锦绣未央 (HD) The Princess Weiyoung (HD) - EP 0023 & 0024

(Some Violence)

Ep23 - Uncle Ming sneaks into Weiyang's room to hand over the report written by Governor Ma to Weiyang. Chiyun Nan has killed many Liang people for this report. Ep24 - At the start of the hunting expedition, the Emperor promises that the best hunter can make any desired request. Weiyang joins the hunt as she wants to take the opportunity to present the report to the Emperor. (PG-些许暴力画面)第23集-明叔趁夜来到未央处,交出马太守的奏折。叱云南之所以射杀凉奴,就是为了这封奏折。第24集-狩猎开始后,皇上许诺,获得猎物最多的人可任意提一个条件。未央也在射猎群中,因她有奏折要呈给皇上,拓跋浚虽不知未央心愿,却言明要帮助未央。

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摆家乐3 Home Decor Survivor 3

(R) In Season 3, wacky celebrity designer duo Bryan Wong and Mark Lee will take in an apprentice each to be trained as their respective successors to contest for the "Best Designed House" based on the weekly designated theme and allocated budget. (重)第三系列基本上将延续前两系列的成功模式,由禄江和国煌各自率领一组参赛家庭,根据每周主题和固定的预算,为平平无奇的客厅彻底改头换面!


美差事 苦差事 Behind Every Job

(R) Crocodile Farming / Meat Processing. This is not a job for the nervous or timid! The owner of a crocodile farm in Kranji is a skilled crocodile farmer with around 20 years of crocodile breeding experience but even he himself trembles with fear whenever he has to enter the breeding pond to collect crocodile eggs! (重)吃力不讨好的工作是否就你心中所谓的苦差事?每天穿美美上班是否就是你心中的美差事?最佳拍挡李国煌和王禄江将各别体验所谓的美和苦差事,呈现出各行各业辛苦和美好的一面。


情来运转 My Lucky Charm - EP 25

(R) Lucky is the 12th generation sect leader of the Xing Yun Taiji Sect, yet she is always missing classes, putting her attentions and efforts on gambling instead. Together with her youngest aunt Ying Ying, she runs a beauty products store named Imperial Concubine above Pearl Market in Chinatown. (重)(大结局)"行云太极门"掌门人张秋月,外号"Lucky",是个寡妇。年轻结婚,年轻生子,年轻守寡。自从丈夫死后,她便开始颓废,不思上进,人生没有目标,连对太极的教学工作也是做一天和尚,敲一天钟的态度。她最大的乐趣是赌博,堪称武林一朵"赌"花…


绝对佳人 La Femme - EP 1

(R) Baoyu and Minmin are cousins who are closer than sisters though they're different in character. Xiuhui is a close friend of theirs. The 3 usually hang out at Minmin's beauty parlour. (重)宝玉和敏敏是表姐妹;两人虽然关系亲如姐妹,但是性格却迥然不同。两人还有一共同的好友就是秀慧。三人常常在敏敏所经营的美容中心聚会。


喜羊羊与灰太郎 Pleasant Goat And Big Big Wolf Sr 6

(R) One of the most successful animation series in China, it tells the story of a group of goats living happily in the Green-Green Grassland. However, they have to constantly fight against the Big Grey Wolf, who is always trying ways and means to capture them for his wife. (重)羊历3131年,青青草原上,羊羊族群已经十分兴旺发达,所有羊羊族群的羊都幸福快乐地生活。可是,在对岸的森林里,灰太狼却对着一群群的肥羊咽着口沫,并设想把肥羊给抓回来,好让他的妻子红太狼尝一尝羊羊大餐!


哆啦A梦 (HD) New Doraemon (HD)

This animation series centres on a robotic cat from the future, Doraemon. With its various magical gadgets, Doraemon helps its master solve all kinds of problems. 在这系列卡通动画里,小朋友们将看到哆啦A梦 - 这只来自未来世界的机器猫,如何应用它的法宝,协助其主人大雄解决生活上的各种难题。


超级一家 Super Family

(R) Super Family is a children's info-ed series which aims to help a child achieve their wishes every week. Every episode features a real profile who will have his/her wishes fulfilled. An expert will also join in to help in fulfilling the child's wishes. It is dream come true for the child - thanks to Super Family! (重)超级一家会各自找来一位某专业领域的达人来协助帮小朋友"圆梦"。节目邀来一位小朋友讲述他们的梦想,以帮小朋友们"圆梦"为己任的超级一家将竭尽所能为小朋友"圆梦",让他们的梦想成真!


