中国式相亲 Chinese Dating

(R) "Chinese Dating" is a matchmaking reality show with a twist. The contestants are accompanied by their parents to decide on a viable partner and the wide generation gap will pan out starkly in clear view of viewers for matters like choosing a spouse, marriage values etc. (重)《中国式相亲》是一档真人相亲节目。该节目打造相亲新概念,让子女带着父母一同来到节目现场相亲。观众将能看见父母与子女在择偶观念,生活观念,甚至各个观念的代沟。


智慧城2.0 Smart Cities 2.0

(R) It wants to be one of the first smart cities in India. This week in Smart Cities 2.0, Jason Pomeroy visits Ahmedabad, the state of Gujarat's largest city in India. Can a city struggling to solve 18th century problems succeed in becoming 'smart'? (重)艾哈迈达巴德在创造21世纪城市的同时,却要解决18和19世纪的问题,如卫生设备,还有基础设施。城市规划师Jason Pomeroy前往印度古吉拉特邦最大的城市,去一探究竟。


使徒行者 Line Walker - EP 15

(Some Violence)

Programme is not available for live streaming. (R) Zhuo Kai is determined to arrest Huan Xi on the day of the drug deal, but his plans are thwarted by Zhao Liang's interception. Bao Seed is shot and taken hostage after trying to protect Xiaojin. 直播节目暂时无法观看。 (PG-些许暴力画面)(重)卓凯决定在毒品交易日拘捕欢喜;但兆良却突然介入指挥行动。爆Seed为掩护小嘉,受到枪伤并被挟持带走。小嘉为救爆Seed决定违背卓凯,独自身缠炸药带毒品与安琳见面。


我是歌手 第三季 I Am A Singer Sr 3

(R) A popular series that wowed viewers throughout Asia. Backed by the original production team, 7 famous singers will be pitted against each other for the title of "King of Singers". Who will prevail at the end? Tune in to find out! (重)我是歌手《第三季》续第一和第二季的热潮再度席卷全亚洲。以原班制作组为班底,七位知名歌手竭尽所能在比赛中全力以赴,征服500名现场听审, 抢获"歌王"的称号。究竟最后谁将脱颖而出呢?请拭目以待!


贤人指路 Lead Me On

(R) Not your ordinary run of the mill travelogue, Lead Me On takes viewers to exotic places like Africa and Tibet to see the amazing sites and experience local culture. Led by a local guide, Guo Liang will show viewers a different perspective of the countries they thought they knew about! (重)不一样的旅游节目,介绍的不只是一般的吃喝玩乐,而是以更深入的角度来了解当地的文化和民情。郭亮将带领观众到非洲、西藏、斯里兰卡、印度喀拉拉、中国婺源、扬州、青海、台南等非主流的旅游点。


探索食材 The Food Detectives 2

(R) The new season of The Food Detectives continues the culinary exploration of the everyday foods we eat. Host Nikki Muller will debunk the myths, delve into the unknowns and provide useful information to help us make informed choices for the meals we enjoy. (重)(双声道-中/英)


天与地 Peak To Pit

Programme is not available for live streaming. (R) Join TVB artistes Kenny Wong, Brian Tse, Mayanne Mak, Alycia Chan as they embark on the toughest journey of their lives conquering the Himalayas and the Sinkhole in Guangxi. 直播节目暂时无法观看。 (重)黃德斌、谢东闵先后退出,梁彥宗(Chris)与导演Joey继续向Camp 1进发,眼见脚下是一个个將人吞噬的巨型冰隙,Chris唯有咬紧牙关,燃烧意志驱动身体前行。另一边厢,「闯地」队成员麥美恩、陈婉衡、朱智贤蓄势待发,挑战广西乐业縣的大型天坑群。三位美女在天坑探险团队「飞猫」的伴同下,小试牛刀,吊落40米深的蜂子当坑,熟习一下装备的使用窍门。


带你去吃风 Family Wanders

(R) While Ian and his mother check out the sights and sounds of Nikko and Hakone in Tokyo, Ian gets the attention of several tourists. He attempts to let the guard of his mother down, but she chooses to be evasive when it comes to answering the sensitive questions. Will the beautiful autumn maple trees, breathtaking scenery and onsen baths bring mother and son closer together? (重)同游东京之后,Ian与母亲续程前往日本古都日光,以及温泉乡箱根,体验日本的秋之风情、并继续挖掘机会,解开困扰自己多年的成长谜团!可惜机警的方妈妈已经有了戒心,Ian要出动哪一招才能继续让她对自己坦白呢?两人在旅途中数度过招,甚至因此发生口角,是否能在有限的时间内达成共识、取得相互的谅解呢?


