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  • Cook Eat China S1 Food, Variety

    Cook Eat China S1

    From the traditional to the weird, Beijing is full of surprises. But, no surprise, the ancient kitchens have always prized this mysterious 'delicacy', which we are going to check out. Delve into the heart and soul of Beijing’s Lao Bai Xing culture...

  • Cook Eat China S1 (TIF) Variety, Food

    Cook Eat China S1 (TIF)

    From the traditional to the weird, Beijing is full of surprises. But, no surprise, the ancient kitchens have always prized this mysterious 'delicacy', which we are going to check out. Delve into the heart and soul of Beijing’s Lao Bai Xing culture...

  • Letting Go S1 Travel, Variety

    Letting Go S1

    Celebrity personality and wellness author, Jojo Struys, travels round Asia Pacific unearthing the multitude of ways one can de‐stress through body, mind and great food.

  • Mystic Whispers 听 Drama, Horror

    Mystic Whispers 听

    horror 恐怖画面

    Mo Xiao Yun lost her sense of hearing one year ago in a car accident and began hearing peculiar noises ever since.

  • What Do Men Want? Drama, comedy

    What Do Men Want?

    Bob convinces Jimmy to clean up their lives, and to get their acting careers on track by cleaning their bachelor flat, and by breaking up with their current girlfriends. Jimmy is to break up with Ding Ding, because her lack of personal hygiene drives

  • Phua Chu Kang Walkabout (Free) comedy

    Phua Chu Kang Walkabout (Free)

    non-standard english/some dialects 非标准英语/些许方言

    PCK Walkabout – Phua Chu Kang, or PCK, Singapore’s favourite contractor, brings his mole, his curly hair, his yellow boots and his Singlish persona ...more

  • The Noose in Brief (Free) comedy

    The Noose in Brief (Free)

    Bolder, wilder and raunchier… The Noose-in-Brief is the naughtier cousin of the popular comedy series which looks set to titillate viewers with a healthy dosage of colloquialism, cynicism and expressions not heard on local television since Standard English usurped ...more

  • My 1st Star Ride Variety

    My 1st Star Ride

    Celebrities share their interesting first time experiences in a joyful ride around Singapore with the witty host, Vee, in My 1st Star Ride.

  • Star Collectibles Variety

    Star Collectibles

    Who collects Iron Man? Who collects Blythe? And who hoards purses? Curious about what celebrities collect during their past-time? Join host Seraph Sun as she interviews local celebrities for collecting tips in Star Collectables.

  • Drive Me Crazy comedy

    Drive Me Crazy

    It’s a blissful and exciting time for the young, affectionate couple as Jeremy (played by Benjamin Heng), a straight laced accountant and Chantal ...more

  • Door To Door comedy

    Door To Door

    When Mr. Wallace Lim's business collapsed, his family has to move out of their 3-storey bungalow house and into a 4-room HDB apartment. On top of having to cope with the scaled-down standards of living, Wallace is also conscious about keeping up...

  • Aunty's Kitchen Food, Variety

    Aunty's Kitchen

    Aunty Shamalah generously reveals her recipe for 'spicy prawns masala'. In return we take aunty to her favorite restaurant Anjappar to learn chef Shaktivel's version of the same dish, the spicy chettinaad prawns.

  • Fashion Basics (Season 2) Fashion and Beauty ...

    Fashion Basics (Season 2)

    Join fashionista Yvette King as she gives you the cheat sheet to basic Fashion trends with what is in store now. Fashion Basics is a short series ...more

  • Beauty Basics (Season 1) Fashion and Beauty ...

    Beauty Basics (Season 1)

    Beauty Basics is your daily Beauty Bible for women with handy tips for make-up, skin care and grooming. This short series covers various tutorials, tips and techniques on make-up, beauty and skincare

  • Fashion Basics (Season 1) Fashion and Beauty ...

    Fashion Basics (Season 1)

  • Beauty Basics (Season 2) Fashion and Beauty ...

