Belah Hati (HD) - EP 12

Programme is not available for live streaming. Shafiq refuses to accept the hospital's offer to settle, much to the shock of his own lawyer and Nur. He appears to be greedy! Later, the hospital finds grounds to countersue him for defamation. Farhan wishes to stay with Ida but Ida does not want to accept him in. Said leaves home as he thinks he is the main reason why the family is torn apart. Rizman drugs and kidnaps Farhana.


Selebriti Juara Memasak - EP 8

The cooking competition heats up with ten local celebrities, Ariati Tyeb Papar, Ateeqah Mazlan, Danial Ashriq, Khairudin Samsudin, Hasif Nasir, Nurul Aini, Rosita Hussin, Siti Hajar, Hafeez Glamour and Fir Rahman, vying for the top spot! The winner will walk away with a cash prize of $10,000 and the first runner-up will receive a cash prize of $2,000. Who will be crowned champion?


Tina's Catering - EP 4

Programme is not available for live streaming. Little Tina comes into the kitchen; there is a note for her. Her mother will be back late and Tina is asked to cook some food for her father. Tina looks at the ingredients laid out for her and her mum's cookbook lying on the table. Feeling overwhelmed, she runs out of the house.


Tuan Anas Mikael (HD) - EP 15

Programme is not available for live streaming. Bonda asks Puan Sri's help to find Ayu Maisarah as she is the legitimate heir to all of Tun's wealth. Anas tells Bonda that Ayu is Ayman's daughter. They want Ayu to stay away from Azhar as her life is in danger. Meanwhile Safra sees Liza peeping at Azhar's door. Azhar plans to get rid of her.


Raja Pantun (HD)

Programme is not available for live streaming. Who says Quatrain cannot be fun! 2 celebrities teams to be competing in 3 segments. Segment 1 will need them to come up with 4 verses of quatrain based on given theme. Points will be given based on originality, creativity and structure. Next segment is 'Jual Beli Pantun' of quatrain, where there will be a face-off between Team A vs Team B within given time. Last segment requires teams to spontaneously come up with 2 verse quatrain using the given keyword. Team with highest accumulated points wins!


Cinta Hati Abah (HD) - EP 5

Intan apologises to her father because she has to sell the umbrella that he brought for her. Jamilah informs Pak Salleh about Intan who often shares her feelings about Baizura who always scolded and hated Intan. Meanwhile Mail is happy after he bought a new motorcycle. But Che Gayah wants Mail to do something for her and it is a secret between them. Later both Marzuki and Baizura are spotted together inside a car by the religious authority.


Hos!Pektakular (HD) - EP 2

This episode involves host couple, Huda Ali and Shahril Wahid, going against Nadiah M Din and Haizad Imram. Both teams fiercely battled it out through games and coming up with their own talkshow segment, making sure it's entertaining enough. While Nadiah M Din and Haizad Imram showed their hidden skills through their talkshow, Huda Ali and Shahril Wahid had a special guest appear for their segment. The judges have a decision to make. Who will win and head to the next round?


Khilaf Seorang Isteri (HD)

Muiz and Thalia are divorced with a son named Aryan. They later remarried. Muiz who is a financial manager in a large company married Ryna, a legal executive. Thalia is an administrative executive who later married Jimmy, a young talented director.


Junction Tree 2 (HD) - EP 17

Junction Tree is a preschool bilingual series targeted at five and six-year-olds who come from a predominantly English-speaking home environment. It is a hyper-real park where our characters live inside a magical big tree house together with other tree communities. The gang is back for Season 2 with more stories, songs and themes which centre on experiences and self-discoveries that preschoolers can identify with - like school bullying, fear of thunder, good hygiene, and even packing for holidays.


Manja 2 (HD) - EP 22

Cocktail, evening, formal and smart casual. What do these words translate to in terms of dressing? To ensure that you're not caught by the fashion police, watch stylist, Dahlia Mohd decode the dress code. Shenty catches up with Sufi Rashid in Selebriti while Fadhli meets the inspirational Malay food maestro, Aziza Ali at her book launch.


Etalase - EP 1

Programme is not available for live streaming. Etalase is a lifestyle and leisure program that features vacation, cuisines and experiences of various people.


RAI (HD) - EP 7

Join host Dayah Bakar as she discovers unique ceremonies, gatherings and traditions celebrated all over Asia.


Berita (HD) - EP 22

Daily evening-news programme featuring highlights and coverage of both local and international news.


Ole Ole Temasya 2 (HD) - EP 2

Every February, the small town of Jokkmokk in Swedish Lapland hosts the 400-year-old winter market of the indigenous Sa´mi people, with activities including folk dancing, reindeer races and sale of Sa´mi handicraft.


Patahnya Sebelah Sayap (HD) - EP 11

Amzar informs her mother that Alisha has resigned. Midah continues to strike anger to Salbiah when she continues to talk about Alisha. Rizal discourages Khuzairi from investing in 'Bina Puteri Project' that Amzar is working on.


Mad Markets Ishikawa, Japan Special (HD) - EP 4

Programme is not available for live streaming. For this edition, new host Ain Edruce explores places to shop, relax and eat in Ishikawa, Japan. Ain is also accompanied by a popular Japanese artist, who is also a lawyer with Charisma.com Taro and Jiro in every episode.


Percaya Lagi (HD) - EP 5

Programme is not available for live streaming. Jeff Catz is a popular singer-actor well known among the Malay community. What people do not know is that Jeff hides a dark past that caused his family to suffer. Jeff had a troubled childhood and was looked after by his elder sister. He was always getting into fights and did not have a full time job to support his family. Jeff married young and has 5 children by the time he was in his 20s. When Jeff was in his 30s, he got into a fight and caused serious injury to his opponent. He was arrested and spent time behind bars for 2 months. Those 2 months were the hardest time for his family. What made him change? How did he rise up to be where he is now?


Berita (HD) - EP 22

Daily evening-news programme featuring highlights and coverage of both local and international news.

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