锦绣未央 (HD) The Princess Weiyoung (HD) - EP 0041 & 0042

(Some Violence)

Ep41 - Baizhi is killed and Weiyang vows to seek out the murderer and avenge her death. Ep42 - Tuoba Yu secretly saved Chiyun Nan and cooperates with him once again. Weiyang is delighted to know that Minde has rescued Juntao. (PG-些许暴力画面)第41集-未央发誓一定要查出凶手替白芷报仇。第42集-拓跋余暗中救下叱云南,再次与叱云南合作。未央得知君桃被敏德搭救,未央深感惊喜。


摆家乐4 Home Decor Survivor 4 - EP 8

(R) Everybody's favourite home decor show is back for yet another extended season! Wacky celeb-designer duo Bryan Wong and Mark Lee will once again crack their heads and pit their wits for new exciting ideas to spice up your home, minus a hefty price tag! (重)


失踪奇案 Missing - EP 8

(R) Every year, private investigators in Singapore handle many missing person reports. Some of these are never found. "Missing" tracks down the relevant witnesses and tries to get to the bottom of them. (重)


球爱大战 Beach.Ball.Babes - EP 0007 & 0008

(R) A shining star in the court of volleyball, Cai Yanfang is unfortunately self-centred and critical. She falls out with her teammates and dragged her best friend Rainie along to switch to beach volleyball. All is not smooth-sailing as Rainie is immensely jealous of Yanfang's talent, and they eventually break up over Ma Tianwu. (重)蔡艳芳是排球队中队长兼主力,喜欢在球场上自我表现,又老是喜欢批评和纠正队友,导致其他队友对她是即妒忌又不满。后来和队友闹翻,与好友Rainie组队专攻沙滩排球,却因为沙滩酒吧老板而友情破裂。


美差事 苦差事 Behind Every Job - EP 10

(Some Disturbing Scenes)

(R) "Dirty Job" Funeral Director vs "Glamorous Job" Fashion Show Director. In this episode, Mark learns the rites and rituals of a Chinese funeral while Bryan puts his creativity to the test as he assists in organizing a runway show. (PG-部分画面令人不安)(重)吃力不讨好的工作是否就你心中所谓的苦差事?每天穿美美上班是否就是你心中的美差事?最佳拍挡李国煌和王禄江将各别体验所谓的美和苦差事,呈现出各行各业辛苦和美好的一面。


至尊红颜 Women Of Times - EP 0011 & 0012

(R) This series traces the ups and downs of the Jia empire, a family of restaurateurs controlling the highly profitable Jin Le chain of restaurants. (重)豪门贾家内部暗流汹涌。三女增金因丈夫奇才而被卷入命案,并与侄子若其反目成仇。她害死两条人命后被赶出家门,儿子玉其也被诬告入狱。贾家媳妇曦怡也与四女增银陷入三角关系的情爱纠纷被迫离去,最后情场失足。


哆啦A梦 New Doraemon - EP 88

This animation series centres on a robotic cat from the future, Doraemon. With its various magical gadgets, Doraemon helps its master solve all kinds of problems. 在这系列卡通动画里,小朋友们将看到哆啦A梦 - 这只来自未来世界的机器猫,如何应用它的法宝,协助其主人大雄解决生活上的各种难题。


星期二特写:边援人 Tuesday Report - Stars At Dawn - EP 1

(R) This episode shows how the mental health professionals work together to provide care and support to long-term mentally ill patients and prepare for their journey of re-integration to the mainstream society. They share their stories of working with their patients; discuss what drives them to choose this profession, and how their lives have changed. (重)精神病患生活在边缘世界里,他们受尽排斥与歧视。因为不了解他们,造成许多人对精神病患感到害怕,其实他们或许比我们更恐惧。他们的疾病已经吞噬了他们的人生,剥夺了他们的自由、尊严、生活能力。是怎么样的动力让一群社会工作者选择天天与精神病患为伍?这些走向边缘世界向精神病患伸出援手的人有怎么样的生命故事?帮助精神病患为他们的人生带来什么冲击和启发?


台湾食堂2 (HD) Taiwan Taste 2 (HD) - EP 8

(R) This info variety program looks into Taiwan's food culture as well as their popular dishes and the story behind. (重)此节目带观众寻找台湾美食的故事,让大家更接近台湾生活和饮食。


虎妈猫爸 (HD) Tiger Mom (HD) - EP 35

(R) A strong-willed disciplinarian mother, Shengnan faces mountainous pressure raising her daughter, while her husband, Luo Su has an opposite view of how to raise their daughter. (PG)(重)原本生活平静快乐的毕胜男在女儿面临升学的问题时发现,别人早已忙得团团转,自己还懵然无知。个性要强的她辞去工作,开始为女儿上学的教育问题忙碌,但自由主义的丈夫罗素却不以为然。夫妻双方的分歧裹挟了两个家庭的长辈,引发出一系列教育和家庭的问题。


我的父亲母亲 (HD) They Are My Parents (HD) - EP 4

(R) Local athlete Eileen Chai aimed to be champion; through frugality her mother provided the best training conditions. But excessive care inadvertently caused Eileen tremendous pressure, inducing her to runaway and cut family ties for 2 years. How will Eileen manage her mother's love? (重)本地体育健将蔡宇妆有个冠军梦,也有个全力支持她的母亲。母亲勤俭家用,为她提供最好的训练条件。女儿却因为母亲无尽的付出而倍感压力,离家出走两年。妈妈的恩情,宇妆如何回报?


