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  • Family Wanders 带你去吃风 Variety

    Family Wanders 带你去吃风

    Find out more about each artiste’s travel plans at 'Family Wanders' is a reality programme where six MediaCorp artistes take their loved ones overseas for a holiday.

  • Letting Go S2 Travel, Variety

    Letting Go S2

    Jojo kickstarts this brand new season of Letting Go, by travelling to Japan, also known as the 'Land of the Rising Sun'. She visits some of Japan’s ...more

  • Cook Eat China S1 Food, Variety

    Cook Eat China S1

    From the traditional to the weird, Beijing is full of surprises. But, no surprise, the ancient kitchens have always prized this mysterious 'delicacy', which we are going to check out. Delve into the heart and soul of Beijing’s Lao Bai Xing culture...

  • Letting Go S1 Travel, Variety

    Letting Go S1

    Celebrity personality and wellness author, Jojo Struys, travels round Asia Pacific unearthing the multitude of ways one can de-stress through body, mind and great food.

  • Mystic Whispers 听 Drama, Horror

    Mystic Whispers 听

    horror 恐怖画面

    Mo Xiao Yun lost her sense of hearing one year ago in a car accident and began hearing peculiar noises ever since.

  • What Do Men Want? Drama, comedy

    What Do Men Want?

    Bob convinces Jimmy to clean up their lives, and to get their acting careers on track by cleaning their bachelor flat, and by breaking up with their current girlfriends. Jimmy is to break up with Ding Ding, because her lack of personal hygiene drives

  • Phua Chu Kang Walkabout (Free) comedy

    Phua Chu Kang Walkabout (Free)

    non-standard english/some dialects 非标准英语/些许方言

    PCK Walkabout – Phua Chu Kang, or PCK, Singapore’s favourite contractor, brings his mole, his curly hair, his yellow boots and his Singlish persona out and about into the streets and community spaces of Singapore. He will be featured in a series of short scenarios ...more

  • The Noose in Brief (Free) comedy

    The Noose in Brief (Free)

    Bolder, wilder and raunchier… The Noose-in-Brief is the naughtier cousin of the popular comedy series which looks set to titillate viewers with a healthy dosage of colloquialism, cynicism and expressions not heard on local television since Standard English usurped ...more

  • My 1st Star Ride Variety

    My 1st Star Ride

    Celebrities share their interesting first time experiences in a joyful ride around Singapore with the witty host, Vee, in My 1st Star Ride.

  • Star Collectibles Variety

    Star Collectibles

    Who collects Iron Man? Who collects Blythe? And who hoards purses? Curious about what celebrities collect during their past-time? Join host Seraph Sun as she interviews local celebrities for collecting tips in Star Collectables.

  • Drive Me Crazy comedy

    Drive Me Crazy

    It’s a blissful and exciting time for the young, affectionate couple as Jeremy (played by Benjamin Heng), a straight laced accountant and Chantal ...more

  • Door To Door comedy

    Door To Door

    When Mr. Wallace Lim's business collapsed, his family has to move out of their 3-storey bungalow house and into a 4-room HDB apartment. On top of having to cope with the scaled-down standards of living, Wallace is also conscious about keeping up...

  • Children In Crisis Documentary

    Children In Crisis

    mature themes

    9 year old Adrian Tan and his best friend Edmund Koh meet almost every day after class ends to talk about something they like to do during the weekends – Computer games. But what was about to happen would change their young lives forever.

  • Aunty's Kitchen Food, Variety

    Aunty's Kitchen

    Aunty Shamalah generously reveals her recipe for 'spicy prawns masala'. In return we take aunty to her favorite restaurant Anjappar to learn chef Shaktivel's version of the same dish, the spicy chettinaad prawns.

  • 8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013 Reality, Events

    8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013

    The annual 8 Days Shirtless Guy Search is now on! 2012 winner, Nick Teo, gives a rundown of his own experiences of the island's hottest event, and what we can expected this year.

  • Fashion Basics (Season 2) Fashion and Beauty ...

    Fashion Basics (Season 2)

    Join fashionista Yvette King as she gives you the cheat sheet to basic Fashion trends with what is in store now. Fashion Basics is a short series covering fashion tips, trends and looks in the ever changing fashion world. Yvette also visits up and coming designers ...more

  • Fashion Basics (Season 1) Fashion and Beauty ...

    Fashion Basics (Season 1)

  • Beauty Basics S1 Fashion and Beauty ...

