锦绣未央 (HD) The Princess Weiyoung (HD) - EP 0049 & 0050

(Some Violence)

Ep49 - Tuoba Yu, Tuoba Jun, Weiyang, Minde and Tuoba Di found a pile of account books. After Tuoba Jun's men carried them out of the secret chamber, Chiyun Nan and a group of masked men set the account books on fire. Ep50 - Tuoba Jun makes use of the account books to lure Chiyun Nan out. Tuoba Jun manages to capture him alive but Chiyun Nan is quickly shot to death by masked men. (PG-些许暴力画面)第49集-拓跋余、拓跋浚、未央、敏德与九公主在宗正府寻找账本。叱云南带领了蒙面人烧掉拓跋浚命人抬出密室中的箱子。第50集-拓跋浚决定利用账册引叱云南现身。叱云南被活捉时不料被一伙黑衣人乱箭射死。


摆家乐4 Home Decor Survivor 4 - EP 12

(R) Everybody's favourite home decor show is back for yet another extended season! Wacky celeb-designer duo Bryan Wong and Mark Lee will once again crack their heads and pit their wits for new exciting ideas to spice up your home, minus a hefty price tag! (重)


限量爱情 (HD) Love? (HD) - EP 2

(Some Sexual References)

(R) Aloysius and Paige's romance started with a one-night stand after they met at a pub. He was unable to forget her, and they started a relationship despite the 10-year age gap. As time passed, the differences between them became apparent. (PG-些许性相关语)(重)Rachel曾经在感情上受过伤害,在感情空虚之际,她遇上了Aloysius。Aloysius年轻俊朗,幽默风趣,条件优越,唯一的缺点是比Rachel年轻10岁。Rachel已经事业有成,而Aloysius还在念大学。两人发生一夜情,Aloysius对Rachel恋恋不忘,展开追求。Rachel欣然接受,两人展开高调的爱情。有人羡慕,有人妒忌,有人取笑。两人经历了甜蜜、差距、矛盾。最后因为异地而分手,若干年后,Aloysius回国,两人还能再续旧情吗?


球爱大战 Beach.Ball.Babes - EP 0015 & 0016

(R) A shining star in the court of volleyball, Cai Yanfang is unfortunately self-centred and critical. She falls out with her teammates and dragged her best friend Rainie along to switch to beach volleyball. All is not smooth-sailing as Rainie is immensely jealous of Yanfang's talent, and they eventually break up over Ma Tianwu. (重)蔡艳芳是排球队中队长兼主力,喜欢在球场上自我表现,又老是喜欢批评和纠正队友,导致其他队友对她是即妒忌又不满。后来和队友闹翻,与好友Rainie组队专攻沙滩排球,却因为沙滩酒吧老板而友情破裂。


美差事 苦差事2 Behind Every Job 2 - EP 1

(R) In each episode, 2 jobs will be featured and the 2 hosts are going to experience an interesting yet meaningful job separately. Through their experiences, viewers can have a better understanding on the job scopes and requirements of the featured occupations. (重)


至尊红颜 Women Of Times - EP 0027 & 0028

(R) This series traces the ups and downs of the Jia empire, a family of restaurateurs controlling the highly profitable Jin Le chain of restaurants. (重)豪门贾家内部暗流汹涌。三女增金因丈夫奇才而被卷入命案,并与侄子若其反目成仇。她害死两条人命后被赶出家门,儿子玉其也被诬告入狱。贾家媳妇曦怡也与四女增银陷入三角关系的情爱纠纷被迫离去,最后情场失足。


喜羊羊与灰太郎 Pleasant Goat And Big Big Wolf Sr 6 - EP 63

(R) One of the most successful animation series in China, it tells the story of a group of goats living happily in the Green-Green Grassland. However, they have to constantly fight against the Big Grey Wolf, who is always trying ways and means to capture them for his wife. (重)羊历3131年,青青草原上,羊羊族群已经十分兴旺发达,所有羊羊族群的羊都幸福快乐地生活。可是,在对岸的森林里,灰太狼却对着一群群的肥羊咽着口沫,并设想把肥羊给抓回来,好让他的妻子红太狼尝一尝羊羊大餐!


哆啦A梦 New Doraemon - EP 92

This animation series centres on a robotic cat from the future, Doraemon. With its various magical gadgets, Doraemon helps its master solve all kinds of problems. 在这系列卡通动画里,小朋友们将看到哆啦A梦 - 这只来自未来世界的机器猫,如何应用它的法宝,协助其主人大雄解决生活上的各种难题。


星期二特写:浮生街影2 Tuesday Report: Streets Of Memory 2 - EP 1

(R) Located in Chinatown, Keong Saik road is adjacent to Kreta Ayer road. In the early 20th century, amongst the few women who sailed from China to Nanyang to make a living, some were sold to become pipa girls. Over time, Keong Saik Road was widely known as a red-light district. Former Pipa girl Yue Xiao Yan shared her story. Changes of Keong Saik Road would be told by the descendant of the brothel operator, and narrated by Charmaine Leung, who grew up in Chinatown. (重)位于牛车水的恭锡街,整条街不长,只有62个店屋。二十世纪初期,自中国远渡重洋来到南洋谋生的少数女性中,有的卖身到恭锡街当琵琶仔。因此,琵琶馆应运而生,1960年代以后,琵琶仔行业渐渐消失,取而代之的是林立的娼寮,恭锡街也以红灯区广为人知。当过琵琶仔的月小燕叙述她早年入行的情景、沦陷时期煎熬的日子。纪录片也访问恭锡街娼寮经营者的后代,刻画出恭锡街的蜕变。在牛车水长大的写作人梁凤霞,忆述她的成长岁月。


