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Hanya Padamu

Main cast:
Kusyairy Beto
Ishak Faisal
Adawiyah lives with his aunt who treats her like a servant. As soon as her savior cousin, Bukhari further his studies abroad, Adawiyah is sent to an orphanage where life is no worse than her aunt’s home. Several years later, Adawiyah manages to leave the orphanage and starts a new life. After completing her study, Adawiyah gets a job as a special education teacher to Liliana, Arman’s 7 years old dyslexia child. It seems that in the house there are only Arman, Liliana and a few helpers who have been keeping many secrets from Adawiyah. In a brief period, Adawiyah presence has lighted up the household that was shrouded by depression before. As the days goes by, Arman and Adawiyah become more intimate. But, whenever Adawiyah is alone, she encounters many strange incidents even while she is sleeping. One day, Adawiyah has been attacked and badly injured. However, nothing can prepare her for the identity of the person who has attacked her. Who might that be? Can Adawiyah be saved from her attacker?'

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