    Beauty Basics S1

    Beauty Basics is your daily Beauty Bible for women with handy tips for make-up, skin care and grooming. This short series covers various tutorials, tips and techniques on make-up, beauty and skincare

  • Fit In The City Variety, Instructional

    Fit In The City

  • Grill Please Food, Variety

    Grill Please

  • Beauty Basics S2 Fashion and Beauty ...

    Beauty Basics S2

    Beauty Basics is your daily Beauty Bible for women with handy tips for make-up, skin care and grooming. This short series covers various tutorials, tips and techniques on make-up, beauty and skincare

  • Coffee Break Food, Variety

    Coffee Break

    Paige brings us to this cafe that has the exterior of an office and an equally formal name.

  • Bentolicious Food, Variety


    Ben finds inspiration in the Turkish tasty kebab and gives his own take on it.

  • Home Tips With Bryan Home Improvement, Variety

    Home Tips With Bryan

    Bryan shows how to recycle old materials into a creative wall display piece.

  • Take Me On Sports, Variety

    Take Me On

    How will Bobby fare against wire stunts when his fear of heights kicks in?

  • Celeb Makeover Fashion and Beauty ...

    Celeb Makeover

    Keith Png gives local DJ Dennis Chew a makeover with a Korean boy band look.

  • The Alpha Fashion Male Fashion and Beauty ...

    The Alpha Fashion Male

    George brings us to Ben Sherman to understand the importance of choosing a suitable shirt and how it should be styled.

  • Fab And Fit Health, Variety

    Fab And Fit

    Christian shares the proper workout outfit and some tips to help with any exercise program.

  • Soul Sisters Reality

    Soul Sisters

    SOUL SISTERS is a series featuring ordinary women who quit their jobs or dedicated themselves to a more meaningful purpose in life beyond the typical norms of what is defined as success.

  • Grandma's Remedies Variety, Instructional

    Grandma's Remedies

    Remember how grandma and grandpa always had a way to treats bumps and bruises? Partake of their sage advice as these celebs reminisce their favourite grandma’s remedy.

  • On The Edge Documentary, Education

    On The Edge

    This pilot episode focuses on music as an art form, featuring improvisational artists Darren Moore, Bani Haykel, Shaun Sankaran and Chong Li-Chuan.

  • Comedy Masala comedy

    Comedy Masala

    Recorded as ‘live’, The Comedy Masala Show is Singapore’s first ever TV signing of a standup comedy open mic series. This landmark production will showcase 13 episodes of the comedy underground like never seen before on your local television sets.

  • Hot Bods Health, Instructional

    Hot Bods

    Six packs, flat tummies, toned biceps...everybody wants them, but doesn't know how to get them. Join some of the best fitness instructors in Singapore as they put you on the right track to achieving that hot bod you've always wanted.

  • King Of The Keng comedy

    King Of The Keng

    Cedric Howard assumes his new job as General Manager of Singapore Recycling Corporation. First day of work for Cedric Howard as the new GM is to fire 'someone, anybody'?!

  • Beauty Basics S3 Fashion and Beauty

    Beauty Basics S3

    Beauty Basics is your daily Beauty Bible for women with handy tips for make-up, skin care and grooming. This short series covers various tutorials, tips and techniques on make-up, beauty and skincare; from how to achieve a certain look…

  • Fashion Basics (Season 3) Fashion and Beauty ...

    Fashion Basics (Season 3)

    Join fashionista Yvette King as she gives you the cheat sheet to basic Fashion trends with what is in store now. Fashion Basics is a short series covering fashion tips, trends and looks in the ever changing fashion world. Yvette also visits up...

  • Juice Bar Health

    Juice Bar

    Juice Bar is a perfect stop for you if you need a boost to your hectic day. In just 3 minutes learn how to combine the goodness of fruits and vegetables into a hearty liquid concoction to uplift your day.

  • Grandmas Recipes Food

    Grandmas Recipes

    Remember how fun it was when grandma was around? There was always something to yummy to eat and the house was always brimming with sights and smells. Join these celebs as they keep the culinary flame alive.

  • Beauty Basics S4 Fashion and Beauty ...

    Beauty Basics S4

    Beauty Basics is your daily Beauty Bible for women with handy tips for make-up, skin care and grooming. This short series covers various tutorials, tips and techniques on make-up,...

  • Ride Like The Wind Documentary, Action ...