    Beauty Basics (Season 2)

    Beauty Basics is your daily Beauty Bible for women with handy tips for make-up, skin care and grooming. This short series covers various tutorials, tips and techniques on make-up, beauty and skincare

  • Fit In The City Variety, Instructional

    Fit In The City

  • Grill Please Food, Variety

    Grill Please

  • Coffee Break Food, Variety

    Coffee Break

    Paige brings us to this cafe that has the exterior of an office and an equally formal name.

  • Bentolicious Food, Variety


    Ben finds inspiration in the Turkish tasty kebab and gives his own take on it.

  • Take Me On Sports, Variety

    Take Me On

    How will Bobby fare against wire stunts when his fear of heights kicks in?

  • Celeb Makeover Fashion and Beauty ...

    Celeb Makeover

    Keith Png gives local DJ Dennis Chew a makeover with a Korean boy band look.

  • The Alpha Fashion Male Fashion and Beauty ...

    The Alpha Fashion Male

    George brings us to Ben Sherman to understand the importance of choosing a suitable shirt and how it should be styled.

  • Home Tips With Bryan Home Improvement, Variety

    Home Tips With Bryan

    Bryan shows how to recycle old materials into a creative wall display piece.

  • Grandma's Remedies Variety, Instructional

    Grandma's Remedies

    Remember how grandma and grandpa always had a way to treats bumps and bruises? Partake of their sage advice as these celebs reminisce their favourite grandma’s remedy.

  • On The Edge Documentary, Education

    On The Edge

    This pilot episode focuses on music as an art form, featuring improvisational artists Darren Moore, Bani Haykel, Shaun Sankaran and Chong Li-Chuan.

  • Comedy Masala comedy

    Comedy Masala

    Recorded as ‘live’, The Comedy Masala Show is Singapore’s first ever TV signing of a standup comedy open mic series. This landmark production will showcase 13 episodes of the comedy underground like never seen before on your local television sets.

  • Hot Bods Health, Instructional

    Hot Bods

    Six packs, flat tummies, toned biceps...everybody wants them, but doesn't know how to get them. Join some of the best fitness instructors in Singapore as they put you on the right track to achieving that hot bod you've always wanted.

  • King Of The Keng comedy

    King Of The Keng

    Cedric Howard assumes his new job as General Manager of Singapore Recycling Corporation. First day of work for Cedric Howard as the new GM is to fire 'someone, anybody'?!

  • Beauty Basics (Season 3) Fashion and Beauty

    Beauty Basics (Season 3)

    Beauty Basics is your daily Beauty Bible for women with handy tips for make-up, skin care and grooming. This short series covers various tutorials, tips and techniques on make-up, beauty and skincare; from how to achieve a certain look…

  • Grandmas Recipes Food

    Grandmas Recipes

    Remember how fun it was when grandma was around? There was always something to yummy to eat and the house was always brimming with sights and smells. Join these celebs as they keep the culinary flame alive.

  • Juice Bar Health

    Juice Bar

    Juice Bar is a perfect stop for you if you need a boost to your hectic day. In just 3 minutes learn how to combine the goodness of fruits and vegetables into a hearty liquid concoction to uplift your day.

  • Beauty Basics (Season 4) Fashion and Beauty

    Beauty Basics (Season 4)

    Beauty Basics is your daily Beauty Bible for women with handy tips for make-up, skin care and grooming. This short series covers various tutorials, tips and techniques on make-up,...

  • Fashion Basics (Season 3) Fashion and Beauty ...

    Fashion Basics (Season 3)

    Join fashionista Yvette King as she gives you the cheat sheet to basic Fashion trends with what is in store now. Fashion Basics is a short series covering fashion tips, trends and looks in the ever changing fashion world. Yvette also visits up...

  • Ride Like The Wind Documentary, Action ...

    Ride Like The Wind

    Ride Like The Wind with host Joanne Marie-Sim as she takes on professional road cycling.

  • Cheap Eats In A Big City Food

    Cheap Eats In A Big City

    Jackie is the eldest in a family of nine. At 92, he has outlived them all. Despite not having eaten vegetables since he was a young man, what does he eat? James, reveals where he goes to get fish that’s fresh and cheap. And meet Derrick whose dream is…

  • Start It Up! Education, Current ...

    Start It Up!

