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C.L.I.F. 3 警徽天职3 - Episode 17

48 min | | PG

Xinyi learns Zhenting was with Yonglun on the day the car supposedly went missing. She is puzzled Zhenting cannot be contacted. Yonglun and his friends were high on dope that night and killed a foreign worker accidentally. Guifa witnessed the accident. The four panicked. They dumped the car and body, and also kidnapped Guifa. Yonglun and his cro...

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Entangled 日落洞 - Episode 5

48 min | | PG

Guangjie deposits the money back into the joint account, but Pauline is still cold towards him. She leaves with David, who is bent on winning her love.Guangwei’s appearance reminds Yueqin of the past. She had tailed Dongfa and discovered he was holding the pregnant Jiayi captive. She released Jiayi. Dongfa had begged for Yueqin’s forgiveness and...

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Frank and Jesse

106 min | | PG

At the end of the Civil War, Frank and Jesse James and other former guerillas who rode with Quantrill and Bill Anderson take the oath of allegiance to the Union. Feeling oppressed by Chicago railroad investors, the James and Younger brothers, Bob and Charlie Ford, Clell Miller and Arch Clements take to robbing banks, trains and coaches, with Pin...

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Star Awards 20 Show 2 Trailer

0 min | | G

Go to TV Channels > Toggle Live (CH 90) to watch. --- This year marks the 20th instalment of the Star Awards. The umbrella title for all related programmes will be prefixed by ‘Star Awards 20’. The theme ‘LEGACY’ will be manifested through the hosts, presenters and the programme flow. Show 2 on 27 April 2013, will be all glitz and glamour. Award...

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The Arrival

115 min | | PG13

Zane, an astronomer discovers intelligent alien life. But the aliens are keeping a deadly secret, and will do anything to stop Zane from learning it.

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Kumar Goes Back To School - Episode 4

30 min | | PG

Who would have thought that being a fine dining waiter requires skill, precision and an eye for detail. Being a waiter is not only about serving food - and Kumar is going to find out soon enough! From folding napkins like origami to popping wine bottles, Kumar will be challenged to wait on tables. Can Kumar serve up a storm, or will he fall fla...

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The Noose S7 - Episode 5

25 min | | PG

1)Want to keep a pet? Make sure you have a child first as new rules for baby shy Singaporeans kick in. 2)Singapore’s reputation as an international food haven is on the rocks, and it’s not just because we can’t cook. 3)And senior citizens share how their lives have been transformed by the Pioneer Generation Package.

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Back To School (Catch-Up) - Episode 4

60 min | | PG

A team of celebrities, long past their schooling days, pit their wits against primary school children in the gameshow centred on the current academic curriculum. Apart from the usual Q and A on various subjects, the two teams will also compete in areas such as Physical Education (P.E.), Music and even Arts and Craft! This weeks episode features ...

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The Following (Catch-Up) - Episode 2

60 min | | PG13

As the search for Carroll's missing son intensifies, the team is joined by Special Agent Debra Parker, an expert on alternative religions. Claire speaks to Caroll in the hope of finding out where their son has been taken. Meanwhile, tension starts to rise between Joey's kidnappers.

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R AND D - Episode 3

45 min | | G

Mariam enters Dyla’s room without any warning as Dyla is changing! Dyla is upset and tells her off. Mariam takes offence. Krish's corridor is very cluttered. Mariam offers to help Krish clean his mess. A jingle that was created for the radio show has gone viral! But in her enthusiasm, Dyla has taken sole credit for the creation of the jingle...

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Chocolat 流氓蛋糕店 - Episode 15

67 min | | PG

千惠松奇在起居室把酒言歡,竟收到阿門遭殺害的消息,連忙出門前往現場,阿門卻已不幸遇害。同樣收到消息的是吾謝澤也抵達現場,重組血聯的事情如箭在弦上不得不發,是吾只好宣布在老大當初收山的地方,招開重組大會。 是吾在十字路口宣布重組血聯,松奇決定要捨身救是吾,獨自一人來到稻重會所,豁出性命對會長說出是吾身世。在MOTEL的血聯兄弟,竟在大門收到稻重丟進來的河董,河董表示是阿嬤逼他殺害阿門的,此時,是吾接到千惠來電,眾人急忙趕至蛋糕店。 千惠慌亂的把事情全部告訴是吾,是吾聽完千惠的話神情大變,通知各堂口準備出發去稻重會救下老大。是吾獨闖稻重,遇見一身傷的松奇,松奇告訴他是自己殺了是吾父母的過往事實。悲憤無言的是吾離開稻重,回到蛋糕店後告訴大家老大一心求死及老大為千惠生父的事實。無助的是吾前往教...

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Don't Try This At Home (Catch-Up) - Episode 2

30 min | | PG

Nikki dissects batteries and shows us the dangers that lurk inside them! Aiken uses acetone on his assistant May Lin, with scary results! Mr Know It All gets dizzy playing on his swivel chair.

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Extras - C.L.I.F. 3 警徽天职3 - Episode 1

1 min | | PG

Li Nanxing is extremely nervous while Cavin Soh thinks that the cast of C.L.I.F 3 should have more training firing shots, especially…

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Star Awards 20 Prelude Trailer

0 min | | G

Go to Free > Star Awards 2014 to watch on Every Sat. --- 2014 marks the 20th year of this star studded event. As such, the show this year will be grander than everThe impartial Judge Bao (played by Guo Liang) will convert his Magistrate Court into a mobile Court so that he can venture into the TV station to question the various nominees on their...

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Hooked on You 每當變幻時

93 min | | PG13

In the summer of 1997, 27-year-old Miu (Miriam Yeung) begins working as a fishmonger at Fortune Market to pay off the debts of her irresponsible father (Stanley Fung). She immediately invites trouble from brusque fishmonger Fishman (Eason Chan), who is none too happy about the competition, but the two eventually settle into a tentative friendshi...

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This Is England

97 min | | NC16

North England the summer of 1983 and a 12-year-old is grieving over the loss of his father. His anger and pain lead him to join the local skinhead fraternity where the scruffy misfit finally finds his place. Best British Film, BAFTA Film Awards 2008. Language: English Subtitles: English

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Bo On The Go S1 - Episode 1

21 min | | G

To save Bluebird from the seriously sticky Snick, Bo and Dezzy and their Bo Buds must crawl through the Flamingo Fence, climb over the ever changing Ice Palace and catch a forever-frozen non-stop snowball. But - they must do it all and place Bluebird right back on his perch where he belongs!

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Dream Defenders - Episode 1

24 min | | PG

When everybody’s favorite diner owner DAVE suffers from Momok monster nightmares, the resulting real-life chaos (Dave is zombified) threatens to ruin a special school event he is hosting. ZANE and ZOEY need to travel to the Dreamworlds to save Dave’s haunted dream-self, but they have to be careful that Dreamworlds despot Icela won’t trap them on...

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Let Me In

110 min | | NC16

Chloe Moretz (Hit Girl from Kick-Ass) stars as Abby, a secretive 12-year old girl, who moves next door to Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee, The Road). Owen is a social outcast who is viciously bullied at school and in his loneliness, forms a profound bond with his new neighbour. Owen can't help noticing that Abby is like no one he has ever met before. As ...

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Above The Street, Below The Water

85 min | | PG13

The facade of a seemingly idyllic life - loving couple, good careers, beautiful home, wonderful children – is shattered when the husband asks to take a break from the family. Lea Hoyer, Best Supporting Actress Nominee, Bodil Awards 2010. (Language: Danish Subtitles: English)

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