放下 Move On

(R) Tony was brought up in a family where his father was a gangster and his mother was a gambler. He started drinking with his father's peers at 4, got into fights with his schoolmates at 7 and started taking drugs in his teen years. He had been jailed twice and married thrice. At the age of 40, he was touched by the power of religion and decided to make a change in his life, and he started to have a yearning towards starting afresh. (重)Tony今年43岁,目前的职业是救护车司机,共有3 段婚姻。他自小在复杂环境中长大,爸爸混黑社会、妈妈爱钱如命,他深受双亲影响,求胜心强及很爱钱。他中学时期开始收保护费,然后又吸大麻和冰毒,渐渐也开始贩毒,为了赚更多钱,他的生活从此离不开毒品,赌博,女人和非法勾当,20几岁就因吸毒而被捉,而且连第一段婚姻也赔上,但他还不知悔改,出狱后继续贩毒赚钱,后来又再进出牢房,家人屡劝不听,最后才因为有了信仰而"放下"一切,踏踏实实地工作和生活,帮助还在毒海的人悔改,以及回馈社会,担任志工帮助独居老人。


家人之间为何这样 What Happen To My Family - EP 41

(R) Kangxin attends her first match-making session and is shocked to find out that the other party is Yuzhuo. Xiaozhen orders Shou-er around ever since she moves in with the Ches. Dafeng is displeased and tells Xiaozhen that Shou-er is his wife-to-be. Shou-er is ecstatic to hear that. (PG)(重)(双声道-中/韩)康心出席第一次的相亲,发现对象竟然是宇卓。孝真搬进车家后就一直使唤首尔。达峰看不过眼,脱口而出说首尔是要与他结婚的女人。首尔喜出望外。


家人之间为何这样 What Happen To My Family - EP 42

(R) Xiaozhen panics when Shun-ai orders her to prepare dinner. Liangqin helps Xiaozhen out by sending her exquisite dishes and expensive ingredients. Xiaozhen dislikes Shou-er even more when everyone at home prefers the instant noodles prepared by Shou-er to the gourmet dishes prepared by Xiaozhen. (PG)(重)(双声道-中/韩)顺金要孝真做晚餐。孝真于是向良琴求救。良琴为孝真送来高级的餐具及昂贵的食材,但大家却更爱吃首尔煮的泡面,令孝真对首尔的敌意越来越深。


流氓律师 Second Chance - EP 11

(Some Violence)

(R) Dashan is given an award by the Law Society for his pro bono work. He thanks Chen Guo for his help and moves everyone with a video on Alvin and Yahui's cases. (PG-些许暴力画面)(重)大山荣获律师公会无偿服务年度大奖,在颁奖典礼上,播放了自制自拍的短片,短片里Alvin和雅惠亲自叙述自己犯罪时,大山适时伸出援手,无偿服务为他们辩护,让他们有第二次的机会,感动司法界的人,大山领奖时,当众感谢给自己第二次机会的陈果。


新新料理 The Melting Pot

(R) Babi Pongteh is known as braised pork with fermented soya bean. This is a signature Nyonya dish that every Baba Nyonya family cook. This is a formal dining experience adopted by the Peranakan for any grand celebratory occasions such as weddings or birthdays. (重)《新新料理》是指新移民和新加坡公民共同合作。通过节目介绍不同国家当地的特色佳肴,带出每道菜肴背后趣味的典故和常识。


国庆群众大会2017 National Day Rally

(Live) This year, the National Day Rally will be held on Sunday, 20 August 2017. The Chinese and Malay speech will be delivered at 6.45pm. The English speech will be telecasted at 8.15pm. (现场直播)国庆群众大会2017将在8月20日星期天现场直播。华语和马来语演讲在傍晚6:45播出,英语演讲则在晚上8:15播出。


从“新”发现 This Is Singapore

(R) More than 80% of Singaporeans stay in HDB flats and limited living space. In this episode, let's discover how some of them could still fulfill the visions they have of their dream homes with interesting and unique interior designs. (重)新加坡有超过80%的人口居住在组屋内,大部人面对的最大困扰就是空间问题。然而,还是有不少人能够在小小的空间内,发挥创意,设计出属于自己的梦想天地。


国庆群众大会2017 National Day Rally

(Live) This year, the National Day Rally will be held on Sunday, 20 August 2017. The Chinese and Malay speech will be delivered at 6.45pm. The English speech will be telecasted at 8.15pm. (现场直播)国庆群众大会2017将在8月20日星期天现场直播。华语和马来语演讲在傍晚6:45播出,英语演讲则在晚上8:15播出。


‪这个乡镇好独特‬ Unique Towns

(R) Brazilian village Noiva do cordeiro stands out as a strong and unique community run by 300 odd ladies whom tend to the fields, runs a garment factory and shares the returns equitably. But back in the past, the ladies were named as prostitutes. Allan Wu discovers the transformation of the village. (重)巴西Noiva do cordeiro小镇号称“女儿村”;约300名女村民崇尚社会主义,大家平起平坐,不分你我,一起下田干活耕种、裁缝卖东西,然后平分所获。吴振天将探访“女儿村”找出村子女儿当自强的源由。


晚间新闻 News Tonight

A comprehensive half-hour news programme, NEWS TONIGHT provides viewers with important local, international and financial developments for the day. U频道《晚间新闻》,在半小时里除深入报道本地与国际要闻,还有详尽的财经新闻和体坛动态。世界局势与经济动脉,让大家轻松掌握。


南北少林 Martial Arts Of Shaolin

(Some Fighting Scenes)

Internationally lauded as one of the greatest martial arts masterpiece, the teaming of renowned champion Jet Li with legendary director Lau Kar-leung. The two mount unforgettable battles in the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and even on the Yangtze River with a kung-fu cast of hundreds. (PG-打斗场面)电影的故事是讲述清朝大臣和同僚先後遭朝中的奸臣毒手。两家的後代练成高强武功,并准备报仇和清除朝中的奸臣。一是被山门托孤出家的北少林智明,一是随长辈法仁隐匿南少林的俗家弟子司马燕,还有南北少林弟子合力报仇雪恨。智明与奸臣激战连场,最後并把奸臣清灭…

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