笑傲江湖 (HD) Swordsman (HD) - EP 21

(Fighting Scenes)

(R) Dongfang Bubai swops her identity with Ren Yingying and goes on the road with Linghu Chong. Yue Buqun orders Linghu Chong to kill Dongfang Bubai when he finds out that Linghu Chong has fallen in love with Dongfang Bubai. (PG-打斗场面)(重)东方不败与任盈盈对换服装后与令狐冲同行。东方不败与令狐冲两人日久生情,岳不群发现后逼令狐冲杀了东方不败,但他不肯。岳不群一怒之下将令狐冲赶出华山派。令狐冲病发,东方不败只好求助灵鹫寺救他。


爱 Love - EP 0559 & 0560

(R) The characters in this Taiwan drama serial sacrifice everything for their lovers. The love of kinship, friendship and affection spread outward from them. "Love" brings not only warmth and sunshine, but also conflicts and contradiction. (PG)(重)这是个"爱"的故事。他们都为了"爱"付出了一切。无私的爱,只知道爱着自己所爱的人,为所爱的人付出一切,牺牲奉献,亲情的爱,友情的爱,爱情的爱,都在这些人物中蔓延开来。爱带来了温暖,阳光,爱也带来了冲突和矛盾。这一切,都是因为"爱"。


播音人 Right Frequency II - EP 9

(R) A comedy sitcom on a group of adorable radio personalities working at a station called "Beautiful Voice". Hilarious moments ensue as they go about their work. (重)一群可爱逗趣的"播音人"在《美的声音》电台工作,闹出许多笑料。


明星好帮手2 Maid To Order 2

(R) In Maid-to-Order, join our hosts as they take on the roles of domestic helpers and interact with the public and foreign families residing Singapore on a more "human" or "humane" level. (重)《明星好帮手》每集由不同艺人当任一天的家庭助理,帮助不同家庭打理家里的大小事务。这些光鲜亮丽的艺人"助理"们能否顺利完成任务?


煮妇的假期 Housewives' Holiday - EP 0015 & 0016

(R) Three under-appreciated housewives decided that they've had enough of their families' neglect in their thankless 'jobs' and decide to go on a self-awarded break, much to the anxiety of their families. (重)现年的42岁的陈思美,为人节俭,爱贪小便宜。因为一次抓拿变态内衣贼事件,认识了住在组屋附近的Alice与爱琴,成了无所不谈的好友。三个因为一次出走,原本被家人忽略的家庭主妇,开始被她们的家人重视;三个女人也因为这次的出走,有不同的领悟。


宝贝女儿好妈妈之快乐的家庭 (HD) Happy Family - Family of Joy (HD)

(R) The Chen family has experienced some changes throughout the past few years. Each family member has grown with hard work, diligence and honesty. Their lives have been enriched with joy and sorrow. (重)陈家(大小迪一家)在这几年,发生了很大的变化。陈家一家人都努力、勤恳、真诚地在这个城市中生活着,上演着属于他们的喜怒哀乐。


西游记的故事 (HD) Tales from Journey to the West (HD)

(R) This is a popular Chinese mythological classic about the amazing adventures of the monk Xuanzang who travels west in search of the Buddhist sutras with his three disciples, Wukong, Bajie and Shaseng. (重)动画片《西游记》描述孙悟空,猪八戒和沙僧共同保护师傅唐僧由东土大唐去西天取经,沿途历经千辛万苦和斗妖除魔的过程。


小宋当家 Cookie Master

Xiao Song is a diligent child who is skillful in making cookies. Apart from being a great help to his aunt, the morally upright Xiao Song also renders help to his fellow villagers when they are in trouble. 小宋是个爱学习的孩子,对制作饼干有天份,是姑姑的好帮手。小宋也有强烈的正义感,时常帮助村民解决问题,是大家心目中的好孩子。


京剧猫 (HD) Beijing Opera Cats Sr 2 (HD)

A cat kingdom called Purpetua has been invaded and is now occupied by the dark lord AN, aided by his enslaved mutant monsters. But all is not lost! The guardian warrior clan of the "Beijing Opera Cats" must rejoin forces to defeat the evil threat, reclaim their home and restore peace to their land. 猫土,本是一片猫的乐园 ,自从邪恶的势力统治了猫土后,混沌遮天蔽日,魔物肆虐横行。只有会神奇功夫的"京剧猫"才能带领众生打倒邪恶的首领解救猫土!咚锵镇的少年白糖,年幼时曾被京剧猫所救,他发下誓言,长大后要成为一名伟大的京剧猫。


爱玩客 - 詹姆士 (HD) IWalker - James Sr 3 (HD)

(R) A travelogue by the food expert Zhan Mu Shi, traveling around the world seeking local delicacies. (重)