经典名曲歌唱大赛2017 (HD) Classic Golden Melody 2017 (HD) - EP 6

The Classic Golden Melody is an annual singing competition organised for contestants aged 45 years and above. Root for your favourite contestant as we bring you this exciting contest! 《经典名曲歌唱大赛》是大马电视史上最高规格及收视率的中文歌唱比赛,为45岁以上的歌唱好手提供实现舞台梦想的平台。我国也派出参赛者到彼邦挑战,竞争激烈。


邻邻艺计划 (HD) My HeARTland Carnival (HD) - EP 6

(R) My HeARTland Carnival promises to be an arty party for old and young to enjoy! This week, join Youyi and Kiki Tay as they bring to Bishan residents a stunning special light effects show. (重)这个星期,有懿将会和灯影特效达人Kiki Tay一起把灯影特效表现给碧山的居民。


大厨帮帮忙 (HD) Hey Chef! 2 (HD) - EP 10

(R) It may look simple but it is never easy to prepare a bento box. In this episode, Little Miss Bento (Chef Wong) will save NTU student's day by sharing tips on how to prepare the Salmon Furikake. Other than taking up courses overseas, she has published 4 cook books and is experienced in creating a cute and healthy bento lunch box. Do not miss this episode! (重)想要做好一道菜,已经不容易,还要做好一个色香味俱全的便当,简直是个大挑战,到底该请哪一位大厨来拯救?便当达人黄颖庄是便当界广为人知的“Little Miss Bento”,除了在国内外开班授课,目前出版了四本食物造型书籍。到底要如何做出一个营养丰富,又造型可爱的便当呢?请记得准时收看节目,便当达人将分享秘诀!


当我们同在一起 Together - EP 0007 & 0008

(R) The story begins in 1967 where Singapore has just gained independence. In the downtown area along a bustling street, 6 families cramped into 3 houses. This is also the place where 6 aspiring youths dreamed about their future. (重)故事从1967年开始。在小坡一条横街内,住了三户六家人,热闹非常。其中,有六个年龄相距不远的年轻人,以及他们之间的事业和爱情故事。


狮城6点半 (HD) Singapore Today (HD) - EP 60

(Live) Daily updates on local news headlines and stories. (现场直播)《狮城6点半》每日为您提供最全面的本地新闻头条与报道。


家和万事兴 Lee's Family Reunion - EP 0583, 0584 & 0585

Ep583 - Qianna plots to make Yimei undergo an abortion, but her plan is unsuccessful. She is later arrested by the police when her real identity is exposed. Ep584 - Jiang Yong plans to take Jiahao away from Taiwan without informing Yongzhen. Fortunately, Xiaocao secretly sends an SMS to Hansheng to inform him. Ep585 - Hongshuai and Mingquan stand as witnesses of Tiancheng and Yongzhen's wedding ceremony. However, the ceremony is interrupted when Jiang Yong and Jinlan suddenly appear. (PG)第583集-千娜欲使计让依美的孩子流产,但事败。其后千娜也因此暴露了她的真正身份,即时被警方拘捕。第584集-江涌打算秘密把家豪带出国,幸而小草暗中透过简讯向汉升发放消息,永真和天诚及时赶到机场把家豪留下。第585集-红帅和明泉担任婚礼的主婚人,天诚和永真都感到十分欣喜。可是,江涌和金兰突然在会场出现,令婚礼无法继续进行。


晚间新闻 (HD) News Tonight (HD)

Daily evening updates on top local news and world news. 《晚间新闻》每日为您提供最全面的本地与全球新闻报道。


世界正美丽 (HD) Wonderful World Sr 13 (HD) - EP 10

The world is filled with beautiful things and interesting happenings. Follow our beautiful hosts as they bring us to different places around the world to experience the unexpected! 这个世界很大,新奇、有趣的事物不胜枚举。在本节目中,美女主持人将带大家到世界的各个角落寻幽探秘!


前线追踪 Frontline - EP 29

(R) There are some who sleep on the street because of family conflicts. There are also some who sold their house to clear debt and ended up staying at the beach. Do we perceive the homeless as who they really are? What are the issues faced by people living on the streets? What can be done to help them? Frontline started investigating this issue since two years ago and talked to profiles who are out on the streets to find out their stories. (重)有人因为和家人不和选择离开家。有人不想和家人有摩擦,所以露宿街头。还有的变卖房产还债,然后在海边扎营过夜。本地露宿街头的情况是否和人们想象的一样?《前线》从两年前开始追踪人们露宿街头的情况,深入了解他们所面对的问题。流浪者到底面对什么困境?要如何帮助他们?

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