    Ride Like The Wind

    Ride Like The Wind with host Joanne Marie-Sim as she takes on professional road cycling.

  • Cheap Eats In A Big City Food

    Cheap Eats In A Big City

    Jackie is the eldest in a family of nine. At 92, he has outlived them all. Despite not having eaten vegetables since he was a young man, what does he eat? James, reveals where he goes to get fish that’s fresh and cheap. And meet Derrick whose dream is…

  • Moms On Call Documentary, Health

    Moms On Call

    Susanna is the mother of teenaged Timothy Wicks, who is diagnosed autistic. She shares her early struggles when Timothy began to exhibit symptoms of the condition, even relocating to Australia...

  • Start It Up! Education, Current ...

    Start It Up!

    If Facebook was founded by one genius… If Twitter was conceived from a need... What ideas could we possibly get - from a roomful of entrepreneurial talents - participating in Startup Weekend? A 54 hour event where would-be entrepreneurs are mentored…

  • LOL Talk Show


    LOL is a half-hour, not-so-serious TV talk show that’s targeted at women, youth and anyone who has a sense of humor! Hosted by JUDEE TAN, this fun-filled programme is not just entertaining but also informative as we look at anything and everything under t

  • Street Chic Fashion and Beauty

    Street Chic

    Street Chic is a brand new reality/fashion make-over TV series where individuals compete to create a winning street fashion inspired look with limited time and money at a given location in Singapore. Each contestant is paired up with a stylist…

  • Beautiful Homes Home Improvement

    Beautiful Homes

    This pilot episode unravels a tale of two houses with architect Kurjanto Slamet from Ong and Ong. It also examines how the architect and homeowner carefully assembled various recycled materials to construct both homes.

  • Oh Behave Documentary, Reality

    Oh Behave

    We do not usually hear about anxiety in children. However, anxiety has caused Ashaelyn to become a hoarder, and also caused Marcus to show defiance and refuse to go to school. How can we spot anxiety in our children and help them...

  • LOL S2 Variety, Talk Show

    LOL S2

    mature themes 成人题材

    On this episode of LOL, Denise Tan puts Pangdemonium’s creative director, Adrian Pang as well as Nathan Hartono who will be talking about their new theatre production, Next To Normal. Mixologist, Ethan Leong from Maison Ikkoku will…

  • Veteran And Rookie Reality

    Veteran And Rookie

    In the first episode, a Veteran of Mixology seeks a Rookie from the four hopefuls. But it is not as simple as it looks, and which of the four has the skills and the charisma to make a drink and a conversation, and catch the Veteran's eye?

  • Gifts Of The Sea Food

    Gifts Of The Sea

    Living on an island, is it any wonder Singaporeans are obsessed with seafood? Amidst the laid back, tranquil backdrop of Pulau Ubin, celebrity host Darren Lim cooks his favourite recipes using various Gifts of the Sea as his main ingredient.



  • Unexpected Strangers 小心陌生人 (Free) Romance, Drama, Thriller

    Unexpected Strangers 小心陌生人 (Free)

    some violence 些许暴力 64 Mins

    After much effort, Wei Xiong becomes a well-known teppanyaki chef. A young girl, Luo Ling, idolizes him and decides to go after him; she even resorts ...more

  • Everybody’s Business 人人有份 Comedy

    Everybody’s Business 人人有份

    coarse language 不雅语言 91 Mins

    "EVERYBODY'S BUSINESS" is a light-hearted satire on Singapore and Singaporeans from different walks of life. When Singapore is hit with a widespread ...more

  • Hong Baos And Kisses Romance, Drama

    Hong Baos And Kisses

    some sexual references 些许性相关语 83 Mins

    It is Chinese New Year 2014, a time of reunion, gluttony, new clothes and merriment. But for gym instructor Xavier Tan (Joshua Tan) and young tai tai Ping Wong (Felicia Chin), it is also a time of gain, specifically monetary gain in the form of hong baos.The two ...more

  • Taxi! Taxi! 德士當家 Comedy

    Taxi! Taxi! 德士當家

    94 Mins

    In this Singapore blockbuster, lead actor Gurmit Singh stars as an unemployed scientist who turns to taxi driving after several failed job attempts. Along the way, he befriends a veteran taxi driver, Ah Tau and became best friends.

  • 23:59 Horror


    horror 恐怖画面|disturbing scenes 画面令人不适 78 Mins

    In 1983, an incident happened in Singapore that shocked the entire nation. A recruit was found dead during a road march. After the death of the recruit, strange things started to happen in the bunk. Possession. Sightings of a hunchback woman.