小农夫2 (HD) Fresh Farmers 2 (HD)

We are featuring some common vegetables that most kids like, broccoli, cauliflower and romaine lettuce. Let's travel to Cameron Highlands with Kreisha Sng, Andra Cai and their mothers to hands-on harvesting these vegetables. They will also learn how to transplant Romaine lettuce by hand into the soil. (最后一集)这一集小农夫们来到金马伦高原学习采收他们最喜欢吃的蔬菜 – 西兰花、椰菜花和萝蔓生菜。孙佳妡、蔡乐雅和他们的妈妈将会一起学习分辨成熟的西兰花和椰菜花,以及合力采收这种蔬菜。他们也会小心地把萝蔓生菜的幼苗徒手的栽种在泥土里。


星期二特写:钟声响起时 Tuesday Report: When The Bell Rings

(R) With a history spanning over 84 years, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School is the only Chinese medium school under the CHIJ (Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus) family. Having gone through the years when Chinese medium schools were not so well looked upon, St. Nicholas has today become one of the SAP (Special Assistance Plan) schools, cultivating many generations of bilingual women. (重)已有84年历史的圣尼各拉女校,是圣婴修道院属下的唯一华校。经历过当初华校不被看好的年代,今天的圣尼各拉是特选中学之一,培育出双语兼通的女性。不同年代的校友如刘心玲、孙雪玲,分别在市区和宏茂桥的校园度过少女时代,对学校有怎样的记忆、是否仍秉持姐妹同心的情怀?


城市野生乐园 (HD) Wild City (HD)

(R) From a troop of macaques in Bukit Timah, to civet cats taking up residence in homes in Siglap and a family of otters at Gardens by the Bay, witness the surprising and fascinating stories of Singapore's urban wild. (重)"野生乐园"第二集纪录了在滨海湾安家的江獭,一家七口如何在城市中悠悠自在生活。在自然保护林,大家一点都不陌生的猕猴家族,如何在树林和人类住家之间游走生活。


虎妈猫爸 (HD) Tiger Mom (HD) - EP 0024 & 0025

(R) A strong-willed disciplinarian mother, Shengnan faces mountainous pressure raising her daughter, while her husband, Luo Su has an opposite view of how to raise their daughter. (PG)(重)原本生活平静快乐的毕胜男在女儿面临升学的问题时发现,别人早已忙得团团转,自己还懵然无知。个性要强的她辞去工作,开始为女儿上学的教育问题忙碌,但自由主义的丈夫罗素却不以为然。夫妻双方的分歧裹挟了两个家庭的长辈,引发出一系列教育和家庭的问题。


说走就走~ 短假游 (HD) Take A Break! (HD)

(R) Follow Dawn Yeoh and Tracy Lee, the two sisters of Peace and Prosperity, to Yi Lan and Taipei. How do you finish walking through two beautiful cities without missing out on the Must-see spots in 4D3N? Do not miss this episode! (重)跟随富贵平安的两姐妹姚懿珊和李美玲到宜兰和台北吃喝玩乐!如何4天3夜的走完两个美丽的城市,而不会错过必看的景点和品尝当地的美食呢?千万不要错过这一集!


大厨帮帮忙 (HD) Hey Chef! 2 (HD)

(R) Although you always hands-on but the flavour is never good enough. What's the problem? Watch to find out how Chef Daniel helps Creative Director, Irene improve the quality of her Chicken Rice Burger. Chef Daniel will also help to prepare 2 other dishes using very ordinary ingredients. Do not miss this episode! (重)常常动手做菜,效果口感总是差强人意,到底问题出在哪里?主持人Pornsak和赖怡伶,收到广告网络界创意总监Irene的求救,看大厨许树洲如何帮Irene把没有鸡饭味道的“鸡饭汉堡”提质打造,给予新生命,注入垂涎的精彩。除了大厨版的“鸡饭汉堡”,大厨也利用存储在橱柜里,几乎被忽略的普通食材,创造另外两道视觉和味蕾绝对无以伦比的美食。


