妈妈咪呀 第五季 Super Diva Sr 5 - EP 4

(R) The heartwarming ladies' reality show "Super Diva" Season 5 is back! In this season, "National Daughter-in-law" Zhang Kaili joins our resident judges Taiwan singer Jerry Huang and local TV host Cheng Lei to witness the beautiful transformations of our contesting mummies! (重)大型女性励志节目《妈妈咪呀》第五季,由‘国民媳妇儿’张凯丽携手黄舒骏和程雷,坐阵于观察员席,陪伴和见证参赛妈妈们的美丽绽放和蜕变!

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明星老板 Celebrity Boss - EP 7

(R) Star Search Champion Jacelyn Tay has played many classic roles such as the fairy, He Xian Gu, in Legend of the Eight Immortals and Dong Fang Bu Bai in The Legendary Swordsman which audiences have fond memories of. However, she chose to work towards her goal of starting and owning a business when she was at the peak of her acting career. In today's episode, Jacelyn will share the cause and effect of her entrepreneurship. (重)演而优则创业!在本地娱乐圈有许多艺人明星们不仅在演艺事业上有亮眼成绩,还"往外"闯出一番新天地!


龙八夷 The Gang Doctor - EP 2

(Some Violence)

(R) Taixian injected the triad leader and himself with adrenaline to jump into the sea after being round up by the police. Taixian is misunderstood by the rest for arranging the transfer of a patient who is poor. Inspector Lee found a surgical knife at the crime scene and wants to find out who owns it. (PG-些许暴力画面)(重)(双声道-中/韩)泰贤与头领走投无路,给自己与头领注射肾上腺素后跳海逃生。泰贤想帮穷困病患转院医治,却遭其他人误解。李刑警从犯罪现场找到一把手术刀,来医院追踪手术刀的持有者。


我是歌手 第四季 I Am A Singer Season 4 - EP 8

(R) "I Am A Singer" is a singing competition program that has wowed viewers throughout Asia. Seven famous singers will pit against each other for the title of "King of Singers". Who will prevail at the end? Tune in to find out! (重)《我是歌手》的热潮席卷全亚洲。参加比赛的七位知名歌手全力以赴,征服500名现场听审,抢获"歌王"的称号。究竟最后谁将脱颖而出呢?请拭目以待!


寻味地图 A Taste Of History - EP 2

(R) Early years, Peranakan community were mostly wealthy. Thus, other native group learned to cook Peranakan cuisine, attracting the community as their customer base by selling their familiar dishes. (重)早年,土生社群大多富裕。因此,各籍贯人士学来娘惹美食烹饪法,以土生社群为顾客群,售卖着他们熟悉的口味。这集以找寻昔日如切美食为目的,重点介绍薄饼、娘惹小金杯、娘惹佳肴和娘惹肉粽。


探索食材 The Food Detectives 3 - EP 2

(R) The new season of "The Food Detectives" continues the culinary exploration of the foods we eat and more. Host Nikki Muller, will debunk the myths, delve into the unknowns and provide useful information to help us make informed choices for the meals we enjoy and how they fit into our lifestyles. (重)(双声道-中/英)


生活达人 Life's Perfectionists Sr 7 - EP 12

(R) This programme introduces individuals who are outstanding in their respective fields of work. Find out how the featured individuals rose to the top of their leagues based on hard work and enthusiasm. (重)(双声道-中/韩)本节目为您找出在不同领域有杰出表现的达人。他们可能不起眼、也容易被我们忽略,但他们拥有的技能绝对是无人能及的。


带你去吃风 Family Wanders - EP 10

(R) The duo finally reaches Hunter Valley but Felicia starts having butterflies in her stomach when they are about to embark on a hot balloon escapade. Thanks to Josephine's encouragement, Felicia overcomes her fears and they get to enjoy the beautiful scenery around Hunter Valley. Their last destination for the road trip is Port Macquarie and this is where they pit their skills against the local women's softball squad. (重)好不容易到了酒乡猎人谷,陈凤玲却因为惧高症而在热气球前腿软!幸得教练Josephine 在旁不断鼓励,终于说服凤玲克服恐惧,一起乘上热气球俯瞰猎人谷的迷人景色、共享日出带来的希望之光!离开猎人谷,凤玲继续开车北上,长途跋涉之后,来到行程的最终点Port Macquarie。原来凤玲细心在此地为教练部署了不少惊喜。不但安排了当地女子垒球队一起进行训练,让师徒两人首次在球场上成为队友。


听我说 Voices - EP 3

(R) Research shows that the rise of Robots will take over as much as 50% of our jobs within the next 20 years, leaving humanity facing its biggest challenge ever to cope with an unprecedented wave of job destruction. What is the future for us human? (重)最新研究报告指出,未来20年之内,有将近50%的工作极有可能被机器人取代。面对饭碗被抢,有人担心一场失业浪潮即将来袭。我们面对的,是一个怎样的未来?


