha denied any wrongdoings, Munir insists of their infidelity and chased them out of his house. Suha is left wondering aimlessly and meets with an accident.


Lagenda - EP 8

Lagenda (Legends) is an eight-part half-hour series about legends, history and all the "forgotten" pieces in between! Raja Bersiong, who was trapped in a sarcophagus hidden deep in the Earth by Hang Tuah, was brought back to life in 2012.


Selera Bajet - EP 3

In Selera Bajet, follow Fendi on a mission to search for a variety of dishes and meals at interesting locations and most importantly, with a RM20 budget.


Halalkan Hati Yang Ku Curi - EP 23

Delisha pretends not to recognize Zainal when he comes to the shop where she is working. Zainal tries to find out where Delisha and Faiq are staying. Zainal is unaware that he is being spied on by Salima's private investigator. Salima is very angry when she sees the photos of Zainal and Delisha together.


Berita - EP 87

Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.


Detik - EP 8

The half hour program analyses and dissect issues of concern to the Malay-Muslim Singaporeans - be it at the community level, national, regional or global. Apart from raising awareness, each DETIK episode hopes to set viewers thinking and make informed decisions on matters that can impact their lives.


Opera Zero - EP 10

Salman loves his wife, Anjali, very dearly and will do anything for her. However, she is greedy, eyeing only his wealth and wants to own everything and secretly has an affair with Rahul. Together, they plan to destroy Salman. Featuring guest artiste Sherry Ibrahim.


60 Sen - EP 11

Jamil has recovered from his injury but does not tell anyone and continues to seek Rahimah's attention. Asmah is over the moon thinking Indra's girlfriend is Caucasian and wants to show off to her friends. However, she is in for a big surprise when Diana comes to meet them.


En Bloc - EP 2

Madam Tan is upset when nobody believes her story about a woman's screams that she heard one night. Determined, she stayed up late again and managed to follow the 'voice' which brought her to Yusoff's unit. Together with Sulastri, they both threatened to expose Yusoff's heartless behavior of bashing his wife, Khadijah, if Yusoff does not step down from being the leader of the En Bloc committee.


Berita - EP 87

Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.

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