  • Curry Curry Christmas Drama

    Curry Curry Christmas

    100 Mins

    The proprietor of a Curry Spice shop returns home having purchased a small quantity of 'special' curry powder from a remote ashram in India. When his friends and family eat the special curry, each finds an unexpected solution to their heart’s wish.

  • My Phone Sex Partner Drama

    My Phone Sex Partner

    sexual content 性相关内容 113 Mins

    Devastated by a recent break-up, Hyun-seung (Ji Sung) can’t get a grip on life. After learning his ex-girlfriend has a wonderful new boyfriend, he struggles with sleep and seethes with jealousy. (Korean with English subtitles)

  • Lost And Found 小孩。狗 Drama

    Lost And Found 小孩。狗

    88 Mins

    Newly-wedded Zhi Xuan (Jesseca Liu) sinks into a deep depression after the sudden lost of her husband in freak accident.

  • AV Idol Comedy, Drama

    AV Idol

    sexual content 性相关内容 93 Mins

    Here comes the brave, hot sexy idol! AV goddess Ryoko, who captivates Asian men’s hearts is getting tired of filming AV. (Japanese with English Subtitles)

  • Perfect Rivals 美好冤家 Comedy

    Perfect Rivals 美好冤家

    91 Mins

    'PERFECT RIVALS' revolves around two rival bak kwa (BBQ meat)–selling families. Once lovers, but now enemies… On the street where the smell of barbecue meat lingers and two feuding families competes for business. Chen Hao and Mei Mei...

  • Open Water Drama, Thriller

    Open Water

    some nudity 76 Mins

    Based on the true story of two scuba divers accidentally stranded in shark infested waters after their tour boat has left.

  • Twisted 撞鬼 Comedy, Horror

    Twisted 撞鬼

    intense violence 激烈暴力画面|horror 恐怖画面 95 Mins

    The story revolves around a drug dealer who dated a young girl behind the wife’s back, a pair of con men who wants to turn over a new leaf, and 4 cabin crews whose lives were turned upside down over a fateful night of drugs and booze.

  • Bruce Lee, My Brother 李小龍我的兄弟 Drama

    Bruce Lee, My Brother 李小龍我的兄弟

    some drug use and fighting scenes 125 Mins

    A biopic which pays tribute to the legendary martial arts master based on the memoirs of his younger brother Robert Lee. Starring Aarif Lee and Tony Leung.

  • Love Matters 幸福万岁 Comedy, Drama

    Love Matters 幸福万岁

    sexual references 性相关语 112 Mins

    Love Matters is a movie revolves around three main protagonists – 52 year old Tan Bo Seng, 17 year old Benny his teenage son and 36 year old Jeremy, Bo Seng’s ‘adopted’ brother – and their accidental journey in seeking and keeping love and happiness.

  • The Hunger Games Thriller, Action and ...

    The Hunger Games

    violence and some disturbing content 部分内容令人不适及暴力画面 136 Mins

    Katniss Everdeen voluntarily takes her younger sister's place in the Hunger Games, a televised fight to the death where two teens from each of the twelve Districts of Panem are chosen at random to compete. Only one survives. To live, one has to kill.

  • The Haunted Cop Shop 猛鬼差館 Comedy, Horror

    The Haunted Cop Shop 猛鬼差館

    some violence 些许暴力 88 Mins

    A Hong Kong police station used to be a clubhouse of the Japanese at the time of their occupation of the city during World War II. However, at the end of the war, many of the Japanese committed haka kiri in the clubhouse.

  • Planet 51 Animation, Children and ...

    Planet 51

    86 Mins

    ‘Planet 51’ is a galactic sized animated alien adventure comedy revolving around American astronaut Captain Charles ‘Chuck’ Baker, who lands on Planet 51 thinking he's the first person to step foot on it…

  • The Ultimate Winner Drama

    The Ultimate Winner

    brief coarse language 少许不雅语言|gambling content 赌博内容 96 Mins

    At a tender age, Shin Tian Cai has been influenced by his father’s gambling addiction and known among his peers as the junior gambling king. At 8 years of age, Tian Cai’s father died in a mishap leaving behind Tian Cai to fend for himself.

  • Furry Vengeance Children and Family ...