3菜1汤III 3-Plus-1 III

(R) Hosted by Zeng Guo Cheng. (重)由曾国城主持。


黄金年华之斗歌竞艺 (HD) Golden Age Talentime (HD)

(R) A popular singing competition which provides the elderly with a platform to showcase their singing talent. (重)这个深受乐龄人士欢迎的歌唱比赛为爱唱歌的乐龄朋友提供了演出的平台。


神经侠侣 (HD) Saturday Matinee: Crazy N' The City (HD)

(Some Sexual References)

Programme is not available for live streaming. Tensions arise when Chris, a spineless constable, who regards his work as a job, not a career, is partnered with an energetic and conscientious policewoman, Man Liu. When a serial killer emerges in Hong Kong, Man Liu swears to catch him. 直播节目暂时无法观看。 (PG-些许性相关语)讲述一对驻守湾仔区的军装警员陈俊杰及小师妹廖得男值班的实况,二人工作态度迴异,俊杰经常开小差歇脚,初生之犊的得男,事事认真。一天,俊杰和得男巡逻时遇到被债主追债追到精神分裂的王志成!


大厨你在家吗 !? (HD) Hey Chef! (HD)

(R) "Hey Chef!" will drop a surprise visit on our well-loved chefs and raid their refrigerators. Then the challenge will be on the chefs to see how they can make use of whatever ingredients inside the refrigerators to whip up a simple yet delicious meal within 20 minutes. (重)大厨在酒店餐馆指挥若定,率领团队烹煮一道道的山珍海味,但是听说他们因为工作太忙碌了,在家都几乎不下厨!那他们off day 又会做什么呢?这个全新的大厨烹饪节目以此为出发点,每集由其中两位主持人趁大厨off day,到他们的家进行突击,看看他们在毫无准备的情况下如何临危不乱,巧用家里有限的食材,即兴煮出一桌简单又美味的家常菜!


信约:唐山到南洋 (HD) The Journey: A Voyage (HD) - EP 0017 & 0018

(Some Violence)

(R) The first part of the drama trilogy, The Journey: A Voyage tells an epic tale about a group of early Chinese migrants, Tianpeng, Tianying and Shi Tou, striving to make a living in early Singapore. (PG-些许暴力画面)(重)建国三部曲的第一部:20世纪初,"过番客"从"唐山"飘洋过海到南洋谋生。张天鹏、天鹰兄弟与石头拜为兄弟。三人到了南洋,日子却依然坎坷。蕙娘与张东恩是名义上的兄妹,在父亲去世后协助继母珍娘打理生意,却屡次被叔叔张广达算计。


狮城6点半 (HD) Singapore Today (HD)

(Live) Daily updates on local news headlines and stories. (现场直播)《狮城6点半》每日为您提供最全面的本地新闻头条与报道。

On Now

家和万事兴 Lee's Family Reunion - EP 0472 & 0473

Ep472 - With Huixin's help, Tiancheng successfully runs away when he is sent to court under escort. He plans to sneak into the hospital to see the dying Mingquan. Ep473 - The dying Jinlan shows no remorse for her past conduct. She even swears that she will take revenge on the people she dislikes. (PG)第472集-天诚得知明泉病危,打算不顾一切潜入医院探望他。慧心见天诚被押往法院,即使计帮忙天诚逃脱。第473集-金兰临终前仍不肯向众人忏悔,更誓言死后也要向她不喜欢的人报复。汉升和艾婷见亲母如此恶毒,悲痛欲绝。


缤纷万千在昇菘 The Sheng Siong Show 21

(Live) The Sheng Siong Show is back! Watch out for the Youth Singing Competition as participants put up their best show. Celebrity chefs will be whipping up their mums' best cooked dishes. The all time favourite Call & Win continues to give out attractive prizes. The invited guest artiste for the episode is Zhou Zhi Ping. (现场直播)适合合家共赏的《缤纷万千在昇菘》又回来咯! 新系列的《金禾青少年组合歌唱赛》将迎来活力四射的年轻人为你载歌载舞,以争取冠军宝座。同时,本地名厨也将献上妈妈的味道。别忘了还有最受欢迎的《一拨即中百倍奉还》单元,让你赢取丰厚奖金!这一集的表演艺人是周治平。


晚间新闻 (HD) News Tonight (HD)

Daily evening updates on top local news and the world news. 《晚间新闻》每日为您提供最全面的本地与全球新闻报道。


内政团队庆典和嘉年华2017 Home Team Show & Festival 2017

Programme is not available for live streaming. In celebration of NS50, The Home Team Show and Festival 2017 will showcase the work of the Home Team, and how Home Team regulars, NS officers, volunteers and the community come together to keep Singapore safe and secure. The event will comprise of a ceremonial parade and musical performances. 直播节目暂时无法观看。

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