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Episode 17 - An Adventure for 6

26 min |rating| G
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While Tom tries to decipher the cryptic message of his father, someone else is interested to solve another 'mystery': it concerns Sveva, the girl who John met at the park; for her, John’s behavior seems too… elusive. It happens that Sveva, with her friends Iaia and Alice end up with Tom, John and Eric in the Past World ... Luckily, the girls are not present when our guys turn in Dinofroz! Pterodix saves them from a ravenous dinosaur, while T-Rex and Smilodon - with the help of Bob, the designated master – face the General Gladius and Fighters-Dragons ... Meanwhile, in his fortress, Neceron not gives up, and unleashes his dragons researching the Door of the Time. If, in fact, the fight against the Dinofroz sees them defeated, the Door of the Time is their way out: the Dragons would be safe by going to the Future... He does not know that the Dinofroz defeated again the Dragons, and above all, they found that their spinrock evolved: now even more powerful! Back as kids, before returning home, our guys think how can hide all to the three 'monkeys'. The intervention of the Shaman is providential: with a magic he blots out the memory of Sveva and her friends, and our guys are able to return to Rocketown. Here Tom has finally an intuition: he deciphers the words of his father, and finally with the password he accesses to the files stored in the watch of James. That is ready to reveal all its secrets ...

Series name:
Dinofroz S1
Children and Family
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