    If Facebook was founded by one genius… If Twitter was conceived from a need... What ideas could we possibly get - from a roomful of entrepreneurial talents - participating in Startup Weekend? A 54 hour event where would-be entrepreneurs are mentored…

  • Moms On Call Documentary, Health

    Moms On Call

    Susanna is the mother of teenaged Timothy Wicks, who is diagnosed autistic. She shares her early struggles when Timothy began to exhibit symptoms of the condition, even relocating to Australia...

  • LOL Talk Show


    LOL is a half-hour, not-so-serious TV talk show that’s targeted at women, youth and anyone who has a sense of humor! Hosted by JUDEE TAN, this fun-filled programme is not just entertaining but also informative as we look at anything and everything under t

  • Street Chic Fashion and Beauty

    Street Chic

    Street Chic is a brand new reality/fashion make-over TV series where individuals compete to create a winning street fashion inspired look with limited time and money at a given location in Singapore. Each contestant is paired up with a stylist…

  • Beautiful Homes Home Improvement

    Beautiful Homes

    This pilot episode unravels a tale of two houses with architect Kurjanto Slamet from Ong and Ong. It also examines how the architect and homeowner carefully assembled various recycled materials to construct both homes.

  • Oh Behave Documentary, Reality

    Oh Behave

    We do not usually hear about anxiety in children. However, anxiety has caused Ashaelyn to become a hoarder, and also caused Marcus to show defiance and refuse to go to school. How can we spot anxiety in our children and help them...

  • LOL S2 Variety, Talk Show

    LOL S2

    mature themes 成人题材

    On this episode of LOL, Denise Tan puts Pangdemonium’s creative director, Adrian Pang as well as Nathan Hartono who will be talking about their new theatre production, Next To Normal. Mixologist, Ethan Leong from Maison Ikkoku will…

  • Veteran And Rookie Reality

    Veteran And Rookie

    In the first episode, a Veteran of Mixology seeks a Rookie from the four hopefuls. But it is not as simple as it looks, and which of the four has the skills and the charisma to make a drink and a conversation, and catch the Veteran's eye?

  • Gifts Of The Sea Food

    Gifts Of The Sea

    Living on an island, is it any wonder Singaporeans are obsessed with seafood? Amidst the laid back, tranquil backdrop of Pulau Ubin, celebrity host Darren Lim cooks his favourite recipes using various Gifts of the Sea as his main ingredient.

  • Lunchtime Primetime - Sept Food, Talk Show

    Lunchtime Primetime - Sept

    Chase away the Monday blues with a sweet deal from Medan Town. Also, we bring you a new sitcom, Door to Door.

  • Hairstyle Secrets Fashion and Beauty

    Hairstyle Secrets

    Join celebrity hairstylist to the stars Kim Robinson as he corrects the fashion disasters of Singaporeans and suggests simple ways to style your hair, wear a hairstyle that suits your face as well as...

  • I See You Current Affairs

    I See You

    Catherine Koh and Koh San Joo’s son was born with some of his organs outside his body and multiple heart defects. Learn how they coped and hear what experts have to say about helping children suffering from similar medical conditions.

  • Lunchtime Primetime - Aug Food, Talk Show

    Lunchtime Primetime - Aug

    We hit the streets to find out what Singaporeans do during Lunchtime...

  • How We Met Drama, Romance

    How We Met

    Kelly, a young and attractive baker is basking in her achievement. She has single-handedly baked all the cupcakes in the shortest time and is contented at breaking her personal baking record, only to receive a call from her business partner. She has...



  • Jamie Cooks Summer Food, Children and ...

    Jamie Cooks Summer

    46 Mins

    When the sun's shining, cooking and eating outdoors is a joy, whether you're going to a festival, camping or just having a barbecue in your back garden. In this one-hour special, Jamie Oliver introduces some amazing, summer dishes to make...

  • Jamie's Festive Feast Food, Children and ...

    Jamie's Festive Feast

    48 Mins

    Jamie’s Festive Feast is a celebration of those lazy winter days at the end of the year. The festive period is the perfect time to kick back, spend some quality time with family and friends, and cook up some amazing dishes. Filmed at his Essex...