    Furry Vengeance

    84 Mins

    A live action family comedy in which an ambitious young real estate developer, Dan Sanders, faces off with a band of angry animals when his new housing subdivision pushes too far into a pristine part of the wilderness…

  • Cat and Mouse 老鼠愛上貓 Romance, Drama

    Cat and Mouse 老鼠愛上貓

    87 Mins

    Constable Zhan Zhao (Andy Lau) is constantly banging heads with Bai Yutong (Cecilia Cheung), Bai challenges him to a duel to find out whose martial ...more

  • Love Shake Romance, Drama

    Love Shake

    96 Mins

    Fann Wong and Zheng Ge Ping stars in ‘Love Shake’, a romantic telemovie about Wang Xue Ren, age 40, an independent woman who has passed her prime but ...more

  • Nemesis Game Thriller

    Nemesis Game

    88 Mins

    An introspective university student with an unhealthy interest in riddles and puzzles becomes involved in a sinister mind game that results in murder.

  • Love You You 夏日樂悠悠 Romance

    Love You You 夏日樂悠悠

    88 Mins

    A paralegal (Angelababy) is sent on a undercover mission to inspect You Lele (Eddie Peng), the young owner of a stunning beach resort suspected of illegal business practices.

  • Frailty Drama, Thriller


    mature themes 成人题材 99 Mins

    A man confesses to an FBI agent his family's story of how his religious fanatic father's visions lead to a series of murders to destroy supposed 'demons'.

  • My Old Classmate 同桌的妳 Romance

    My Old Classmate 同桌的妳

    some sexual references 些许性相关语 98 Mins

    Two classmates who sit next to each other, who go through junior and senior high school, then on to college, and the memories of love and youth they ...more

  • Thor Action and Adventure ...


    some violence 些许暴力 110 Mins

    The powerful but arrogant god Thor is cast out of Asgard to live amongst humans in Midgard (Earth), where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders.

  • Love Shake - Alternate Ending Romance, Drama

    Love Shake - Alternate Ending

    99 Mins

    Fann Wong and Zheng Ge Ping stars in ‘Love Shake’, a romantic telemovie about Wang Xue Ren, age 40, an independent woman who has passed her prime but ...more

  • Demi Adriana Drama

    Demi Adriana

    70 Mins

    Demi Adriana is a love story of an ambitious journalist, Adriana with Dr Khairul. Adriana called off their wedding when Khairul deleted an email of ...more

  • Tekken Action and Adventure ...


    sexual scenes and violence 91 Mins

    Set in 2039, the film promises non-stop high flying action as the greatest fighters from around the world come to compete in the last and greatest sporting event of all time, the Fist Tournament.

  • Runway Cop Romance, Comedy

    Runway Cop

    some coarse language and sexual references 些许粗俗语言及性相关语 110 Mins

    Having nothing but his suffocating, ultimate stench and devilish D Line body, tenacious 'Detective CHA' is dedicated to getting his target. (Korean with English Subtitles)

  • Tales From The Dark 2 Horror

    Tales From The Dark 2

    disturbing content and sexual scenes 111 Mins

    Three Ghost Stories Pillow Phantom A pillow that brings deep sleep Hide and Seek Hide and Seek held in a forsaken school where the players keep increasing... Black Umbrella A man who will wreck havoc when his tolerance level peaks

  • The Stolen Years 被偷走的那五年 Romance

    The Stolen Years 被偷走的那五年

    some disturbing scenes 些许画面令人不适 107 Mins

    Xie Yu (Joseph Chang) and He Man (Fay Bai) were once a madly in love power couple until she suddenly loses five years of her memory in a serious car ...more

  • 3:10 To Yuma Drama, Action and ...

    3:10 To Yuma

    violence 暴力画面 122 Mins

    Dan Evans is an honest man who has spent his life abiding by the rules, and has precious little to show for it. A former Union Army sharpshooter, Dan emerged from the Civil War with a hobbled leg... (English with English subtitles)

  • 9981 Horror


    horror 恐怖画面 95 Mins

    One morning, beautiful lady, Wipawee, wearing her white bridal gown jumped from 20th floor apartment. The motivation of her suicide is still questionable and mysterious. It is not an ordinary suicide. (Thai with English Subtitles)

  • Tales From The Dark 1 Horror

    Tales From The Dark 1

    some violence and disturbing scenes 126 Mins

    Three Ghost stories: Stolen Goods- A man steals urns, hoping their heirs will pay to reclaim. A Word in the Palm- A pregnant lady suspects that she has been haunted. Jing Zhe- 4 unknown villains were cursed and died gruesomely, until the last one.

