Juxbox Ekspres - EP

Groove to the music videos by local and regional talents in Juxbox Ekspres.


Setitis Kasih Darmia - EP2

Programme is not available for live streaming.Darmia continued her silence and refused to talk even after Opah brought her to the garden. Rizuan came and accompanied her to visit her mother’s grave. On the way back they met Lisa and Latifah who criticized and hurls negative remarks to Darmia. Lisa is angry that Darmia is walking with Rizuan whom she likes. Liza tries to console Darmia and asked her to come live in KL with her. 直播节目暂时无法观看...


Dia Semanis Honey (HD) - EP5

Honey is busy preparing for the fashion week. Ahnaf comes back after he left his wedding altar with Honey. He is scared and seeks his parents’ forgiveness. Honey gives excuses to Adam when he wants to give her a ring as a proposal for her.


Kelentang Kelentung - EP18

Programme is not available for live streaming.A neighbour sends the weekly groceries to Chef Bob’s apartment and pours his relationship problem. This is Bob’s turn to lend a shoulder to cry on, while Bibik helps him to prepare Kopchor and Sayuran for lunch. 直播节目暂时无法观看...


Cinta 11 Syarat (HD) - EP19

Sha feels dejected when she finds out about Haziq's infidelity. When his sincerity is in doubt, Haziq decides to part ways with Sha.


Berita (HD) - EP28

Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.


Anugerah (HD) - EP7

After a 6-year break, the highly sought for singing reality competition on Suria, Anugerah returns! The show has discovered singers who are still active in the local and regional industry. Its alumni includes popular personalities such as Rahayu Ridwan, Aliff Aziz, Hyrul Anuar, Fauzie Laily, Maiya Rahman, Sarah Aqilah and many more! Hosted by Huda Ali and Suzairhe Sumari, the latest edition of Anugerah will crown one winner who will walk away with $20,000 and a trophy. Now let’s welcome the new generation of talents in ANUGERAH - CHASING DREAMS!


Firasat 2 (HD) - EP8

Building the intense momentum of its thrilling first season, Suria's hit science fiction series return with bigger thrills, action and deeper mysteries. After his long suspension, Firman Salihin returns to active police work with hopes of using his newfound Gifts to stop crimes.


Siapa Master? (HD) - EP6

Chef Syed and Danial head down to Punggol Ranch to soak in the ‘cowboy town’ atmosphere because this week they will be cooking some Western BBQ delights.


M.A.I.D - EP3

Programme is not available for live streaming.Harris is surprised to see Noorul with Haikal at the birthday party. Haikal gives Noorul a bouquet of flowers and called her up. Meanwhile Noorul’s mother comes to ask her about Asyraf’s mother’s proposal. 直播节目暂时无法观看...


Berita (HD) - EP28

Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.

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