  • Queen of Kowloon 九龍皇后 Drama

    Queen of Kowloon 九龍皇后

    95 Mins

    As a second wife, she has a miserable life in the family. But she does not care about this, whereas she wholeheartedly looks after Lin, the daughter of the first wife. However, she is so upset when she discovers Lin getting married

  • House Of Mahjong 嚦咕嚦咕對對碰 Comedy

    House Of Mahjong 嚦咕嚦咕對對碰

    sexual references 性相关语 85 Mins

    Gi, Lam , Cheng and Jack want to start or continue their business in the Fu Gui Mall. To please the Mall Owner- Fu ho, they used to play Taiwan mahjong with this old man since no body is willing to play with him anymore for his late reaction.

  • The King of Debt Collecting Agent ... Action and Adventure

    The King of Debt Collecting Agent 黑道風雲之收數王

    violence 暴力画面|some coarse language 些许粗俗语言 102 Mins

    Under the Asian Economic turmoil, Sai becomes one of the debt collecting agents. With his special technique, Sai quickly completes a tough job and wins the belief of two powerful men in the trails.

  • Smilla's Sense of Snow Drama, Action and ...

    Smilla's Sense of Snow

    some coarse language 些许粗俗语言 120 Mins

    Based on Peter Hoeg's bestseller, this film is set in snowy Copenhagen where a small boy is found dead after he fell off a roof. Smilla Jasperson, a close friend who lives in the same house begins to suspect murder because she knows that...

  • The Wraith Romance, Horror

    The Wraith

    scenes of intimacy 亲热画面|nudity 裸露画面 89 Mins

    Jamie, killed by neighbourhood thugs, returns as a mystical figure named Jake (The Wraith) to gain revenge.

  • The Substitute 4: Failure Is Not an ... Drama, Action and ...

    The Substitute 4: Failure Is Not an Option

    nudity 裸露画面|sexual scenes 性相关画面 86 Mins

    An undercover policeman must infiltrate a military school's faculty to cease the actions of white supremacists.

  • The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All Action and Adventure

    The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All

    some violence 些许暴力|nudity 裸露画面 89 Mins

    At a college visit to a war buddy's professor daughter, mercenary Treat Williams finds her brutally beaten. He then poses as a teacher to teach a lesson to the football jocks responsible.

  • Route 666 Thriller, Horror

    Route 666

    gore 血腥画面|coarse language 不雅语言 90 Mins

    Smith, a mob informer hiding out with the Witness Protection Program, decides to make a break for it and hide out in the Arizona desert. The Feds catch up with him and rescue him just before a group of hitmen can manage to silence him for good.

  • Sparrow 文雀 Thriller, Action and ...

    Sparrow 文雀

    some coarse language 些许粗俗语言 83 Mins

    Sparrow is a Hong Kong Street slang for pickpocket. KEI (Simon Yam) is an experienced “sparrow”. He and his partners make a living picking the pockets of unsuspecting pedestrians.

  • Divergence 三岔口 Action and Adventure

    Divergence 三岔口

    violence 暴力画面 96 Mins

    In 2005, the director Benny Chan and the screenplay Ivy Ho jointly create an exciting story, DIVERGENCE, featuring three individual guys apparently with nothing in common:

  • Heroic Duo 雙雄 Action and Adventure

    Heroic Duo 雙雄

    violence 暴力画面 96 Mins

    Kin is a capable elite member of the special G4 force. Before the opening of International Diamond Expo., an honest police officer steals a million dollars from the police safe and destroys the evidence store.

  • Xchange Thriller, Sci-Fi and ...


    nudity 裸露画面|some sexual scenes 些许性相关画面 106 Mins

    In the future, where it's faster to travel by exchanging bodies with someone at the destination, a man's body is hijacked by a ruthless terrorist.

  • Wing Commander Action and Adventure ...

    Wing Commander

    95 Mins

    Blair, a fighter pilot, joins an interstellar war to fight the evil Kilrathi who are trying to destroy the universe.

  • My Best Friend’s Wife Comedy, Drama

    My Best Friend’s Wife

    mature themes 成人题材 96 Mins

    Two friends are about to learn that they are 'Grown-ups'.

