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Episode 6

60 min |rating| PG13
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Juvana revolves around Daim Yahya, a 17 year old teenager, who is accused of murdering his mother and her boyfriend. Daim is thereafter sent to a fictitious prisoner rehabilitation school for juvenile delinquents. There, he starts his life anew with his newfound friends. But while at the school, Daim becomes an easy target of bullying by the inmates who are all hardcore offenders, and looking for any excuse to torment anyone who crosses paths with them. The wardens are not of any help neither as they turn a blind eye to the injustice that is going on within the school’s four walls. All hope is lost for Daim, until the arrival of Cikgu Zakiah to the school, a pretty, young, idealistic yet inexperienced teacher who is sent to teach at the school. Ciku Zakiah is initially horrified by the behavior of her new students and even considers resigning from her teaching post, although it is the one thing she loves more than anything else. But everything changes when she meets Daim, who makes her realize that teaching is more than just about academic theories, it is about saving and redeeming lives.

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Main cast:
Bront Palarae
Izreen Azminda
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