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Episode 2

48 min |rating| PG
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Ruolin hands out her wedding invitations to her colleagues. When she becomes nauseous, she assumes she is pregnant. Pleased she is pregnant, Bill showers her with concern.Liqiao lashes out at an employee who has dirtied his camera. Yuchen tries in vain to mediate. When Chuanzhi asserts that there is no place in Liqiao’s heart for Yuchen, she gets angry and chases him away.Chuanzhi comes to realise his father, Haoren, has suspended his credit card. When Haoren tells Chuanzhi to stop wasting time at cafes, Chuanzhi tells his father to end his affair.Ruolin discovers she is not pregnant and will have problems conceiving. Afraid Bill will back out of the marriage, she suggests an earlier wedding.Tang San pays Yuchen a visit, but she chases him away.Jingfeng rushes to Tara’s rescue. A botched surgery had destroyed Tara’s singing career, which is why Jingfeng takes such tender care of her.Ruolin and Liqiao find out Granny Xu has a stomach tumour. They urge her to undergo surgery.Yuchen’s brother, Weida, is finally released from prison. Weida had taken the rap for Tang San’s lackey. He fails to convince Yuchen to let Tang San move back home.Weida tells Liqiao that Yuchen likes him. While saving Yuchen from an accident, Liqiao takes a hard knock on his head and loses his memory.This synopsis was first published in 8 Days.

Series name:
96 Cafe
Main cast:
Tay Ping Hui 郑斌辉
Chris Tong 童冰玉
Desmond Tan 陈泂江
Audio language:

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