  • Wrong Turn Thriller, Horror

    Wrong Turn

    violence 暴力画面 80 Mins

    Six people find themselves trapped in the woods of West Virginia, hunted down by 'cannibalistic mountain men grossly disfigured through generations of in-breeding.'

  • The Neverending Story Action and Adventure ...

    The Neverending Story

    94 Mins

    A troubled boy dives into a wondrous fantasy world through the pages of a mysterious book.

  • Hit Team 重裝警察 Action and Adventure

    Hit Team 重裝警察

    some violence 些许暴力 93 Mins

    The police force has established a special team: Hit Team, which composed of four young and brilliant policemen. They are well trained in using the heavy-armed equipment and each possesses unique special skill.

  • Bet To Basic 打雀英雄傳 Comedy

    Bet To Basic 打雀英雄傳

    brief coarse language 少许不雅语言 93 Mins

    Inferior gangster Flying Dragon (Chin Ka Lok) has a bad habit of gambling, he thus offends the three great gamble deceivers. Luckily his younger cousin, Roy (Jordon Chan), who comes back from America is extraordinarily lucky

  • Too Smooth Romance, Comedy

    Too Smooth

    coarse language 不雅语言 83 Mins

    A self-obsessed man runs through one woman after another in this screwball comedy. One of his rejected former lovers decides to take it upon herself to see to it that he never develops another relationship and sets out in attack when he does fall...

  • Ghosts of the Abyss Drama, Documentary

    Ghosts of the Abyss

    87 Mins

    James Cameron and Bill Paxton, director and actor of the 1997 film Titanic, travel to the final undersea resting place of the fated ship of dreams.

  • Candyman 3: Day of the Dead Thriller, Horror

    Candyman 3: Day of the Dead

    some nudity 些许裸露画面|gore 血腥画面 93 Mins

    The Candyman is back, trying to convince his descendent, an artist, to join him.

  • Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Horror, Sci-Fi and ...

    Wishmaster 2: Evil Never

    coarse language 不雅语言|gore 血腥画面 91 Mins

    The evil Djinn is awakened once more, and must collect 1001 souls to begin the Apocalypse.

  • Dot the I Romance, Drama, Thriller

    Dot the I

    sexual scenes 性相关画面 86 Mins

    Young lovers in London are wrapped up in a love triangle that may not be exactly what it seems.

  • Disini Ada Yang Mati Thriller, Horror

    Disini Ada Yang Mati

    violence 暴力画面|horror 恐怖画面 64 Mins

    Sarah, Jasmine and Lydia found out there’s a female spirit staying in Christian’s house, and there’s also a dark secret between Christian and the ...more

  • The Devil Inside Me 夺命心跳 Thriller

    The Devil Inside Me 夺命心跳

    horror 恐怖画面 94 Mins

    Lin Yan is a beautiful lady who fell into dire straits as a result of a heart transplant and is gradually turning into another person - the deceased ...more

  • Executive Protection Thriller

    Executive Protection

    violence 暴力画面 107 Mins

    Guldbagge Awards, 2007's Best Director nominee (When Darkness Falls), Anders Nilsson, returns with a sequel to his acclaimed, Noll Tolerans, that depicts a Sweden rife with violent corporate takeovers and kidnappings while the law turns a blind eye.

  • Lost In Siberia Drama

    Lost In Siberia

    some homosexual references 些许涉及同性恋相关内容 97 Mins

    Director of Vincent Wants to Sea's new film stars Joachim Krol (Run Lola Run) as a hapless manager of a mail order company sent to Siberia to work. Expecting harsh cold, he finds the warmth of true love and his sense of self instead. Language:German

  • The Bletchley Circle Thriller

    The Bletchley Circle

    some sexual references 些许性相关语 135 Mins

    Four women code breakers who had helped in World War II come together again in 1950s London to investigate a string of gruesome murders the police refuse to see as connected. Stars two-time BAFTA award-winner Anna Maxwell Martin (Bleak House).

  • Christmas in August Romance, Drama

    Christmas in August

    96 Mins

    Somewhere in Seoul, Jung-Won runs a small shabby photo studio. A humble shack passed down from his widower father, the studio is a space where Jung-Won goes about with his daily routine of dealing with fussy customers...