  • Switch 天機: 富春山居圖 Action and Adventure

    Switch 天機: 富春山居圖

    violence 暴力画面 107 Mins

    A famous Chinese Yuan Dynasty painting known as "Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains" is stolen and sold on the black market led by a mysterious business magnate and it is up to special agent Jinhan (Andy Lau) to recover it. Jinhan and his wife have drifted apart due ...more

  • Blind Detective 盲探 Drama

    Blind Detective 盲探

    some violence 些许暴力 124 Mins

    Forced to leave service after turning blind, former detective ekes out his living by solving cold cases for police rewards. During a robbery case, he ...more

  • So Young 致我們終將逝去的青春 Romance

    So Young 致我們終將逝去的青春

    125 Mins

    In the brink of the 90s, 18-year-old Zheng Wei steps into her university life with a hopeful heart for love. Wei meets Chen Hao-Zheng… ...more

  • Love and Other Bad Habits Romance, Drama

    Love and Other Bad Habits

    80 Mins

    Love… And Other Bad Habits is a light-hearted, sometimes heartfelt, look at three different kinds of relationships in Singapore, from teen ...more

  • American Pie Romance, Comedy

    American Pie

    mature themes 成人题材 95 Mins

    American Pie, set in the year 1999, focuses on a group of four close friends in their senior year at the fictional East Great Falls High School in west Michigan …

  • Iron Man 2 Action and Adventure ...

    Iron Man 2

    action violence 打斗 画面 119 Mins

    Tony Stark has declared himself Iron Man and installed world peace... or so he thinks. He soon realizes that not only is there a mad man out to kill him with his own technology, but there's something more: he is dying.

  • Zambezia Action and Adventure ...


    79 Mins

    On the edge of a majestic waterfall, in the heart of Africa, lies the amazing bird city of Zambezia, led by wise and battle-tested Sekhuru. Our young falcon hero Kai leaves his remote outpost against his Father's wishes...

  • Vampire's Breakfast 凌晨晚餐 Horror

    Vampire's Breakfast 凌晨晚餐

    some nudity 些许裸露画面 85 Mins

    Wong Chung spins this affable horror-comedy. The film opens with Angie Lin (Emily Chu Bo-yee) driving home one night only to hit a man who wandered into the road. When she gets out to check on the guy, she finds that he has completely vanished.

  • The House That Never Dies 京城81号 Romance, Drama, Horror

    The House That Never Dies 京城81号

    horror 恐怖画面 85 Mins

    The story is based on the legendary mansion at No. 81 Chaoyangmennei Street in Beijing, where local legend says is haunted by the ghost of a ...more

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Animation, Children and ...

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    80 Mins

    "Once upon a time" begins the fairy tale of Snow White, the beautiful princess whose life is threatened by the jealous Queen. Snow White finds safe haven with seven of the most lovable characters ever created: Doc, Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy...

  • Pandorum Thriller, Sci-Fi and ...


    violence and coarse language 103 Mins

    Two astronauts awaken in a hyper-sleep chamber aboard a seemingly abandoned spacecraft. It's pitch black, they are disoriented, and the only sound is a low rumble and creak from the belly of the spacecraft. They can't remember anything - who are they?

  • Love Happens Romance, Drama

    Love Happens

    some sexual references 些许性相关语 104 Mins

    Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston star in the romantic drama Love Happens.When a self-help author arrives in Seattle to teach a sold-out seminar, he unexpectedly meets the one person who might finally be able to help him help himself.

  • The Four Action and Adventure

    The Four

    some violence and nudity 些许暴力及裸露画面 113 Mins

    Very different from the highly regimented Six Gate is Divine Constabulary, which takes its orders directly from the king himself. (Mandarin with English subtitles)

  • Confessions of a Shopaholic Comedy

    Confessions of a Shopaholic

    99 Mins

    Rebecca Bloomwood (ISLA FISHER) is a New York City–living, fun-loving girl who is really good at shopping—a little too good, perhaps. She dreams of working for her favorite fashion magazine - until ironically, she snags a job as an advice columnist..

  • Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li Drama, Action and ...

    Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

    action violence 打斗 画面 85 Mins

    When a teenager, Chun-Li witnesses the kidnapping of her father by wealthy crime lord M. Bison. When she grows up, she goes into a quest for vengeance and becomes the famous crime-fighter of the Street Fighter universe.

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