天堂的眼泪 Tears Of Heaven - EP 3

(R) Shanjing meets Wanfeng at a beach where she pleads with him to groom Xiantai. Wanfeng states that he has named Xianxiong as his successor. Shanjing threatens to expose the real cause that led to the death of Xiantai's mother. The agitated Wanfeng suffers a heart attack and dies when Shanjing refuses to pass him his medicine. (PG)(重)(双声道-中/韩)善晶约万奉在海边见面,希望万奉重用贤太。万奉表明已立下遗嘱让贤雄继承他的事业。善晶拿贤太生母的真正死因威胁万奉,导致万奉心脏病发。善晶见死不救,万奉在海边死去。


天堂的眼泪 Tears Of Heaven - EP 4

(R) Diyin and Ci-ying have a fight when Diyin insults Ci-ying. Shanjing goes to school to pick Diyin up and humiliates Ci-ying the second time. Guohuan has been supporting Ci-ying financially all these years, but chooses to keep his identity a secret from Ci-ying. (PG)(重)(双声道-中/韩)蒂茵出口侮辱次映,两女打成一团。善晶到学校接蒂茵,将钱丢给次映,对她的自尊造成二度伤害。国焕自次映年幼时就一直默默资助她,还经常到市场看她,对次映留下好印象。


分手快乐 Let It Go - EP 7

(Some Sexual References)

(R) Jiayi does not seem to understand Man's feelings for her. Mark urges him to try again, but she still seems nonchalant about everything. Yan's mother turns up at her door to find out whether she really has a boyfriend. Man uses a picture of Mark to pacify her. When Yan's mother insists on meeting Mark, Yan has no choice but to beg him to pose as her boyfriend. Man lies to Mark that Yan's mother is dying, to get him to agree to help out. (PG-些许性相关语)(重)Yan Neo是个因撰写'分手快乐'故事而小有名气的博客,至今已有10段分手经验的Yan,不仅在blog上分享自己的分手故事,也上传了每段恋情里,男主角们的庐山真面目供读者'欣赏',唯独第5段分手的男主角,至今仍然是个谜。


消失地平线 Diminishing Horizons - EP 5

(R) Want to know what interesting and strange encounters that Thomas came across? Don't miss this precious opportunity to witness all of these on Diminishing Horizons. (重)想知道王沺裁在这10趟珍贵之旅当中还有什么奇特难忘的遭遇吗?揭开一层层的面纱,在简短时间内带你进一步探蕴每个景点背后的人文机制,见证它们消失前的光辉。


看见你的声音 I Can See Your Voice - EP 7

"I Can See Your Voice" is a reality show in which guests must attempt to determine whether the contestant is a skilled vocalist or a tone-deaf contestant without hearing them sing. 《看見你的声音》是一档嘉宾凭视觉判断选手是否具有专业演唱实力还是音痴的新概念推理类音乐综艺节目。


速食面日记 Instant Noodles Diary - EP 3

(R) Instant Noodles Diary is an off-the-beaten path, culinary road trip journeying across 8 Asian countries and their diverse instant noodles foodscape. It explores how a single food product introduced half a century ago grew into a unique Asian dietary culture and a multi-billion-dollar industry. (重)《速食面日记》将带你开启一个崭新的美食之旅。本节目将横跨8个亚洲国家,探讨速食面的奥秘,一起来了解为何这个推出长达半个世纪之久的食品能够成为一种独特的亚洲美食文化,甚至发展为一个数十亿的产业。


邻家律师赵德浩 My Lawyer, Mr Joe - EP 9

Only after Dehao decided to represent Daxiu's sister, Xiaozhen, in her illegal dismissal case, did he discover that she has been arrested for child abuse. He finds out later that Zhixu is in charge of the case. Dehao, Daxiu and Ailuo go undercover in the kindergarten to gather evidence that can prove Xiaozhen's innocence. (PG)(双声道-中/韩)当德浩决定帮大修的妹妹晓真打非法解雇官司时,才发现她因打孩子、虐待儿童而被拘押。德浩去找检察官了解案件时,才知是志旭接手负责这案子。德浩为了证明晓真的清白,与大修和爱萝去幼儿园当卧底,收集更多证据。


邻家律师赵德浩 My Lawyer, Mr Joe - EP 10

Daxiu is troubled by Xiaozhen being framed by her principal for child abuse. He turns to drinking. Enzu finally garners courage to tell her mother she has resigned from the Jinshan Law Firm. Her mother is unhappy but can only encourage her to look for a new job. (PG)(双声道-中/韩)大修因妹妹晓真无故被幼儿园园长诬告虐待儿童的事感到难过,借酒消愁。恩祖终于鼓起勇气开口跟妈妈说她辞去了金山法律事务所的工作。她妈妈虽然十分生气,但也只能鼓励女儿再找新工作。


晚间新闻 News Tonight

A comprehensive half-hour news programme, NEWS TONIGHT provides viewers with important local, international and financial developments for the day. U频道《晚间新闻》,在半小时里除深入报道本地与国际要闻,还有详尽的财经新闻和体坛动态。世界局势与经济动脉,让大家轻松掌握。


看见你的声音 I Can See Your Voice - EP 7

(R) "I Can See Your Voice" is a reality show in which guests must attempt to determine whether the contestant is a skilled vocalist or a tone-deaf contestant without hearing them sing. (重)《看見你的声音》是一档嘉宾凭视觉判断选手是否具有专业演唱实力还是音痴的新概念推理类音乐综艺节目。

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