  • Wanee and Junah Romance, Drama

    Wanee and Junah

    mature themes 成人题材 113 Mins

    Wanee and Junah, a couple in their mid-twenties, are living together. Wanee (Kim Hee-Seon) is an animator and Junah (Joo Jin-Mo) wishes to make his debut as a scriptwriter in the movie.

  • The Guillotines 血滴子 Action and Adventure

    The Guillotines 血滴子

    violence 暴力画面 109 Mins

    The Guillotines' marks the first collaboration between director Andrew Lau, helmer of the 'Infernal Affairs' trilogy, and 'Bodyguards and Assassins' producer Peter Ho-sun Chan.

  • Exiled 放逐 Action and Adventure

    Exiled 放逐

    violence 暴力画面 104 Mins

    Wo (Nick Cheung), a gangster who went into exile for a few years after attempting to kill Boss Fay (Simon Yam), returns to Macau with his wife (Josie Ho) and their newborn baby, hoping to settle down.

  • Complicit Thriller


    mature themes 成人题材 95 Mins

    Is it right to sacrifice one to save many? How far can we go to get the truth? This spy thriller by acclaimed writer Guy Hibbert (Blood and Oil and Five Minutes of Heaven) based on extensive research of real British spies deals with the moral dilemna

  • Reign Of Assassins 劍雨 Action and Adventure

    Reign Of Assassins 劍雨

    violence 暴力画面 115 Mins

    John Woo produces for Su Chao Bin in this exciting wuxia drama. Michelle Yeoh gives her best performance in years as a former assassin who betrays her gang in search of a new life.

  • Amnesia Thriller


    sexual references 性相关语|some coarse language 些许粗俗语言 142 Mins

    Obsessed with investigating his wife's disappearance for the last 5 years, Detective Stone's life begins to spiral out of control. Stars Chris Lang (Nominee, Best Television Feature or Mini Series Teleplay, Edgar Allan Poe Awards 2005).

  • Eskil and Trinidad Drama

    Eskil and Trinidad

    99 Mins

    Eskil is an 11-year-old boy who moves from town to town with his single father. He's lonely and displaced. Then he befriends the mysterious Trinidad who spends her time building great ships. Stars Ann Petren, Best Actress, Guldbagge Awards 2012.

  • Freshly Squeezed Romance

    Freshly Squeezed

    91 Mins

    Andrea is single and perfectly content. Then she gets involved with not one but two men and becomes pregnant, and life gets complicated. Stars Tom Wlaschiha (Games of Thrones), Alexander Bayer (Goodbye Lenin) and multi award-winner, Diana Amft.

  • Orange Honey Drama

    Orange Honey

    some violence 些许暴力 96 Mins

    1950s Spain is an oppressive military state where death sentences are handed out without cause. A government clerk risks his life to join the rebels against the system. Stars Angela Molina, Best Supporting Actress, Malaga Spanish Film Festival 2012.

  • Summer Drama


    sexual references 性相关语|some coarse language 些许粗俗语言 79 Mins

    A lifetime ago, Shaun, Daz and Katy were inseparable. Now, Daz is wheelchair-bound and dying and Shaun is left to search for Katy and reflect on the summer that changed their lives. Stars Kenneth Glenaan, Best Feature Film, BAFTA Awards 2008

  • Turkish for Beginners Comedy

    Turkish for Beginners

    sexual references 性相关语|scenes of intimacy 亲热画面 103 Mins

    Could things be worse? While on a vacation she never wanted, Lena's plane crashes on an island. Now she's stranded with a sexy Turk, his religious sister and a stuttering Greek. German Film of the Year, Audience Award (2nd),German Film Awards, 2013

  • Love in the Buff 春嬌與志明 Romance, Drama

    Love in the Buff 春嬌與志明

    sexual references 性相关语|some coarse language 些许粗俗语言 112 Mins

    Five months after the events in Love in a Puff, Jimmy and Cherie face more difficulties in their romantic relationship as they split up and both individually end up in Beijing as they follow their jobs to China's capital city

  • Romance of Their Own Romance, Drama

    Romance of Their Own

    violence 暴力画面 115 Mins

    Han-kyung a rustic girl, comes to town to live with her mom. Attracted to her pure charm, the most popular guys Hae-won and Tae-sung come up to fight each other. But Tae- sung has a fatal secret not to love her.

