Cicakman 3

Cicakman has to defend his superhero status against a new hero SuperBro in the city of Metrofulus.


Berita (HD) - EP 25

Daily evening-news programme featuring highlights and coverage of both local and international news.


Suara Takbir (HD)

Three brothers aim for a set of Baju Raya yet it turned out for a more meaningful gift for the entire family in the end when the youngest brother can now hear the sound of Takbir.


Sembang Teh Tarik 2 - EP 7

Programme is not available for live streaming. Sembang Teh Tarik is a casual talkshow where host AC Mizal will fetch celebrity for a ride on a vintage car and bring them for a cup of coffee or tea at a cafe. They talk about who and what the artiste did before all the fame! 直播节目暂时无法观看。


Raya Bersama...

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is a time for families to strengthen the existing bonds of love, mend strained relations and to forgive and start anew. Raya Bersama... portrays Mak Sarah's family's struggle to do just that during this occasion. No matter the background, this problem is often faced by families.



Hayat, a carpenter, encounters an event that almost took his life. Struggling to survive, he ponders on the wisdom of life.


Ketupat Lemang

Programme is not available for live streaming. Rita and her husband, Azhan both want to spend Hari Raya at their parent's house. Thus they draw ballots and her husband wins. However, a disagreement happens between Rita and her mother-in-law. 直播节目暂时无法观看。


Samsudin Tukang Kasut (HD)

Samsudin is finding it hard to keep the capal-making trade alive. One day, he discovered a small crowd of children buying mini capal keychains from a shabby poor man, Ahmad Labu. Samsudin then took the opportunity to hire Ahmad Labu to mass produce the capals with the new designs. Later, Samsudin felt ashamed that while he was making use of Ahmad Labu's labour out of revenge for something that Ahmad Labu did in the past, this man was actually a blessing that came to rescue not only his business but also his family's well-being.


Lebih Indah Bersama Dato Siti Nurhaliza (HD)

Be entertained and mesmerized by Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. A dazzling and spectacular performance that will sway and entertain you. She will be accompanied by guest artistes Akim and The Majistret and Tegar.


Tulus Ikhlas (HD)

Buyung dan Adi are best friends. Buyung has a slurred voice while Adi is blind. Buyung's father, Bunyamin is a rich man who is reluctant to accept Buyung as his son because he is handicapped. Bunyamin may lose a huge sum of money if the public comes to know about Buyung. In addition, Rashid, a reporter who works with an NGO that conserves the environment approaches Buyung to persuade Bunyamin to discontinue his project that could cause harm to the people.

On Now

Romantika 5 (HD) - EP 5

Programme is not available for live streaming. Romantika is a concept reality info-entertainment show that revealed the story of famous celebrity couples in Malaysia. The show featured their experiences, relationship and the reality of life behind the lens. 直播节目暂时无法观看。


Ketupat Terakhir (HD)

Mak Nen yearns to meet his only son, Rahim who has married and stay in town. Rahim's behavior changes after he married. Unfortunately Rahim and his wife, Dira have left for Paris. Mak Nen feels very disappointed and goes back home with Wahid. Rahim quarrels with Dira on their way to the airport. He feels guilty and decided to go back and meet his mother.


Ketuk-Ketuk Syawal

Programme is not available for live streaming. In this one hour special edition, Sheila Rusly travels to London. Featuring guest artistes Aliff Syukri and Rita Sosilawati, join them as they share more about their preparations for Aidilfitri. Also catch exclusive bloopers and behind the scenes from episodes of Ketuk-Ketuk Ramadan. 直播节目暂时无法观看。


Bibik-Bibikku (HD) - EP 1

Sara consoled her daughter after the death of their maid. Later they engaged a new pretty maid from the Philippines, named Marianne. But soon Sara feels uncomfortable with her presence.


Berita (HD) - EP 26

Daily evening-news programme featuring highlights and coverage of both local and international news.


Aidilfitri Serata Dunia (HD)

Aidilfitri Serata Dunia showcases how Muslim minorities around the world celebrate this joyous holiday. From observing the moon to mark the holiday in Seoul, Korea, to observing the 'shalat' in Bangkok, Thailand and enjoying the festive feast in London, UK.


Mak Cun 2 (HD) - EP 6

Mak Cun meets her new neighbour, Normah and her son, Kumin. More ladies confronted Manisah to complain about her products. Normah is a tailor and offers to sew for Mak Cun. Atul's habit of putting on white powder at night scares her neighbor.


Langit Cinta (HD)

Alif Zulkarnain is an obedient child and he inherits the family business. While in Perindu Island to develop a resort, he falls in love with Khadijah. Although the family opposed their relationship, Alif was determined to marry Khadijah. From there, his life changed as he faces various allegations and challenges.

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