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Fright Fest

  • Hatchet Thriller|Horror


    81 Mins

    When a group of tourists on a New Orleans haunted tour find themselves stucked in the wilderness, their evening of fun and turns into a horrific ...more

  • Hatchet II Thriller|Horror

    Hatchet II

    82 Mins

    Boasting an all-star horror movie cast, this old-school slasher follows terrorized Marybeth (Danielle Harris) as she escapes from the bayou inhabited ...more

  • Hatchet III Thriller|Horror

    Hatchet III

    75 Mins

    Marybeth uncovers the true secret to stopping the voodoo curse that has left the ghost of deformed maniac Victor Crowley stalking the New Orleans ...more

  • The Last Exorcism Thriller|Horror

    The Last Exorcism

    86 Mins

    When he arrives on the rural Louisiana farm of Louis Sweetzer, the Reverend Cotton Marcus expects to perform just another routine ‘exorcism’ on a ...more

  • Meat Grinder Horror

    Meat Grinder

    84 Mins

    Buss makes the best noodles with meat broth than anyone in the city, but no one knows exactly what she does to make her dishes so delicious.

  • Let Me In Drama|Horror

    Let Me In

    110 Mins

    Chloe Moretz (Hit Girl from Kick-Ass) stars as Abby, a secretive 12-year old girl, who moves next door to Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee, The Road). Owen is ...more

  • Twisted 撞鬼 Comedy|Horror

    Twisted 撞鬼

    95 Mins

    The story revolves around a drug dealer who dated a young girl behind the wife’s back, a pair of con men who wants to turn over a new leaf, and 4 ...more

  • The Haunted Cop ... Comedy|Horror

    The Haunted Cop Shop 猛鬼差館

    88 Mins

    A Hong Kong police station used to be a clubhouse of the Japanese at the time of their occupation of the city during World War II. However, at the ...more

  • Vampire's ... Horror

    Vampire's Breakfast 凌晨晚餐

    85 Mins

    Wong Chung spins this affable horror-comedy. The film opens with Angie Lin (Emily Chu Bo-yee) driving home one night only to hit a man who wandered ...more

  • Devil's Trade Horror

    Devil's Trade

    25 Mins

    Three teenagers incur the wrath of a deadly curse when one of them purchases a presumably harmless wooden cross at After a series of ...more

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