  • Kala Thriller, Horror


    horror 恐怖画面|some violence 些许暴力 99 Mins

    A story of a nameless country thrown into a state of chaos as natural disasters, corruption, and street justice rise, splitting the country into two ...more

  • The Twins' Code 孿生密碼 Thriller, Action and ...

    The Twins' Code 孿生密碼

    violence 暴力画面 93 Mins

    Amidst a global crisis, billionaire Ling hides his financial assets within a USB necklace given to his daughter. The USB data is secured by twin ...more

  • Purple Storm 紫雨风暴 Action and Adventure

    Purple Storm 紫雨风暴

    violence 暴力画面 109 Mins

    Daniel Wu plays Todd, a Cambodian terrorist who loses his memory in Teddy Chan's action thriller. Convincing Todd he's really an undercover agent, the cops set up a violent finale.

  • Tempting Heart 心動 Romance

    Tempting Heart 心動

    mature themes 成人题材 107 Mins

    A young filmmaker explores a love story that fades and re-ignites over a period of decades, from 70s high school to the present, and as a result re-examines her own first love.

  • Forest Of Death 森冤 Thriller

    Forest Of Death 森冤

    some disturbing scenes 些许画面令人不适 93 Mins

    There is a notorious forest that attracts many young people to commit suicide with most of their bodies is never found. Besides, those who come to commit suicide are not only from the surrounding city but also from far away.

  • Diary 妄想 Thriller

    Diary 妄想

    some disturbing scenes 些许画面令人不适 81 Mins

    Winnie lives in a miserable life since her caring lover Seth left without a word. She drops into a life of illusion until she met a Ray, a guy looks very like Seth in all means.

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  • Housewives' Holiday 煮妇的假期 MediaCorp
    NOW ON 15:30 - 16:30 Channel 8

    Housewives' Holiday 煮妇的假期

    NOW ON 15:30 - 16:30

    Chen Si Mei is a middle-aged housewife who is very thrifty and fond of cheap deals. One day, while trying to nab a thief that stole bras from the neighbourhood, she got to know Alice and Ai Qin and the three housewives become bossom friends. Feeling ... 现年的42岁的陈思美 ...more

  • In case You Missed It #36 MediaCorp
    NOW ON 15:00 - 16:00 987TV

    In case You Missed It #36

    NOW ON 15:00 - 16:00

    In case you missed it, take a look at what The Muttons were up to during their live show right here! Hint: You're probably familiar with Coke and Coke Light… But Coke Life? Justin isn't sure if it's going to be a good idea if it makes it to SIngapore coffee shops.

  • Between The Lines News & Documentaries
    NOW ON 15:32 - 16:00 Channel NewsAsia

    Between The Lines

    NOW ON 15:32 - 16:00

    Get the story behind the story. "BetweenThe Lines" delves deep into issues that matter to an Asian audience. Robust debate and in-depth analysis on topics from the world of news and business.

  • Next Broadcast on 26 Nov - Wed 7.55pm ... Toggle
    NOW ON 00:00 - 19:55 Toggle LIVE

    Next Broadcast on 26 Nov - Wed 7.55pm. AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 (Myanmar vs. Singapore).

    NOW ON 00:00 - 19:55

    Toggle LIVE will commence broadcast of AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 (Myanmar vs. Singapore), 26 Nov - Wed 7.55pm. Please stay tuned!

  • The Exes (S3) - How the Grinch Spent ... Entertainment
    NOW ON 15:30 - 16:00 Comedy Central Asia

    The Exes (S3) - How the Grinch Spent Christmas

    NOW ON 15:30 - 16:00

    Holly convinces the gang to give up their Christmas plans to spend the holiday together, but ditches the group when she meets a handsome stranger.

  • Go Diego Go! Kids
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    Go Diego Go!

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    Join Diego Marquez, an eight-year-old rough and tumble action-adventure hero who takes viewers on high stakes animal rescue missions while encouraging them to jump, clap, cheer