台湾食堂3 (HD) Taiwan Taste 3 (HD) - EP 4

(R) This info variety program looks into Taiwan's food culture as well as their popular dishes and the story behind. (重)此节目带观众寻找台湾美食的故事,让大家更接近台湾生活和饮食。


虎妈猫爸 (HD) Tiger Mom (HD) - EP 0039 & 0040

(R) A strong-willed disciplinarian mother, Shengnan faces mountainous pressure raising her daughter, while her husband, Luo Su has an opposite view of how to raise their daughter. (PG)(重)原本生活平静快乐的毕胜男在女儿面临升学的问题时发现,别人早已忙得团团转,自己还懵然无知。个性要强的她辞去工作,开始为女儿上学的教育问题忙碌,但自由主义的丈夫罗素却不以为然。夫妻双方的分歧裹挟了两个家庭的长辈,引发出一系列教育和家庭的问题。


天籁之战 (HD) The Next (HD) - EP 1

(R) Hosted by Cheng Lei, The Next is a big-scale music programme. Amateur singers have a chance to compete against renowned singers like Karen Mok, Fei Yuqing, Yang Kun and Hua Chenyu. (重)《天籁之战》是个大型音乐挑战节目,由程雷担任主持。素人歌者能在这个平台挑战著名歌星莫文蔚,费玉清,杨坤和华晨宇等。


阿嬷来做饭 Ah Ma Can Cook - EP 1

(R) In this first episode, 76-year-old Ah Ma, Swee Choo (Arigatou), will share her Popiah and Tapioca Cake recipes. Watch closely as she showcases her knife skills, cooking techniques and measuring her ingredients with "agaration"! Host Kym Ng pairs up with Ben Yeo to learn these 2 dishes from Ah Ma. Who will whip up dishes closest to Ah Ma's original taste? Who will be Ah Ma's successor for the week? The decision lies with Ah Ma and her family, as well as the professional Chef Eric Teo! (重)你是否还记得阿嬷做的菜?味道浓郁、香溢扑鼻的传统古早味,你最喜欢哪一道呢?首集节目邀请了76岁的“快刀手”阿嬷林瑞珠(Arigatou),教大家做传统薄饼和木薯糕。主持人钟琴将搭配男嘉宾杨志龙一起跟阿嬷学做菜,两位艺人厨艺都不错,究竟谁能烹调出阿嬷的味道呢?过程中,名厨Chef Eric也会在旁观看,当专业名厨碰上传统阿嬷,又会擦出什么样的火花呢?


当我们同在一起 Together - EP 0023 & 0024

(R) The story begins in 1967 where Singapore has just gained independence. In the downtown area along a bustling street, 6 families cramped into 3 houses. This is also the place where 6 aspiring youths dreamed about their future. (重)故事从1967年开始。在小坡一条横街内,住了三户六家人,热闹非常。其中,有六个年龄相距不远的年轻人,以及他们之间的事业和爱情故事。


狮城6点半 (HD) Singapore Today (HD) - EP 68

(Live) Daily updates on local news headlines and stories. (现场直播)《狮城6点半》每日为您提供最全面的本地新闻头条与报道。


经典名曲歌唱大赛2017 (HD) Classic Golden Melody 2017 (HD)

The Classic Golden Melody is an annual singing competition organised for contestants aged 45 years and above. Root for your favourite contestant as we bring you this exciting contest! 《经典名曲歌唱大赛》是大马电视史上最高规格及收视率的中文歌唱比赛,为45岁以上的歌唱好手提供实现舞台梦想的平台。我国也派出参赛者到彼邦挑战,竞争激烈。


晚间新闻 (HD) News Tonight (HD)

Daily evening updates on top local news and world news. 《晚间新闻》每日为您提供最全面的本地与全球新闻报道。


世界正美丽 (HD) Wonderful World Sr 13 (HD) - EP 14

The world is filled with beautiful things and interesting happenings. Follow our beautiful hosts as they bring us to different places around the world to experience the unexpected! 这个世界很大,新奇、有趣的事物不胜枚举。在本节目中,美女主持人将带大家到世界的各个角落寻幽探秘!

On Now

前线追踪 Frontline - EP 33

(R) Two trains at Joo Koon MRT station collided on 15th November, resulting in 36 injuries as of press time. This is also the second train collision in 24 years. What caused the collision? How are commuters affected? Downtown Line 3 (DTL3), which stretches from Fort Canning passing through the Central and Eastern areas, all the way to Expo, opened to the public officially last month. Can these new stations benefit the public? (重)这个月15日,裕群地铁站发生列车追尾碰撞事故,目前已有36人受伤,东西地铁线也因此延误。隔天,从裕群站到大士连路站的地铁服务也被迫暂停。这也是我国24年来第二次发生地铁碰撞的事故。地铁列车为什么会碰撞?公众如何受到影响?滨海市区线第三阶段地铁线在上个月通车,从福康宁公园途径市区和东部一带直达博览中心。新路线能为公众带来方便吗?地铁列车延误或发生故障的事件不时发生,新地铁线能否提供多一种选择?

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