Omnisport (HD)

Omnisport is a daily sports news programme which captures best action, exclusive interviews and features from major sporting events around the world.



Boj is a Bilby - a rare bandicoot from the Australian Outback. He's burrowed to Giggly Park with his parents Mimi and Pops and they now live in a simple, quirky underground burrow at the centre of this cosmopolitan community.


Sesame Street 43 (HD)

Season 43 features a brand new segment Elmo The Musical, as well as all your favourite Muppets, celebrity appearances and highlights including new Super Grover 2.0 segments and Abby's Flying Fairy School animations!

On Now

Sofia The First Yr 3

After spending time learning the royal ropes, Sofia is ready to discover some of the secrets of Enchancia. While on a trip to Tangu, Sofia accidentally releases a kid genie from a magical lamp. Then during her return to Merroway Cove, a mer-boy traps them both in an undersea cave.


Pokemon The Series: XY&Z (HD)

The adventures of Ash continue with unraveling the secrets of Kalos, the mysterious organization Team Flare and a strange phenomenon that affects only Ash and Greninja. Watch out for the legendary Pokmon Zygarde as well!


Yo-Kai Watch (HD)

Yokai Watch stars a young boy named Keita who obtains a timepiece that allows him to interact with mischievous and mysterious spirits (known as yokai in Japanese). Keita is able to summon friendly yokai to battle those who would do him harm.


Thunderbirds Are Go! 2

An exciting reimagining of the classic 1960's TV series. Whenever disaster strikes, International Rescue answers the call!


Sky Shakers Series (HD)

SORA heads over to Uncle Ong's house, Nat, Uncle Ong and Andy trick her. The Spy-Bots are being sent out to find the Cratons. They manage to locate the children and observe them from a distant. The Henchmen prepare to capture the Cratons. Fox has been refusing food and very low on energy and throws up. Andy, Nat and Uncle Ong are worried. The children approaches the SORA Agent separately for help. She agrees. Uncle Ong helps Fox gets a blood transfusion from Spike. The Spy Bots fly into action and captures one of the Cratons!


Sky Shakers Series (HD)

Spike is being held hostage in the spaceship. The children are at a loss of what to do. SORA contemplates and decides to head to SORA HQ to get a prototype for Andy. Nat gets the idea of inventing a weapon to launch the crystal poops. The team tries out the prototype but realizes that there are many flaws to it and can only fit on a Kids' arm. Uncle Ong improves SORA's prototype for Andy. Meanwhile, SORA tries to locate the Henchmen's ship using a certain frequency that is unique to the Cratons.


My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic 4

Brand new adventures of Twilight Sparkle and her best friends in the land of Equestria.



Join Zoe and Alex on a thrilling adventure, as they are swept from their local library into Animalia! Unusual events undermined the civilization of Animalia, and Zoe and Alex, and their new friends, use their wits and imagination to help solve the mysteries and bring harmony back to the land.


The Extraordinary Adventures of Jules Verne (HD)

19th-century French writer Jules Verne is one of the greatest writers of modern times. His adventure stories have inspired generations of readers. But what would you say if you found out everything he wrote about in his novels he had actually experienced first-hand, as a boy.


The Adventures Of Tintin (HD)

Join Tintin, the young and intrepid Belgian reporter and his faithful dog Snowy on incredible journeys full of adventure, min-boggling mystery and heart-stopping danger.


The Magic School Bus (HD)

"The Magic School Bus" follows Ms Frizzle and her class as they set off on field trips. It takes kids on a virtual bus ride. Magically transforming into a plane, submarine, spaceship or surfboard, this bus carries Ms Frizzle and her students on super adventures and teaches them about science.


Battle Disc

Battle Disc is set in the galaxy located near the center of the universe. The Heroes live on Planet Aernia, which is home to an Academy that fosters and trains Heroes with an ultimate mission: to fight against and subdue the Dark Desire that is trying to destroy the world.


Wizards Of Honey Street (HD)

The Head Prefect is out for revenge. She abuses her power and makes the Primary 3 prefects do errands for her. Justin takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps the Head Prefect to teach her a lesson.


Turbo F.A.S.T

Turbo FAST is a high-octane ensemble comedy that amps everything up to the extreme as Turbo and his Fast Action Stunt Team adrenaline-fueled crew go on daring new adventures, race on the coolest tracks, and take on the craziest challengers.


Annedroids 1 & 2 (HD)

Science, adventure and androids! All in a day's work for kid-scientist Anne.


The Football Review (HD)

The Football Review is arguably the most distributed mixed league football weekly programme on the market. Innovative, bold, provocative editorial illustrating what's influencing results and developments in all European leagues and internationals.

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