Healthy Lifestyle - EP

Paid presentation.


AH...! - EP1

It is a fact that male and female are built differently, no one can argue that. But how about the way our brain works? Is it really true that women think with their hearts and men are realistic creatures who think solely with their brains? We also demystify theories about how the male and female brain works, contrary to popular beliefs. We ask funny questions about female body to unmarried male audience and vice versa to our female audience.


Perangkap Perkahwinan (HD) - EP

Three good friends make a vow to collectively agree to marry at the same time when they reach 26. But when the time comes, they change their mind.


Ema Emyliana 2 (HD) - EP11

Programme is not available for live streaming.It is official – Zack is now the most popular teenage singer in the country! To maintain his top position, he agrees to get closer to Emyliana to learn her tricks and defeat her. Meanwhile, Ema’s parents realise that they too need a secret identity to protect themselves from the public. 直播节目暂时无法观看...


Ubah Segalanya - EP2

Programme is not available for live streaming.Renovate not just your home, but also your family and your life! This programme takes a new twist on the standard home renovation shows by giving families in need a holistic makeover to change their lives in the long term. With an array of celebrity mentors-cum-designers (from different walks of life, from businessmen to actors to sportsmen and more) who will guide the families to realize their dreams in all aspects, this renovation-self-improvement show is an inspiring and heart-warming makeover show with a difference. 直播节目暂时无法观看...


Orang Yang Bertangan Ajaib - EP

This episode talks about the Takarai’s family who has a Tuna Fish stall in Tsukiji Market. After his death, his two sons take over the family business.


Berita (HD) - EP29

Daily evening-news programme featuring highlights and coverage of both local and international news.


Gegar Vaganza 2 (HD) - EP24

12 well-known artists perform back on stage to compete in Gegar Vaganza for a prize money of RM100, 000 cash. This episode features performances by Sheeda, Azian Mazwan and Zul Handy Black. On the battleground, we have Farahdhyiah and Nassier Wahab, Ezad Lazim and Haiza as well as Siti Nordiana and Acong. Catch special performances by guest artistes Zamani, Awi Rafael and Ayai Illusi. Who will be crowned winner of Gegar Vaganza?


Aku Bukan Bimbo (HD) - EP13

Dani’s parents are curious why he does not reveal his illness to El. Tan Sri Farhan gives Dani time to rest and recover until he feels well. Azad’s parents wish to introduce him to Sulaiman’s daughter so that he will forget El.


Masyarakat Backpacker - EP14

Catered especially for the backpackers' community, this travelogue shares tips and new places for the wanderlust in you!


Berita (HD) - EP29

Daily evening-news programme featuring highlights and coverage of both local and international news.

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