信约:我们的家园 (HD) The Journey: Our Homeland (HD) - EP 4

(Some Disturbing Scenes)

(R) Post-independence, the country continued to grapple with teething problems in the initial stages, as policies were introduced. Through difficult times, Singapore faced the challenges and moved on. These are experienced through the characters in the story, who grew with the Nation. (PG-部分画面令人不安)(重)建国三部曲的第三部。故事横跨1966年至2015年,主要讲述新加坡华人祖先在新加坡独立之后逐渐迈向欣欣向荣的故事。


寻根 (HD) My Roots (HD)

(R) First generation Singaporean and the country's swimming legend, Ang Peng Siong, goes in search of his roots to China. Will he find what he was looking for? Or will he meet with disappointment? Find out in the debut episode of My Roots. (重)我国泳坛宿将-洪秉祥是第一代的新加坡人。在第一集的节目里,秉祥回到了中国南安追寻自己的根源。他是否会找到自己所要找寻的?亦或者他将面临失望?


狮城6点半 (HD) Singapore Today (HD)

(Live) Daily updates on local news headlines and stories. (现场直播)《狮城6点半》每日为您提供最全面的本地新闻头条与报道。


国庆群众大会2017 National Day Rally

(Live) This year, the National Day Rally will be held on Sunday, 20 August 2017. The Chinese and Malay speech will be delivered at 6.45pm. The English speech will be telecasted at 8.15pm. (现场直播)国庆群众大会2017将在8月20日星期天现场直播。华语和马来语演讲在傍晚6:45播出,英语演讲则在晚上8:15播出。


星期二特写:生活气场4 Tuesday Report: Where We Connect 4

(R) The fourth series of 'Where We Connect' depict the vicissitudes of life at seven popular market and food centres. (重)第四系列《生活气场》,讲述七个巴刹和小贩中心的人生百态。


国庆群众大会2017 National Day Rally

(Live) This year, the National Day Rally will be held on Sunday, 20 August 2017. The Chinese and Malay speech will be delivered at 6.45pm. The English speech will be telecasted at 8.15pm. (现场直播)国庆群众大会2017将在8月20日星期天现场直播。华语和马来语演讲在傍晚6:45播出,英语演讲则在晚上8:15播出。


食在好源头3 精华版 (HD) The Best Of Food Source 3 (HD)

(R) This is a compilation of the best segments of Food Source 3. Join host Pornsak as he embarks on the journey to understand more about the ingredients of the delicious cuisines on our dining table. (重)《食在好源头3精华版》收集了该系列最精彩的单元。道道人气美食,到底需要哪些重要材料?主持人Pornsak 各国跑透透,将个中秘密一一揭开!


晚间新闻 (HD) News Tonight (HD)

Daily evening updates on top local news and world news. 《晚间新闻》每日为您提供最全面的本地与全球新闻报道。


迎战未来 (HD) Challenge Tomorrow (HD)

The "Internet of Things" brings us efficiency and convenience, but at what cost? From cybersecurity to the blurring of identity, living in a world of virtual borders can be exciting yet alarming. Host, Divian Nair goes on a journey to experience the potential and examine the risks of this new world. 物联网所带来的便利和效益绝对不容忽视,不过,人们为之所付出的代价,同样不容小觑。从网络安全到已经模糊不清的公民身份,生活在虚拟的世界里看似精彩,其实却危机四伏。创办WE ARE MAJULAH的Divian Nair,即将跨出新加坡,到其他的城市去探知在网络世界里的安全守则。


前线追踪 Frontline

(R) Last week, Japanese cheese tart chain Pablo opened its first outlet in Singapore, attracting long queues. Earlier on, traditional sponge cake brands like Taiwan's "Le Castella" and Malaysia's "Ah Mah Homemade Cake" also set up shops here. Why are Singaporeans willing to queue long hours for such snacks? Can these food trends be sustained? Is it possible to create a lasting flavour that can withstand the passage of time? (重)上个星期,日本芝士挞连锁店Pablo登陆狮城,掀起排队热潮。在这之前,来自台湾的“乐古早味蛋糕”和马来西亚的“阿嬷老字号古早味鸡蛋糕”也进驻新加坡,吸引长长的人龙。新加坡人为什么愿意花上几个小时排队?这些美食风潮会持续多久?有没有一种口味是百吃不厌的?

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